How to Wheelie A Motorcycle Easily? (Step By Step guide)

Any kind of motorcycle can do a wheelie, but some are better at it than others. For this purpose, let’s take a relaxed-pace bike like a TTR 230 or a CRF 230. When compared to the motocross bike, these bikes have a starting position that is slightly more difficult to achieve.

Because of this, we really ought to compile a list of the very best motorcycles in this class so that people can learn how to do backflips on them.

If you want to learn how to wheelie a bike, we have a lot of hints and suggestions that will be of guidance to you in this attempt.

What Makes a Motorcycle Wheelie?

There’s a sense of mystery around being able to do a wheelie on a motorcycle, but all you really need are the basic riding skills you already have, like being able to control the throttle, clutch, brakes, and body position.

The only thing that sets them apart from other people is their ability to manipulate controls and overcome their natural fear of falling.

When you are out on the trails riding a motorcycle, the throttle and clutches are being applied in a linear fashion, which is what drives the bike forward (relatively smoothly).

You are condensing and manipulating the same controls with wheelies to create a kind of mini-explosion, which causes the bikes to accelerate furiously in spite of going forward smoothly.

This is accomplished by making a dinky.

The science (physics) behind a wheelie is fundamentally based on two common physical concepts, namely torque and angular momentum.

A wheelie is based on science (physics). When you want to lift the front wheel off the ground, you have to unbalance the torques that are acting on the rear wheel.

Only then can you lift the front wheel off the ground. And this is what causes the wheelie that your motorcycle pulls.

Are Wheelies Easy to Learn?

To perfect the art of the wheelie is a challenge that all motorcyclists strive to meet.

Having said that, you need to make sure that you are doing it safely by wearing the appropriate gear and practicing in a remote spot that is away from other riders so that you are not in danger of being injured.

You might think that doing a wheelie on your motorcycle is the most difficult stunt to perform, but if you keep learning it step by step, you will be able to master it in no time at all.

When you finally get the hang of it, popping wheelies will become a ton of fun for you, and you’ll want to keep doing them.

How Do You Practice A Wheelie On Your Bike?

The wheelie is without a doubt the most common and well-known of all the stunts performed by bike riders.

“Popping a wheelie” can be a lot of fun, but before you try it, you need to make sure that you are going to ride in a safe and correct manner and that you have plenty of riding experience.

A person’s ability to properly control their vehicle and know how to perform a backflip could save them from suffering an unexpected injury while driving.

Despite this, there are a number of distinct approaches to performing a wheelie.

The majority of people who are knowledgeable about bikes or motorcycles will advise you to begin your training with the power trike because it is the most fundamental type of wheelie.

Step 1: Take off in First Gear

If you put the bike in first gear, it will be much easier for you to master a wheelie. The lowest gear, which is easiest to climb on hills, is the first gear of a motorcycle.

The power wheelies concern the use of acceleration to pull the front wheel of the bike upwards so that you will not have to be worried about shifting.

If you stay in first gear, it will allow you to pull the bike’s front wheel upward much easier than any other gear.

Step 2: Bring Your Bike to a Good Speed

To master a wheelie, it is very important to find the right speed because it is the main goal to get enough speed so that the front wheel will be up in the air.

Experts recommend that beginners learn to ride a bike at a speed of 10-15 mph. At low speeds, attempting to pop a wheelie may result in failure.

At a low speed, you don’t have enough force to pull the front wheel of the bike up. Driving too fast may cause you to lose control, causing the throttle to twist, which is extremely dangerous.

Thus, if you want to master the wheelie and ride it for a longer time, always stay at a constant speed.

Step 3: Crank the Gas to Accelerate and Bring the Front Wheel Up

When you drop your speed even a little, it will hit the throttle hard.

As you always pull the front wheel of your bike up, Whenever you feel like you are going too far back, just hit the back brake to prevent you from flipping.

The front wheel of your motorcycle comes back down when you hit the back brake.

Step 4: Maintain Your Balance in the Wheelie.

When the front wheel is up in the air, you will find the balance so that it can stay.

You do lean back on the rear side of the motorcycle, and you must ensure that the balance point of you and the bike is in the center.

M oving forward or backward will make you lose the balance that causes the tilt and also lose control of the wheelie. Balance will help you ride the bike for a longer period of time.

Step 5: Step on the Rear Brake to Bring Your Wheel Back Down

If you want to end the wheelie, simply use the rear brake to return the bike’s front brake to the road.

You must ensure that you hit the rear brake very calmly to ease your way back down.

Harsh braking will cause you to crash quickly, causing you to shake or fall.

Once the bike is back on the road, try to keep the speed up and try to wheelie again.

Do Wheelies Damage My Motorcycle?

Your wheelies are going to put unnecessary strain on the motorcycle.

You are required to put a significant amount of pressure on the motorbike’s many different components.

It will cause damage to your engine, wheels, and rims, as well as your shift forks, friction plate, chain, and front fork seals.

Because of this, professionals recommend practicing wheelies on motorcycle first, then progressing to lighter bikes, and finally, after that, moving on to your heavy and stylish motorcycle, with which you intend to perform stunts.

What Bike Size Is Best for Wheelies?

There are some casual play motorbikes, such as the CRF 250F or TTR 230, that require more effort to get off the front end from the ground in comparison to a performance trail bike like a lightweight motocross bike or the KTM XC-250.

With all aspects of riding the dirt bike, you will be able to touch the ground, which makes learning easier and applies the knowledge of how to wheelie.

When you have access to smaller bikes such as the KLX140 or KX100, use them for practice before applying the process on the bigger bike.

You may also practice the motions on a bicycle if it is needed.

Which Motorcycles Are Best For Wheelies?

There are some good bikes to learn wheelies on with the strap on your seat belt.

Let me describe to you how they would be good options for performing the dangerous stunts with them.

1. KTM 250 XC

The KTM 250 XC has a lightweight frame that makes it easy to do wheelies and enough power to do well on any track or terrain.

This model has one of the best power-to-weight ratios in the class and delivers unrivaled performance. KTM’s advanced 2-stroke engine was particularly designed to create enduro-specific power.

It is lightweight, agile, and durable by nature. The chrome-moly steel frame offers precise cornering, easy handling, crazy rideability, and excellent stability.

Brapping those wheelies and yeeting those jumps is never an issue because there is maximum energy absorption.

2. Kawasaki KX100

When it comes to one of the best bikes for learning wheelies at a low cost, there is no better option than Kawasaki.

It will make the money well spent. Because it is a popular model, you can find a plethora of used bikes at much lower prices.

This may be the better option for attempting to get the wheel off the road. Or if you want to spend more money, then stick with the KTM and impress everyone with your massive wallet.

3. Honda CRF150F

If you want to learn to do wheelies, the Honda CRF150F is a great starter bike for small riders. The CRF150F is durable enough and has enough power, and it costs less than the other two bikes mentioned above.

It is not an entry-level motorcycle but is close enough to make you comfortable testing your skills on it.

It is a four-stroke bike that features Pro-Link rear suspension, a quality build, an electric starter, and a five-speed transmission.

The market is brimming with well-maintained used options for these bikes, which can save you money. Honda is well-known for its dependable motorcycles that are still in good condition.

This bike contains a maintenance-free battery and has a CD ignition. It also has a reusable air filter and snail-type chain adjusters. In summary, it requires less time to maintain it in between the wheelies, which leaves more time to swipe right.

4. Honda Grom

It is not possible to make a list of the best motorcycles to learn wheelies on without including the Grom. It is true that those people who are riding the Honda Grom seem to look at it as their virtue.

here are many people who don’t understand the fascination, but you might once you ride it for yourself.

It’s small, but it’s powered by a 125cc four-cylinder engine. Never expect a ton of power from this bike.

Actually, it only puts out 9.7 horsepower, which is not terrible considering the weight of the bike is less than 250 pounds.

t is said that you will have barometric pressure and wind resistance with this bike. Riding the Grom helps you stand out in a crowd.

This is slow, slightly ridiculous-looking, and unique. There is a truth in the statement that Grom does not need to be fast or big to prove his capability.

With this bike, you can have a lot of fun learning to do wheelies, and it is meant for fun.

What Should You Avoid While Wheelie The Bike?

It is impossible to practice wheelies without the appropriate gear, which includes long pants and sleeves, sturdy shoes, gloves, a helmet, and most importantly, a protective head covering.

Because of the likelihood that you will land on your arms and rear end in the event that the bike flips over in this direction, elbow pads are another prudent piece of protective equipment to have.

Additionally, always keep environmental awareness in the back of your mind.

Is Motorcycle Wheelie Illegal?

The straightforward response to the question is that it is against the law in every state to move while intentionally lifting the front wheel of a motorcycle off the ground.

If a person takes part in a trial of speed or race of any kind between motor vehicles in a public place without the written consent of the state government, they will be punished with imprisonment for a term that could last up to a month or with a fine that could reach a huge amount.

Both of these options are available.


A stunt all motorcycle riders want to conquer is popping a wheelie. Even though it’s fun, you need to practice in a quiet place away from other riders and wear the right gear to stay safe.

While doing a wheelie, you will feel that it is the toughest stunt one can do, but with regular practice (following step by step), you will be a master of the wheelie in no time.

Popping wheelies is a lot of fun, and you’ll want to keep doing it once you’ve mastered it.