Can I Start a Car Using My Motorcycle Battery? (Quick Facts)

You may wonder if you can start a car using your motorcycle’s battery. People have asked me this question many times, and after that, I got so curious that I tried it myself.

We’d like to inform you that if your car battery is low on voltage and you require a quick jump to get back on the road, you can go to the parts store or back to your home.

So you give it a shot and see what happens.

This article will cover everything you need to know in order to start a car with a bike battery, including the process that is involved and the steps that you need to take in order to successfully accomplish this task.

I’ll also show you a few easy strategies that you might find useful.

Can a Motorcycle Battery Start a Car? 

If the motorcycle is already turned on and running, the battery from the motorcycle might be able to turn on the ignition of the car.

To begin, you will need to connect the positive and negative leads of the jumper cable to the two different batteries. where one person attempts to start the car while another person spins the motorcycle at about 4,000 revolutions per minute (rpm).

There are some additional things that can be done that will help start the car using the battery from the motorcycle.

It is difficult to start a motorcycle because the battery does not have enough cold-cranking amps, the engine is too small for the car, the temperature inside the engine is too high, and when you try to start the car smoothly, you get short bursts instead of long ones.

Under certain circumstances, such as when the engine of the car is already warm, it is possible that you will be successful in your attempt to start your vehicle using a battery that was removed from a motorcycle.

On the other hand, the probability that the car’s engine will start from the battery of the motorcycle will increase in a manner that is directly proportional to the size of the motorcycle’s engine.

How Do I Use a Motorcycle Battery to Jumpstart a Car?

So let me tell you that, when you use a motorcycle battery to start the car, first make sure that the motorcycle is running so that you have the best chance of starting the car.

There is a lot of available current to flow through the car battery if the motorcycle is running.

Someone else can help you with this. The first person must spin the motorcycle to 4,000 rpm in neutral. Ask someone to start your car.

You’ll start the car with luck and timing. Many people say rocking the motorcycle won’t help, but they’re wrong. Doing this creates a lot of current, and with the jumper cables connected correctly, the extra current will transfer to the car’s battery and start the car. Simple.

Some people don’t understand that a motorcycle battery is slightly less powerful than a car battery’s power, so in order for the car battery to get a high current, it is very important for you to start the motorcycle.

And if you’re stuck with only one motorcycle battery but no motorcycle, you’re in luck because you can still start a car battery with a different one using only a motorcycle battery, particularly when it’s hot outside. If it is too cold, you will only be able to start a very small engine.

Only then can it be enough to start the car battery. When it is fully charged, the motorcycle battery will have about 12.6 volts when the motorcycle is turned off.

which might be enough to get you started. When it is running, the motorcycle battery and charging system will only have between 13.5 and 15 volts, which makes a big difference when starting another vehicle.

But you’ll have better luck with a motorcycle battery attached to a motorcycle.

What Are Cold Cranking Amps?

It is also important to note that cold cranking amps are required to start a car from a motorcycle battery. Cold cranking amps measure the power output of that battery at 0°F for 30 seconds. Every automotive battery, which is intended to power a vehicle, has a specification called CCA, or cold cranking amps.

Car batteries are generally rated with a higher CCA because their engines are bigger and they need more amps to turn the crankshaft. It may be possible that, for one time, you can get away with having a lower CCA than the listed CCA.

The car owner’s manual specifies how many CCA batteries the car requires to start, but only for regular year-round use.

 The average car battery has 200–700 cold cranking amps, depending on the size of the engine. But make sure you do that when you buy a replacement battery.

You either get one with a higher or equal CCA than the manufacturer’s recommendation, or you’ll have another dead one as soon as possible. There may be a battery.

It’s generally okay to buy a battery with a much higher CCA than your original battery, but you just make sure it doesn’t have a lower CCA than the original battery. Smaller car batteries typically take between 200 and 400 CCA, while V8s are closer to the 700 CCA range for larger batteries.

It is entirely possible to jump start a car using a motorcycle battery, and this is due to the fact that the average motorcycle battery has between 200 and 400 CCA.

This is why you’ll have better luck jumping smaller cars than larger cars, although using a motorcycle battery makes it entirely possible to jump larger cars.

Car Vs Number of Cylinders Motorcycle

The car you want to start or try again has a certain number of cylinders. It makes a big difference whether or not you will be able to crank it up after using the battery from the motorcycle.

A big V8 is going to take about twice the force just to overturn a smaller 4-cylinder.The motorcycle battery has a limited number of plates.

Because the car draws a greater amount of current than was predicted, attempting to start the car engine with the motorcycle battery is not in the least bit beneficial to the motorcycle battery.

When discussing the health of a battery, it is possible that a rapid discharge involving high amounts of current is not even close to being healthy for a small battery. Motorcycle batteries are not built to withstand repeated deep cycling.

This is the only solution that should be used whenever an emergency arises. Instead of doing this repeatedly, you should go to an auto parts store to get the correct battery for your vehicle.

If you use this rule, it will actually pose no safety risk, but for the long-term health of a motorcycle battery, it is not recommended that you repeat such a thing over and over again.

Tips to Prevent Quick Discharge While Charging Your Car:

When trying to start your car with a motorcycle battery, you must always remember one important fact: you should try to start the car in short bursts. If you do not keep this information in mind, you will not be successful in your activity.

If you try to start the car by holding the key and the crank for a significant amount of time, you will quickly deplete the current in the battery, making it impossible for you to start the car.

You just need to turn the key in short bursts, and if it doesn’t start properly, you need to let it sit comfortably for a few more minutes while you turn the engine of the motorcycle.

If it does start properly, however, you simply need to turn the key in short bursts. and give it yet another attempt. It seems to have worked on the very first try, even though I did not have any assistance in the effort.


It is a well-known fact that a moving car has the ability to easily jump over a motorcycle. To tell you the truth, I’ve used it dozens of times myself, and it’s always been successful. However, its battery is typically attached to the frame as well.

Because of this, you need to be careful not to touch the positive terminal with the frame of the motorcycle at any time. Unless you want a significant shock and a few sparks, don’t do that. 

When it comes to batteries, however, the typical motorcycle’s battery will die after two to four months of inactivity if it is left unused. When we consider the new battery, we find that it has an expected lifespan of between three and five months.