Buying A Second Hand Motorcycle: Must Follow These 7 Tips

You might be the one who faced problems traveling across the city during COVID-19, as public transportation was completely banned. At that time, many people bought two-wheelers, whether they were used or new.

In my opinion, just for personal use, you should go with the used bikes. 

It is also convenient for the kids because they will require the new one within a few years as they continue to grow.

You need to get the same bikes if you want to keep your budget under control and not blow it.

I’m here to provide you with some basic yet essential tips that you should keep in mind while buying a motorcycle.

7 Important Tips For Buying Used Motorcycle:

If you want to avoid spending a large amount of money on a new scooter or bike, then purchasing a two-wheeler that has been previously owned is a good choice for you to make.

You will be able to fulfill your goal of having your own vehicle while also making major financial savings by doing so.

Most people think that even a small amount of carelessness or neglect during the buying process could lead to bigger problems down the road.

Therefore, if you are thinking of purchasing a used motorcycle, there are a few things you need to look into first.

1. Make Your Budget

The first important step is to decide how much you can spend. With this information, you can use a filtering pattern to find the right bike.

People sometimes buy motorcycles that are too expensive for them, which adds to their stress.

Don’t make this mistake; it would be better for the seller to show you only the models that can be bought with the option you want.

2. Do Market Research

Whenever you intend to purchase a used bike or scooter, you must first have a full understanding of the market. Know every detail regarding the model you intend to purchase.

Keep in mind the reason for purchasing the vehicle. The owner should know how far the bike or scooter has been driven or what other features it has.

Therefore, examine each choice completely.

You will be shielded from fraudulent sellers as a result.

Different resellers quote different costs; the price of a used motorcycle or scooter is typically determined by its manufacturing year and mileage.

3. Deal With Trusted Sellers

When purchasing pre-owned vehicles, one should always look for a reputable dealer.

In the modern world, private buyers can buy and sell used motorcycles through the internet.

A reputable brand always offers consumers not only comprehensive end-to-end service but also servicing by vehicle specialists, contactless delivery, six months of free warranty, and guaranteed repurchase value.

The easiest method to choose which bike is ideal for you is to test-drive a variety of bikes and evaluate their characteristics based on your needs.

4. Bike/motorcycle Inspection

Keep in mind that appearances are not necessarily an indication of reality. That is, what you view may also be incorrect.

Inspecting a used two-wheeler is thus the most important step in the buying process.

Without a thorough inspection, you might not know a lot of small but important things, like if the bike has been taken care of properly, if there are obvious scratches, etc.

When buying a motorcycle from a local dealer, it is important to have the car checked out.

Online portals provide access to more than 120 checkpoints as well as professional comments, making purchases on this website more trustworthy and convenient.

5. Take A Mechanic With You

Although you have inspected the bike, you can’t find the internal problem until you are a professional.

So, it’s advisable to bring a mechanic with you who can check the following things to ensure there’s no fault there: 

Oil Leakage:

Look around the engine and check oil leakage closely.


The metal parts of a two-wheeler get rusted over time. Light rust on the top can be fixed, but if the rust is on the part itself then it is a serious matter.

Scratches and Dents: 

Due to the increasing number of vehicles on the roads and less space in the parking lots, the vehicles are bound to get scratches.

Small scratches here and there can be ignored but a big dent can spoil the overall look of your two-wheeler. 

Whether the vehicle has met with an accident: 

While buying a used two-wheeler, ensure that it is in very good condition.

Engine Check: 

Start the bike to check the condition of the engine.

Get the smoke checked by an expert as it happens only when many parts of the engine are burnt.

Mileage Check:

See whether the used two-wheeler has run more or less than the declared mileage.

Sometimes the exact mileage of the bike can also be known by looking at the condition of the tires. 

Test Drive:

If you’re happy with the car after the test drive, you can buy it.

6. Ask For The Documents

Check the vehicle’s papers after you’re satisfied with the mechanical inspection. If everything is in order, you can then pay for the bike.

Check the following documents before investing in them. 

Registration Certificate (RC):

When buying a used two-wheeler, always ensure that you are buying the vehicle from a trusted source.

If the dealer or online brand does not confirm the vehicle owner’s name, engine, chassis number, year, model, etc., then you will have to verify the same from the RC.


Check whether the vehicle has valid insurance.

Pollution Certificate (PUC): 

According to the pollution controlling department, the PUC is required for every motor vehicle.

So check that the PUC of your vehicle is completely ready. If not then you can get it made.

Service Record:

The authorized reseller of the two-wheeler will have a complete track record of getting the services done at trusted service centers.

This record contains information that the two-wheeler has been regularly serviced and is in good condition for resale.

7. Negotiation and Payment

The final price can be negotiated based on both your judgement and the opinions of experts.

If you buy a used motorcycle from a reputable company, you will already get discounts for the holidays.

You may also take advantage of the standard savings. With the EMI payment option, you can purchase any bike.

Remember that you should not sign any paperwork or make any payments until you are completely satisfied with the vehicle.

From Where You Can Buy A Used Motorcycle?

Used bikes are available everywhere on the market and online. Check the bike’s condition and paperwork prior to purchase.

Additionally, to verify the rate, compare it with other websites. It is essential to have a motorcycle for traveling to the office and for your daily job.

But if you can’t afford a new bike, don’t worry. There are other ways to buy a good used two-wheeler for a very low price.

If you are concerned that this bike has been stolen, there are a variety of places where you can verify the bike’s authenticity and purchase it.

Other amenities, like a warranty, are available in exchange. Here, I will provide information on where you may simply acquire a used motorcycle.

From a Local or Recognized Dealer:

Initially, it is not necessary to travel far to find the required bike.

Consider purchasing a used motorcycle from a source near your home or other location.

There are numerous advantages to acquiring a used motorcycle close to your home, as you will be familiar with the seller and, if not, your neighbors will be able to provide information regarding the seller’s reliability and the quality of the bikes they have sold, etc.

Also, it’s helpful that if the car you buy from them gets damaged, you can quickly get a new one or ask for repairs.

Go Through Craigslist Site:

In the event that you are unable to discover a local seller, you can use Craigslist.

Under this website, you’ll get better bids from people in your area, and you’ll make the final choice based on what you see for yourself.

You can search for the desired motorcycle using ranges, models, mileage, etc. Importantly, you can get the motorcycle at the lowest price compared to other websites and local stores.

Check On Facebook Marketplace:

Everyone uses social media, specifically Facebook.

You may have noticed that, no matter what you search for online, Facebook will begin to display advertisements that are similar.

Here, a variety of possibilities are provided together with the seller’s information, location, and price, and all of them will be within close proximity.

Consequently, you may also browse the market, and don’t forget to perform comparisons on other websites or online platforms.

Keep These 5 Things In Mind While Buying A Bike: 

  1. If you are purchasing a used bike from the website, you should do so via a broker or directly from the seller. Because purchasing a motorcycle from a dealer can often be expensive or lead to the purchase of a stolen bike.
  2. When purchasing a secondhand motorbike from an online marketplace, compare prices by entering the bike’s model on various websites. This will give you an idea of the bike’s exact pricing.
  3. Before purchasing a used bike from the business, thoroughly inspect its components. Additionally, check the age of the tire. This will reveal the bike’s condition.
  4. Get the vehicle’s paperwork and registration transferred. Also, examine the insurance documents. Do not forget to verify whether the insurance is second- or third-party coverage.
  5. Last but not least, you may cross-check the vehicle’s registration number with the criminal history to determine if the motorcycle you plan to purchase has been engaged in any incidents or if there is a loan or unpaid balance on the bike.


I hope you have found this article to be really helpful. Since we have attempted to resolve all issues associated with purchasing a used motorcycle.

If you enjoyed this post, please share your thoughts in the comment box, and if you have any questions, please ask.