Dirt Bike Clutch Dragging – Issues, Symptoms and Fixes

Being a manual transmission dirt Bike owner you may be feeling troubled with the problem of dragging clutch. One of the most common Dirt Bike clutch issues is the dragging clutch.

Not easy for everyone to identify all the symptoms but must know all the issues and their rectification to declare that it will guide you to anyone how to tell if Dirt Bike clutch is bad.

If Dirt Bike clutch is not engaging or disengaging can be caused by many things.

Even the clutch noise gives you many indications of its different problems. So here in this post, we will be talking about Dirt Bike clutch dragging issues, symptoms and how many types of fixes can be applied to rectify this issue.

Dirt Bike Clutch Dragging

Only discussing clutch dragging doesn’t give a clear idea to beginners and youngsters who are not aware of the dragging or any other clutch-related issues. Identifying the issue without knowing what it is cannot be easy. Before getting info about the fixes so let’s first understand what dragging is?

Dirt bike clutch slipping is also a common problem that comes in the same category of clutch issues that we are discussing here.

What is a dragging clutch?

Clutch Dragging is one of the most common issues of the clutch which disengages the clutch plate from the flywheel when the rider pulls the lever of the clutch.

When a rider tries to shift the gear then he is not able to do that same care Is It Still engaged due to the engagement of the clutch is still spinning along with the engine.

The noise of grinding gives a clear indication to the rider that the clutch is dragging and every attempt of shifting the gear also indicates that the gear is not disc engaging and running with the same position of clutch.When we talk about the most common problem of this cause then it is not that costly to fix. And along with its severity is not that much higher than it will affect your wallet too much.

Some transmission is shoes are negligible but even meaning visible to the rider. With free play, the cable linked from the clutch lever to the clutch plate does not retail enough grip to disengage the disk from the running wheel.

What does clutch drag feel like (Symptoms)

Normally when the clutch drag issue starts then shifting gears can be difficult. It may happen with or without sound. So now here you would have got an idea about the symptoms that are:

Difficulty in changing gears

Of course on dragging clutch you to face problems while shifting the gears. After starting the bike in neutral and pulling the clutch you expect to move your bike but rather than moving the bike lurches and dies.

Even after starting the bike on neutral and try to skip to second gear from neutral the same result comes. Then you must be damn sure that this cause is called clutch drag but what are the exact problems behind this may haunt you.

May be with or without noise while shifting gears

Sometimes it may happen facing clutch dragging will create noise but chances are also there it may happen without creating any noise.

It is not always confirmed that this cause creates noise so expecting you can listen to any noise and this problem confirmation you have declared like this then you can mistake it.

So better you should understand that if you face the loss of power or Speed even after shifting gears it is not moving then you should do an enquiry about this.

Most of the rider get exhausted after facing issues like this but for your kind information, these issues are not really scary it is not too much costly you can easily change the parts for sales clutch plate almost around $200 you can get the best quality.

Causes of Clutch Dragging

  • The clutch plates are warped.
  • If the clutch basket has been “notched”.
  • The cable could be improperly be adjusted.

How to Fix Clutch Drag Issue

If you need to change your liver cable then first think to remove your clutch cover along with the bolts which are assembled on the pressure plate. After removing the bolts take your clutch plates out. Place your plates on the clean surface forever at any cable. If the plates are worn better you replace them.

If it seems everything to be perfect then go for the following steps.

Never listen to anyone who advises you to shim out the to pressure plate. Because this will cause the clutch to wear more rapidly.

First, take your faults off from the pressure plate. No hair you require a small washer that can easily adjust with Bolt and it needs to be fit inside the clutch springs also.

With this arrangement, it will shim the bolts out and also allow the springs to play freely.

Move the clutch lever and try to identify the spot on the liver where it isn’t hitting the handlebar grip.

Now you need to grind backside of the clutch Lever and do it until it opens up the clutch and allows it to release the plates that cause it dragging. This will remove the issue of the drag.


Dirt bike riders often find problems on riding track and the most common causes associated with a clutch are dragging so here we have discussed Dirt bike clutch dragging and even some times it starts slipping. Identifying these issues can be difficult for beginners but most riders can recognize a problem just listening to the noise.

How to tell if dirt bike clutch is bad to have many aspects to be understood and knowledge related to bike for every part is most important in order to be a pro rider. Causes may be of different types and their symptoms tell you the whole story of this. If you really like this post then please do subscribe to our newsletter. By joining our newsletter get regularly updated posts directly in your email address

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