What are the Best dirt jump bike?

Here, firstly I would like to tell about the dirt jumping. You can say that dirt jumping is a practice in which the riders ride the bikes over jumps made of soil or dirt. In these races, the riders have to jumps off of heap of dirt and perform some mid-air stunts. Dirt bike racing is very popular among people.

You would have seen many dirt bikes jump and wish to know how to do a dirt bike jump on yourself. In dirt jumping the bike which is used is known as dirt jump bikes. These jump bikes look like a normal bicycle but totally different from a normal bicycle.

The best jump bikes are those which have approximately 100 mm of travel. They have very strong disc brakes so that riders did not feel any difficulty and have treaded tires for opposing semi-slicks the common size of the tire is 26 inch. There are other dirt jumping bikes are as follows:

Dirt Jump/Freestyle mountain bikes

These bike looks similar to the mountain bikes and are very suitable for dirt jumps but have a rigid frame and a lower height.

Mountain bikes

These bikes are built for dirt jumping with 24-26-inch wheels, have rigid forks and are very suitable for dirt jumps.

Here are the best mountain bikes:

Best dirt bikes for Jump?

1. DMR Sect 26

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Material: Chromoly Steel

The British company DMR pretty have invented this bike for dirt jumping and this bike sect is one of the best dirt bikes. It has super-short rear ends for slips and flips, 69-degree head angle for stability etc.

This bike has also an integrated seat clam to save weight and has maximized tire clearance. The bike is made with an array of dirt components which makes this the best value of dirt bike.

2. Scott Voltage YZ 0.1

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Material: Aluminum

Scott Voltage is a great looking and very suitable for dirt jumps. It has an ultrashort chain, a tapered headed and high-end tube. The color in which it is commonly available in silver color and the wheel size is 26 inch with Syncros MD25 disc/ 32 H.

The top tube length is 600 and the head tube length is 120. The bike has SCOTT Cr-Mo 3-piece cranks, 175mm/25 T Alloy BMX sprocket chain.

3. Marin Alcatraz

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Material: Aluminum

Marin Alcatraz is a very robust bicycle and familiar with jump dirt. 32.9 lbs is the total weight of this dirt bike. and its head tube and seat tube angle are 69 and 73. And its top tube length is 562.5mm.

The chain length of the bicycle is 404 mm and its headtube diameter is 27.2. It is commonly made of aluminium and having hydraulic brakes.

So, the riders did not feel any difficulties while riding. If you are passionate in these racing then this bike very good for you.

4. Commencal Absolut Dirt

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Material: Aluminum

Commencal Absolut Dirt is becoming popular among the dirt bikes. It has an air pressure spring that it is very adjustable. Its wheel size is 26 inch and has an aluminium frame.

It has hydraulic disc brake know as Tektro HD-M 285. Its common weight is 11.4 kg and preferable for men. The person who is fond of these kinds of riding can buy this bike and enjoy it while riding.

5. Santa Cruz Jackal

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Material: Aluminum

Santa Cruz Jackal bike has a luxury super fast and solid frame. It is favored by the 2019 winner Mitch Ropelato. The bike uses a standard 135*10mm rear hub. The wheel size is 26 inch and its seat tube angle are 72.8 degrees.

The bottom bracket height is 323.8mm and the seat tube length is 340mm. Its frame material is made up of aluminium rear travel hardtail and the frame warranty is for a lifetime. It is a unisex bike can be ride by both male and female.

6. Canyon Stitched 720 Pro

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Material: Aluminum

Canyon Stitched 720 pro is made from 7005 aluminium. In this bike, if the jumps are bigger then the tricks are more technical. Canyon Stitched 720 Pro is awarded as the bike of the year. Its top tube is 20.74 inch and seat tube are 12.84 inches.

Its weight is 12.05 kg and seat angle are 72.5 degrees. Its front tire is made up of Maxxis ikon EXC EXO 3C Maxx and brakes are made up of Avid D83.

It has great hydraulic brakes. It is favorable mainly for the riders whose weight is 75 kg. The bike will suit for both male and female riders.

7. NS Bikes Soda Slope

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Material: Aluminum

NS Bikes Soda Slope is one of the best jump bikes for riders. The frame is a tough alloy with double pass welds and has 107 mm travel frame. In this bike, the same geometry is used that is used in hardtails. It has sealed bearing hubs and SRAM hydraulic brakes.

It is preferable for both men and women. If you want to use the bike made of metal then it is the best bike for you.

8. Specialized P-Slope Full Suspension Bikes

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Material: Alloy

These P-Slope bikes have one of the coolest rear shock designs. I think the P-Slope bikes are somewhere better than the Soda Slope. It has specialized P. Grip lock-on. A1 premium aluminium frame is used in P-Slope bike. The major benefit of this frame is it reduces overall weight.

Its front and rear brakes are made up of SRM hydraulic with 160 mm rotor. The pedals are made up of nylon. It is a unisex preferable for men and women both.


Dirt bike jumping is really exciting and fun and if you’ve good dirt jumping bike then you’ll enjoy the overall ride. So, in this article, I have provided the best jump dirt bikes or mountain bikes for riders who love jumping dirt.

These bikes are of the best companies with great quality. If you are fond of riding mountain bikes than this article is very helpful for you.

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