Motorcycle Vibrating While Accelerating: 7 Causes (Explained)

If you own a motorcycle, you probably understand the exhilaration and excitement that come with it. Nothing can compare to the feeling of wind rushing past your face while zooming down the road on a pair of wheels. If you’ve recently purchased a new motorcycle or have just gotten one as a gift, you might wonder why your motorcycle vibrates when I accelerate. 

After all, there are many factors to consider when learning about this vehicle. Vibration usually occurs due to tire issues or low engine oil, etc. I will share my experience and secrets to fix the beat with you; read this article till the end. 

What is Vibration?

You might need clarification about whether it’s vibrating or not, but you can find the truth if you know what vibration means.

Vibration is a slight shaking or trembling sensation on the surface of an item. In the context of a motorcycle, this can occur when the engine is not running smoothly.

This shaking can be felt in different bike parts depending on where the engine is not running smoothly.

Vibration can often be a sign that there is a problem with your bike. It would help if you had your engine inspected as soon as possible when you feel the vibration.

7 Causes Behind the Vibration Of Motorcycles?

A slight motorcycle vibration is okay, but if it starts bothering you, you need to know the causes so that fixing it would be easy. 

1. Issue With Tires

The most common reason behind vibration is tire issues. Unbalanced tires can lead to the same problem. If one side is heavier than the other, the tire will start bouncing, resulting in the bike shaking. Even if there is any dent on the tire’s rim, it creates the same issue while riding at high speed. 

2. Engine Oil Problems

Second leading reason behind vibration is low fuel oil or thick & dirty oil. In that case, you must either fill the tank or change the engine oil.

If you run your bike a mile and it doesn’t have sufficient fuel, it will start vibrating due to friction and heat as internal parts are not getting enough lubricant to work.

On the other hand, if you haven’t changed the old oil, it becomes thick and dirty. With this property, it won’t flow properly. Instead, it starts burning and increases the vibration. 

3. Loose or Tight Chain

It sounds small but can produce a considerable vibration. A tight chain can put extra load on the engine, whereas a loose one can increase the tension in the motor.

In both cases, it will act as a barrier while riding and create vibration. When you find that the above two aren’t the reason behind the problem, switch to this one and check the chain. 

4. Improper Setting of Valve Tappets

If you have yet to notice the valve tappets, inspect them. Your improper valve tappets setting can also increase vibration.

It happens when one is highly tight, and the other one is too loose. You need to check it regularly to prevent vibration. 

5. Insufficient Distance Between Brakes & Disc Rotor

It is also common during the rainy or moist season; the moisture increases the distance between brake callipers and makes them closer to the disc rotors.

It will take more time to stop your bike and, at higher speeds, start quivering. 

6. Weight Distribution

If you have a heavy person riding on the back of your motorcycle, then they can cause the vibration when you go from a stopped position to accelerating. It happens due to imbalance, as the heavier person puts more pressure on the tire, and it starts twirling and trembling. 

7. Engine Problems

As discussed above, an engine oil problem can cause vibrations that will shake your entire bike. But, you know, engines can also cause the same arduous; it can happen because of a loose rod, a misfiring motor, or an improperly installed part. 

Make Your Bike To Run Smoother With Simple Tips:-  

A vibrating motorcycle can be alarming, but don’t panic. Many of these vibrations are easy to diagnose and even easier to fix.

The first thing you need to do is figure out what is causing the vibration. If your tires are wearing unevenly, then you can change them. If you think you have an engine problem, you should take your motorcycle to a mechanic.

No matter what the cause of your vibration is, you can fix it as long as you know what you are dealing. When driving a motorcycle, you can feel every bump in the road.

If you own an older model, you may even hear a rattling sound from the engine. Let’s discuss the solution one by one, along with accurate information. 

If a problem occurs with tires, check both tires along with their rims. Also, inspect any thread on them if you find nothing.

Then spin the tires (the engine should be off); if it’s still wobbling, it’s time to buy new tires. Stop worrying; you don’t have to buy both simultaneously. Or another thing you can do is to take your bike to the shop and ask them to balance the tire. 

If you didn’t find the problem with the tires, it might be due to loose bolts. If any part of your motorcycle is open, it will shake when you ride it at maximum speed. Check each element one by one and then tighten the loose bolts, making sure they shouldn’t too tight or loose. 

Even if there is no issue with the loose parts, there are probably internal issues. It can be associated with the worn-out engine, air filters, suspensions, brakes, or connections. You can either fix it at home if you have the experience and if not, then better to take help from professionals. 

Note:- Never think of riding your bike with continuous vibration. Your single mistake can put you in a hazardous situation. If the tires have a problem, they can blow out while riding outside. And if there is difficulty with the engine, you risk the engine becoming useless. 

5 Ways to prevent motorcycle shaking when accelerating:

If you’ve determined that your motorcycle is shaking while accelerating due to a problem with the engine, there are a few things you can do to stop the vibration. 

1. Check Engine Oil/Engine

Ensure you’re using the right oil for your bike. If you’re unsure which oil to use, consult your owner’s manual or talk to a local auto parts store mechanic.

In case engine oil isn’t the issue, there may be an issue with the engine. If this is the case, you will want to take your bike to an engine repair shop.

An engine repair shop can thoroughly inspect your machine and tell you what is wrong with it. They may recommend rebuilding the engine if it is damaged or worn down.

Ask a mechanic at your local engine repair shop if you need clarification on whether your machine needs repairing or rebuilding. They can help you decide what your best option is.

2. Replace Worn-Out Sprockets Or Wheels

If the sprockets or wheels on your bike are out of service, you can replace them. Also, check the other parts of your bike to see if they are worn down and need replacing.

And if the wheels are not in alignment, you can fix them to avoid vibration or wobbling while riding on the road.

If you need to gain the knowledge or experience to reassemble or put it in alignment, you should visit the mechanic’s shop. 

3. Replace Worn Out Tires

If your tires are not in good condition, it’s time to replace them with new ones. This is especially important if you’re riding your bike on the highway.

For optimum safety, you will want to ensure that your tires are in good condition. If you’ve determined that your tires are causing the vibration and can’t repair or replace them immediately, consider buying new tires.

New tires can solve many problems that you may be having with your current tires.

New tires will allow you to drive more smoothly, which can help to eliminate vibration. New tires will also give you better traction on the road, preventing you from skidding or sliding out of control.

New tires are an investment, but they are an important one. They can help you to avoid accidents and drive more safely.

4. Replace Oil /Air Filter

Although these don’t play a direct role, if they fill with dirt and impurity, it will lead to vibration. It’s an oil filter responsible for sending pure oil for combustion, and if it’s not clean, you must understand what will happen next.

Whereas if the air filter isn’t clean, it restricts the proper airflow and hence petrol won’t burn in the complete sense that will produce vibration. Pay attention to such problems; if you can clean, go for it, and if it’s out of your hands, you should replace them. 

5. Improving the suspension

If you’ve tried everything else and your motorcycle is still shaking when accelerating, consider upgrading the motorcycle parts. After all, this is the part of your bike that connects the tires to the frame.

If your suspension is not working anymore, it could be causing your motorcycle to shake while accelerating. If you need help with how to upgrade your suspension, talk to a mechanic at your local auto parts store.

They can walk you through the process and help you decide what parts you need to improve the suspension on your bike.


Have you cleared your doubt regarding the motorcycle vibration when you start accelerating? Your bike doesn’t need to vibrate when you accelerate, sometimes even at low speeds; you can feel your bike shivering. If you think it is knowledgeable and can help someone, please like and subscribe to our newsletter and share it with needy ones.