Best Motorcycle Phone Mounts in 2023: Guide to Keep Your Device Secure

Smartphones are indispensable to motorbike riders in today’s fast-paced environment. Whether it’s for GPS navigation, communication, or simply enjoying your favorite tunes on the go, having your phone securely mounted on your motorcycle is of utmost importance.

This comprehensive guide will help you choose the right motorcycle phone mount in 2023 as demand grows.

Types of Motorcycle Phone Mounts

Here are the most common types of Motorcycle Phone mounts which can be best option for you.

Clamp-style mounts

Clamp-style mounts are among the most popular types of motorcycle phone mounts. They typically feature adjustable arms that grip your phone securely on all four sides.

Some models come with rubberized or silicone padding to prevent scratches on your device, while others may have a locking mechanism for added security. These mounts are straightforward to install and suitable with many handlebar diameters.

Magnetic mounts

Magnetic mounts are a sleek and minimalistic option for attaching your phone to your motorcycle. They consist of a base with a strong magnet that attaches to your handlebars and a metal plate that adheres to your phone or phone case.

The magnetic force securely holds your device in place, making it easy to mount and remove. The magnetic force may not be powerful enough to sustain off-road or high-speed riding.

Strap-based mounts

Strap-based mounts use a combination of elastic or rubber straps and a mounting base to hold your phone in place.

These mounts may fit many phone sizes and models. They offer a secure grip and are suitable for off-road and high-speed riding. However, they may partially obstruct your phone’s screen or buttons, making it difficult to access certain features while riding.

Waterproof case mounts

Riders who face damp conditions or want to safeguard their electronics should use waterproof case mounts.

These mounts include a custom-fitted waterproof case that fully protects your phone. Touchscreen protectors enable you use your phone while in the case. These mounts are bulkier and less attractive than others.

Custom-fit mounts

Custom-fit mounts are designed specifically for certain phone models, ensuring a perfect fit and maximum security.

These mounts may offer additional features such as integrated charging ports and phone-specific locking mechanisms. However, their compatibility is limited, and they may not fit newer phone models or accommodate devices with cases.

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Top 5 Motorcycle Phone Mount in 2023

1. RAM Mounts X-Grip

RAM Mounts makes the renowned X-Grip motorbike phone mount. The X-high-quality Grip’s construction and proprietary ball-and-socket mounting system allow for easy adjustment, secure positioning, and device compatibility.

The rubber-coated tips give a firm grip and scratch prevention, while the spring-loaded construction makes phone installation and removal effortless.

2. Quad Lock Motorcycle Handlebar Mount

The Quad Lock Motorbike Handlebar Mount secures devices. The unique dual-stage locking technology secures your tablet to your motorcycle throughout rough travels.

Riders seeking form and function prefer the mount’s sleek design and wide smartphone compatibility. Quad Lock offers weatherproof covers and wireless charging to improve your riding experience.

3. Rokform Motorcycle Handlebar Mount

Rokform’s Motorbike Handlebar Mount is one of their durable, reliable smartphone mounts. A magnetic and twist-lock system secures the mount and makes device access easy.

The adjustable viewing angles and aircraft-grade aluminum construction ensure longevity. The mount works with Rokform’s protective phone cases for convenience.

4. SP Connect Moto Mount Pro

SP Link Moto Mount Pro is noted for its sleek, minimalistic design and secure mounting technique. Its CNC-machined aluminum body and quick-release mechanism make attaching and detaching your phone effortless.

The mount may be adjusted for the optimal viewing angle and fits a wide range of handlebar diameters. To enhance your riding experience, SP Connect offers compatible accessories like weatherproof covers and wireless charging modules.

5. Tackform Enduro Series Motorcycle Phone Mount

Tackform’s Enduro Series Motorbike Phone Mount secures smartphones throughout rides. The mount’s industrial-strength metal clasp and rubberized grip fit most phone sizes.

Its ball-and-socket construction offers 360-degree rotation and easy viewing angle adjustment, offering excellent vision and ease during your ride. The elegant Tackform mount matches most motorcycle types.

Key Features to Consider When Choosing a Motorcycle Phone Mount


  1. Phone size and model: Make sure your mount fits your phone’s width, height, and thickness. Check if the mount fits different phone sizes or is custom-made for your phone model.
  2. Handlebar diameter: Motorcycle handlebars have different diameters, therefore you must choose a mount that fits firmly. Some mounts require adapters, while others have adjustable clamps.

Security and grip strength

  1. Locking mechanisms: Some mounts secure your phone to prevent it from falling out during your trip. For extra security, choose mounts with locks or straps.
  2. Material: Mount materials considerably affect grip strength. To secure your gadget, choose metal or sturdy plastic mounts. Rubberized or silicone padding prevents phone sliding and scratches.


  1. Rotation and viewing angles: Pick a mount that lets you quickly modify your phone’s viewing angle and orientation. In portrait or landscape mode, this feature lets you choose the best viewing angle for your screen while riding. Some mounts provide 360-degree rotation and tilting for optimum adjustability.
  2. If you regularly remove your phone from the mount, choose a device with a quick-release feature. Without tools or effort, you may attach and release your phone from the mount using this capability.

Durability and materials

  1. Metal vs. plastic mounts: Your preference and budget will determine which you choose. Metal mounts are stronger but heavier and costlier. Polypropylene mounts are lightweight and cheap, but they may be less durable and secure.
  2. Weather resistance: If you ride in rain or dust, choose a weather-resistant mount. Waterproof and dustproof mounts can keep your phone working while riding.

Ease of installation and removal

A motorcycle phone mount should be easy to install and remove without causing damage to your bike or phone. Look for mounts that come with clear instructions and require minimal tools for installation. Quick-release systems can also make the removal process more convenient.

Aesthetics and design

While functionality is the top priority when choosing a motorcycle phone mount, aesthetics and design should not be overlooked. Select a mount that complements your bike’s style and does not obstruct your view of the instrument panel or other important controls.

Top Motorcycle Phone Mount Brands in 2023

1. RAM Mounts

RAM Mounts is famous for their high-quality, sturdy, and adaptable motorbike phone mounts. Their patented ball-and-socket mounting system allows for easy adjustment and secure positioning, and their range of compatible devices and mounting options ensures a solution for every rider.

2. Quad Lock

Quad Lock specializes in secure and convenient mounting solutions for smartphones. Their patented dual-stage locking system ensures your device remains firmly attached to your motorcycle, and their range of mounts and accessories caters to a wide variety of riding styles and preferences.

3. Rokform

Rokform offers innovative, rugged, and reliable mounting solutions for smartphones. Their mounts feature a unique magnetic and twist-lock system, providing a secure grip and easy access to your device. Rokform’s products are also designed to be compatible with their range of protective phone cases.

4. SP Connect

SP Connect is noted for its secure and easy-to-use mounting method and sleek, minimalist design. Riders looking for form and function prefer their mounts since they work with a wide range of cellphones and can be adjusted to different handlebar diameters.

5. Tackform

Tackform makes motorcycle-friendly phone mounts. Their mounts have sturdy materials, secure locking mechanisms, and multiple mounting options for every rider.

6. GUB

GUB is a popular brand offering affordable and versatile motorcycle phone mounts. Their range includes clamp-style, magnetic, and strap-based mounts, catering to various preferences and budgets.

Price Range and Where to Buy Motorcycle Phone Mounts

  1. Budget-friendly options: There are plenty of affordable phone mounts available, typically priced between $10 and $30. These mounts may be made of plastic or lower-quality materials, but they can still provide a secure grip on your device for everyday riding.
  2. Mid-range choices: Mid-range motorcycle phone mounts usually cost between $30 and $60. These mounts, made of metal or sturdy polymers, may have adjustable viewing angles, quick-release systems, or weather resistance.
  3. Premium mounts: Premium motorcycle phone mounts can range from $60 to over $100. These mounts typically offer the best build quality, materials, and features, such as custom-fit designs, integrated charging ports, or advanced locking mechanisms.
  4. Online retailers: Online retailers like Amazon, eBay, and RevZilla offer a vast selection of motorcycle phone mounts at various price points. Online shopping lets you compare, read reviews, and pick the greatest bargains.
  5. Brick-and-mortar stores: Stores like Walmart, Best Buy, and Target may carry a limited selection of motorcycle phone mounts. While the options may be fewer, shopping in-store allows you to see and feel the products before purchasing.
  6. Motorcycle accessory shops: Specialty motorcycle accessory shops are another great place to find phone mounts specifically designed for motorcycles. These stores have skilled employees to help you locate the right mount.

Installation Tips and Tricks

  1. Tools required: Most motorcycle phone mounts require minimal tools for installation, such as a screwdriver, Allen wrench, or hex key. Check the manufacturer’s instructions for required tools.
  2. Installation steps: Install your phone mount carefully following the manufacturer’s directions. The process usually involves attaching the mount to your handlebars, adjusting the clamp or straps to fit your phone securely, and tightening any screws or bolts to ensure a stable grip.
  3. Safety: The phone mount should not block your view of the instrument panel or impair your motorbike operation. Before riding, secure your phone to the mount.
  4. Maintenance and care: Regularly inspect your phone mount for signs of wear or damage, and tighten any loose screws or bolts as needed. Dirt, dust, and debris can accumulate on your mount. Wipe it with a moist cloth.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I charge my phone while it’s mounted?

Some motorcycle phone mounts feature integrated charging ports, allowing you to charge your device while it’s mounted. A separate charging wire can be connected to your motorcycle’s power supply or a portable battery pack.

2. Are motorcycle phone mounts legal?

Yes These are acceptable in most places as long as they don’t block your view or make riding unsafe. However, laws may vary, so it’s essential to check your local regulations before using a phone mount on your motorcycle.

3. How do I ensure my phone won’t fall off while riding?

Choose a phone mount with a strong grip and secure locking mechanisms to prevent your device from falling off during your ride. Regularly inspect your mount for signs of wear or damage and ensure it is properly installed and tightened.

4. Can I use a phone mount on a bicycle?

Many motorcycle phone mounts can also be used on bicycles, as the handlebar diameters are often similar. Ensure the mount you choose is compatible with your bicycle’s handlebars and can be securely fastened.

5. How do I choose the right mount for my specific motorcycle?

Consider your motorcycle’s handlebar diameter, available mounting space, and any specific requirements or preferences you may have, such as weather resistance or charging capabilities. Research different mounting options and read reviews from other riders with similar motorcycles to find the perfect mount for your needs.


Investing in a high-quality motorcycle phone mount is essential for riders who rely on their smartphones for navigation, communication, or entertainment while on the road. With various types of mounts available, considering factors like compatibility, security, adjustability, durability, and ease of installation is crucial in making an informed decision. By carefully evaluating your needs and preferences, you can select the perfect phone mount to keep your device secure and accessible during your rides, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable riding experience.