Can I Transfer A Motorcycle Endorsement To Another State?

If you own a motorcycle and you want to move it to a different state, doing so might be a task that is both challenging and time-consuming for you to complete.

On the other hand, if you are familiar with the process, it might not be too difficult.

First, you’ll find the answer to your inquiry. How do people who move out of state transfer their bike registration?

A few simple steps will get you there. First, get a NOC. Then, shift the vehicle. Third, register with the state.

Get a road tax challan. Next: Vehicle Verification Sixth, get a registration certificate.

Vehicle Transfer Rules From One State To Another 

A NOC is required if the vehicle was purchased with a two-wheeler loan. The vehicle must be transported either by the owner or by a carrier.

Permanent movement of the vehicle demands re-registration of the motorcycle. Moving the vehicle to a different state does not result in the cancellation of the NOC.

As they move from one state to another, many people have no idea how to transfer their vehicles and register their vehicles or motorcycles in the new state.

People who move from one state to another frequently transfer their vehicles because they lack understanding regarding the method and papers required for an interstate vehicle transfer.

The most important aspect of the motor vehicle transfer process is obtaining the No Objection Certificate (the NOC from the RTO where the vehicle is registered and re-registered in the state you are moving to).

Also, you must be told that the NOC may have an expiration date, which means that it is only good for a certain amount of time, and that you must re-register your vehicle before that date.

If you don’t, you may need to extend the NOC’s validity or get a new one.

If you wanted to move your vehicle registration from Bengaluru to New Delhi, for example, you would first need to get the NOC from the RTO office in Bengaluru.

This would be the case in the event that you wanted to move from Bengaluru to New Delhi.

Once you have the NOC, you can physically move the vehicle to New Delhi and fill out an application to re-register the vehicle there.

How To Transfer Motorcycle Endorsement To A New State?

There are a number of things you need to know about if you want to move the registration of your car from one state to another.

State-by-state variations include, for example, road taxes and registration fees.

Consequently, if the fees you have paid in your current state of residence are higher than those you must pay in the state where you are moving, you may be given a refund.

In addition to what you have already paid, you might be required to pay more. Whatever the situation, it is reasonable to be aware of how to handle the interstate registration process as a whole.

Getting an NOC when you purchase your vehicle On loan. 

If you owe money on your motorcycle to a bank or a financing company, you need a state transfer NOC from the bank.

This is in addition to the requirement that your motorcycle be financed.

In order to achieve this, you will need to submit an application to the relevant bank or financing company along with the supporting documents, which may include a letter of job transfer (offer letter or appointment letter), proof of address, and any additional documents that the bank may recommend.

After that, the bank will look into your request, and both the finance department and the credit department will do the necessary checks before giving you either the letter of consent or the No Objection Certificate (NOC).

Obtain NOC From the RTO Where Your Vehicle Is Registered

Continuing with the previous explanation, if you are moving from Bangalore to New Delhi, you are required to submit Form 27 and Form 28 to the local RTO, along with photocopies of the NOC obtained from the bank and any other documents that pertain to your vehicle, such as: Registration Certificate (RC) of the vehicle,motorcycle insurance paper, 

Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate or Emission Test Certificate; the genuine chassis imprint of the motorcycle; and 3–4 photocopies of Form 28 (application appealing the NOC for interstate transfer).

In some cases, to speed up the whole process, you may also submit an NOC from the police. The RTO will give you a clearance form to get attested by the police department of your city.

Also, to show that you don’t have any traffic violations, you may need to submit an NOC from the traffic police declaring that there are no dues from your side. 

Get Your Vehicle Transported to the New City

Once you have the NOC from the RTO where your motorcycle is currently registered, you can choose to have your vehicle moved to the new city by train or carrier, or you can drive your vehicle to the new city yourself if you are able to drive that far.

If you are unable to drive that distance, you will have the option of having your vehicle transported to the new city via train or carrier.

Re-Registration of the Vehicle

Once you have relocated your motorcycle for re-registration, you can approach the RTO in the city in which you have relocated.

For example, if you have a driving licence number, your license DL (driving licence) registration number in order to operate your vehicle in New Delhi.

For re-registration of the vehicle, you will need to submit an application at the New Delhi RTO office, along with Forms 29 and 30.

Original Registration Certificate (RC), Copy of the Notice of Compliance (NOC), No Objection Certificate (NOC) obtained from the RTO office where your vehicle was initially registered.

A copy of the vehicle’s insurance certificate. Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate or Emission Test Certificate, Chassis Imprint of the vehicle, Proof of Identification and Proof of Local Address of the applicant.

Charges including road tax, and others (Octroi charges or road taxes will be calculated based on the depreciated value of the motorcycle).

After submitting all required documentation, a new identification number will be issued.

The entire process will not take long, but you may file a request with the RTI if you do not receive your new number within one week of completing all procedures.

Is There a Need of Re-Registration If You Move Your Vehicle Temporarily?

For vehicle temporary movement there is no requirement of re- registration of the vehicle to use it in different states.

For instance, if you are going from Bihar to New Delhi for 10-12 months, you are not required to get your vehicle registered up to one year you can ride the vehicle in that state with no hassle. 

For Road Tax Refund 

Just like income tax returns, you can also apply for road tax refunds.

Suppose you are currently living in Mumbai and decide to move to Bhopal, you can apply for road tax refunds as the taxes you paid in Mumbai are more than the taxes in Bhopal.

In such cases, you are entitled to receive the refunds.

For this some documents are required which need to be submitted to get the refund from the RTO where your vehicle was previously registered. 

  1. RTO Form No.16 which is duly filled and self-attested i.e. application which requests for the refund of road tax. 

2. The photocopy of RC with previous and new registration numbers. 

2. The insurance policy of the vehicle with the new registration number.

4. Photo ID and address proof. 

For example, if you are moving from Mumbai to Bhopal, the above-mentioned documents need to be submitted along with the application demanding refund of road tax (Form 16) to the RTO in Mumbai, who will verify the new registration number from the RTO in Bhopal.

After receiving the CRTI from Bhopal RTO authorities, they will process the refund application. Perhaps the entire process will take six months. 

Cancellation of NOC  if the Vehicle Is Not Moved to a New State

Occasionally, there may be a change in the plan because you do not wish to transfer to another state despite having received the NOC from your local RTO. In these instances, you must cancel your NOC.

There is no other way to cancel a NOC; the procedure is not straightforward and may be a bit complicated.

For the NOC cancellation procedure, a Non-Utilization Certificate (NUC) must be obtained from the RTO where the vehicle will receive its new registration number.

The NUC shows the fact that the NOC was not further utilized and the vehicle was not registered with the RTO in the new city.

As there is no uniform process that works across India, you have to approach the RTO to know the right process for NOC cancellation.

Once you get the NUC from the RTO for whom the NOC was issued, you can get an affidavit mentioning the reason for cancellation and that the NOC was not misused for any other purpose.


Transferring a car from one state to another can be hard if you don’t know how to do it. A lot of people talk to agents and brokers and spend their money to get the deal done.

If you have the correct understanding of the entire procedure, you need not spend a single cent.

Now you must realize that the entire process could take several weeks, and you may need clearance from multiple departments, including the RTO, traffic department, police department, bank, and others.

If you are too busy to devote time to the process, agents are also available for these types of work, so you can seek assistance from professional agents who are well-versed in the process and can get the job done for you for a reasonable fee.