What To Do With Old Motorcycle Helmets?

Surely you’re wondering what to do with your old motorcycle helmet. This is a question that the motorcyclist must ask himself at some point. Despite the fact that it is no longer required to replace your helmet every five years, you will still need to do so.

The replacement is necessary because the previous one was either damaged or worn out.

Instead of throwing them away, you can utilize them in a variety of ways. Either give it to someone else or donate it to those who cannot afford a new one.

Let me explain how old motorcycles are used in this article. Read the article in its entirety to obtain all of the information.

How Long A Motorcycle Helmet Can Last?

A helmet, like everything else, has an expiration date. If you use it frequently, you should replace it every five years. The condition of your helmet is also dependent on your riding ability; if you are a fast rider, you may find it useless very quickly.

However, if you only use your bike for necessary tasks, your helmet will last longer. The inner protection, lining, pads, visors, and belts will wear out over time.

If you were involved in an accident and your helmet was broken or damaged, you must replace it.

What To Do With Old Motorcycle Helmets?

It is not fair to throw away a helmet that is still in pretty good shape; however, if you do so, it is pretty certain that you will not want to use the helmet at any point.

It would be more environmentally responsible to give them to people who could potentially use them.

You won’t just be helping other people in a positive way. You will also be helping to cut down on waste, which will help protect the environment. This is because making a helmet takes a lot of energy and materials.

1. Donate It To The Needy People:

It is also a wonderful thing to do: for instance, you could give it to any needy friend or neighbor in your neighbourhood who already has a bike but does not have a helmet.

This would be a great thing to do.

However, as this is never sufficient on its own, another option is to send your helmet to a school that specialises in motorcycle safety.

You also have the option of handing it over to the fire department. Because they utilise it while they are in the process of training.

Because of the increased level of protection that they offer, some motorcyclists will even give their helmets to kart racers.

2. Use Your Old Motorcycle Helmet Yourself:

It is not necessary to get rid of your old helmet simply because you will need to purchase a new one in the near future. Even if you’ve decided that you no longer want to use your motorcycle helmet for riding, you may still find other applications for it.

You could, for instance, put it aside for a possible second passenger so that you don’t have to go too far out of your way. This may turn out to be a solution that is far more useful and economical in the long run.

Alternately, you can use this motorcycle helmet as a safety helmet while playing a variety of sports that call for a lot of head protection, such as football, rugby, or skateboarding.

There are even helmets that can be used while skateboarding, in addition to karting and cycling.

3. Give It To The Medical Team:

Your helmet can be of great assistance to any community or organization concerned with first aid, even if it has suffered some minor damage.

This is because your helmet can be cleaned and sterilized.

Yes! Let me inform you that firefighters also bring appropriate helmets to training, and the helmets that can be used for training by fire fighters have also been damaged.

The situation is the same with the Red Cross and other organizations that model accidents involving vehicles on the road.

4. Return It To The Manufacturers And Dealers:

You can also take the headgear back to the store where you bought it in the first place.

There are some dealers and manufacturers who will either take them to be recycled or give them a light coat of paint before sending them on their way.

You should turn them over to the unions. When you go to buy a new helmet, some vendors will even offer to exchange or redeem your old helmet for a credit towards the purchase of the new one. or even offer.

If you intend to use the motorcycle helmet, you should feel free to do some research before going out and purchasing a new one.

5. Convert It Into Other Useful Things:

You just need some imagination and creativity to turn them into something else useful, like a bowl, a basket, or something entirely.

To prevent leakage, you should clean it, get rid of any paddings or strips, and then seal it with glue.

You can carry it with you while shopping for vegetables in the market and use it as a holder at the same time.

Put your belongings inside after having undergone complete modifications, or you can only use it within the confines of your own home.

6. Decorate With Colorful Paintings:

If you enjoy painting, you should definitely experiment with painting on your helmets as well.

I have seen a lot of people make use of their old helmets as decorative pieces, like plant pots or lamp caps, for example.

Some people even use them as plant pots. This will demonstrate your artistic ability, and you will end up with a one-of-a-kind ornamental piece for your house.

7. Send It To Local Waste Management Team:

You can call the waste management teams in many cities, including those that love to recycle old things, to collect your old helmets if you want to recycle them.

They disassemble it, fix it up, or recycle it, and then resell it or find other applications for it.

Following these steps will ensure that your city is always clean, and you won’t have to worry about the management of any outdated pieces.

You Should Not Do 3 Things With Old Helmets:-

You have learned about the proper use of old motorcycle helmets, but never throw them outside or try to burn them.

It will be harmful for you and for society as well. Here are some tips to follow with the old bike helmets.

1. Never Throw It In The Garbages:

We are already facing a lot of pollution in the world; we should try to reduce it instead of encouraging it by throwing our old materials in open areas.

If you throw old helmets in landfills, they won’t disintegrate and will sit there for many years. This will cause land pollution and be especially bad for the animals wandering around in search of food.

2. Don’t Try To Burn It:

Burning a helmet is not good for health purposes, manufacturers use chemicals for making helmets and other materials.

If you burn it, it will start releasing harmful and poisonous gases that are bad for humans and can create breathing issues.

3. Don’t Use Damaged Helmet:

Although you can use helmets by yourself, if they’re damaged, don’t even try to wear them.

A broken or damaged one can save you from traffic fines but can’t protect your health. It’s better to recycle or reuse it in different ways.

Why Do You Need To Wear Motorcycle Helmet?

It is always suggested that you wear a helmet to protect your head from injuries.

You might keep hearing about major accidental deaths due to severe head injuries.

A helmet will keep you safe and is also helpful in bad weather. There are various benefits to using a helmet, as mentioned below.

Good For Eye Health:

If you are riding a motorcycle or scooter and protecting your head with a helmet, you are also protecting your eyes from potential damage.

The helmet protects the wearer from harmful elements such as dust, soil, germs, and air pollution. also keeps you from becoming stale.

Avoiding things like dust and pollen can help reduce the risk of infection in the eyes. If you keep the mirror on your helmet closed while you ride, you will arrive at your destination in good spirits.

Helpful In Focus:

Wearing a helmet also cuts down on how much loud noise gets into the ears, which is good for the ears. Apart from loud noise, wearing a helmet prevents dust from entering.

You can avoid going deaf with this. Wearing a helmet improves the safety of your ride. As a result, there is no distraction anywhere ahead of the front road.

A person wearing a helmet is unaware of his surroundings. He is only concerned with driving.

Helmets keep you safe from the hot sun while driving in the summer. A helmet is essential for females. It greatly reduces the risk of spots and wrinkles on the face.

Protect Spinal Cord:

In a study that was conducted in the United States of America by the University of Wisconsin, it was found that wearing a helmet protects not only your head but also your spinal cord in the event of an accident.

Several experts say that wearing a helmet can make it less likely that someone will hurt their cervical spine.


With this article, we’ve given you all of the most important information about the helmet. In this article, we also talked about the best way to get rid of an old helmet, as well as the importance of helmets in our lives and why we should wear them. I hope you found the article helpful. In case you have any inquiries concerning this matter, make sure to post them in the relevant comment section.