How to fix gas leak on a dirt bike?

Dirt Bike riding can be challenging sometimes. A bike rider should be familiar with all the basics of it. I While riding you may face different kinds of issues like bogging, sputtering or back firing. Even sometimes your bike can encounter gas leak. Then you will be surprised how to fix gas leak on a dirt bike?

Normally Gas leak can be fixed by replacing the damaged fuel switch, float bowl, carburetor drain screw and avoiding the carburetor overflow. It can be fixed easily by finding the source of the gas leak by giving some time and attention on it and solving this.

So, if you do not want to face such gas leaking from your dirt bike then you must read the whole article.

So, in this article we will discuss about gas leaking in Dirt Bikes. Gas leaking from a dirt bike is a common problem, it is quite normal to smell some gas leak from your dirt bike. Gas leak can occur even when your engine is off.

What is a gas leak in a dirt bike ?

Exhaust coming out of the gas engine of a dirt bike is called as gas leak. Gas can leak from many different parts of a dirt bike anywhere.

It can be leaked from gas tank, carburetor, fuel injector, a worn gasket, a loose nut, fuel petcock.

A gas leak on a dirt bike is a basic problem. It is common to old dirt bike or dirt bikes but it can also happen to new bikes too.

Gas leak is a dangerous problem also. It is a bit tough to find where the gas leak is coming from. It will take your time to analyse this issue. Even sometime you can sick of finding the damaged part or source of leakage.

It is important to take required care of a dirt bike gas leak.

This is a very annoying problem so when your bike encounter gas leak you should repair it as soon as possible because you may lose all your gas overnight.

A gas leak can be caused by many reasons and some of parts of gas leaking problem can be easily fixed.

Why does a dirt bikes leak gas ?

There are a number of causes exist for gas leaking from the dirt bike. It is urgently required to find a leak and repair it. We are here to point you the correct measures of it overcome the problem.

The gas cap must be checked regularly to avoid the gas leaking. The cap should be in proper condition. If it should be damaged or worn out, a broken gasket can also be the reason of gas leaking.

The fuel tank, petcock value should be checked for leaks.

A leaking carburetor is quite basic reason for gas leak from the engine. A bad float bowl gasket also leaks gas.

All the above parts can be easily fixed by some mechanical tools or by calling a mechanic from garage but generally it does not require any expert work.

Reasons behind gas leakage in a dirt bike:

  1. Overfilled gas tank
  2. Gas is boiling over
  3. Leaking petcock
  4. Leaking carburettor gasket
  5. Fuel line is cracked
  6. Carb overflow
  7. Sticking float
  8. Dirty needle/ seat
  9. Carb drain screw is leaking

How to fix gas leak?

Now, we will learn about how to fix leakage of a dirt bike. A dirt bike can leak gas for the four most common reasons. I will mention about the name of the parts and then I will explain them in detail.

  1. Damaged fuel switch
  2. Carburetor overflow
  3. Fuel leakage from the float bowl
  4. Leakage from carburetor drain screw

1. Damaged fuel switch

Sometime a damaged fuel switch can be the reason of gas leakage. A loose fuel switch may leak gas in an evaporated form. Fuel switch should be checked up time to time.

Fuel switch is located below the gas tank. It is used to transport gas from it to the engine. A switch and a pipe is attached to the fuel switch. A damaged fuel switch should be replaced as early as possible. It can be purchased online too.

2. Carburetor overflow

Carburetor overflow is the cause of leakage of gas in Dirt Bikes. A damaged or stuck float value is the cause of carburetor overflow.

A float value can either be stuck or have some debris in it which is preventing it from closing. A float in the bowl of carb rises with the level of gas in the float bowl.

Float is connected to a plunges which prevents extra fuel to enter in the float bowl. When this plunger does not work properly then the gas will continue to come into the carburetor, then it results in overflowing of the float bowl and overflow of the carburetor.

The process of fixing the carburetor is easy. It only needs to replace the value.

The another way is to remove the float bowl by taking of the carburetor. Clean the float bowl properly you can also replace the float bowl.

3. Fuel leakage from the float bowl

The reason of leakage of gas in float bowl a damaged float bowl causes leakage of gas from the engine. Leakages due to bowl is very slow and detection is very hard.

Be patient while checking this out and fixing it. Float bowl does not give any signal of leakage because parts like float bowl are wet and greasy.

Firstly rotate the screw to 90 degrees you can also take of the carburettor from the bike to fix it. Remove the float bowl and check the condition of the gasket and the body of the carburettor.

Remove the gasket, if it is old and damaged. You can also replace it with a new gasket today. Carburetor rebuild kit comes with the bike already.

A float bowl is also given in the kit. Sometime loose screw are the reason of leakage from the gasket. The gasket carburetor has four screws holding the float bowl tight the gasket with the screw to fix the problem.

4. Carburetor drain screw

A draining system is present in the carburetor of each dirt bike. Drainage system is there for overflowed fuel but it can also leak gas sometimes if you don’t fills up your tank for a long time then the screw part can leak gas.

There is a gasket between the screw and float bowl. Fix it to fix the problem. You can also replace it completely by the repair kit. If everything is in fine condition then check the fuel line for leakage.

From the carburetor to fuel value confirm that the ring is tight and not leaking any gas. You can replace the entire fuel line pipe to fix the problem, if the fuel pipe is damaged.


All the parts of the bike should be checked properly to avoid gas leakage anymore. Follow all these above four tips to fix gas leakages. Carburetor overflow, damaged fuel pipeline, damaged gasket are the main reasons of leakage of gas.

These simple issues can be fix without going to garage. It just only need simple practice. It will save your money as well as time too because you don’t know how long they will keep your bike in the garage to fix it.

I hope you have read the full article and got the solution of your problem related to fixing of gas leakages of dirt bikes and the reasons behind gas leakages. Have a nice day !