Where Can You Ride Dirt Bikes Legally: 10 Places You Should Know

Although dirt bikes are not street legal, you can still enjoy your riding legally. Read this whole article and you will know where to ride dirt bikes without breaking any state law. 

Dirt bikes are permitted in your private areas and on public motocross tracks. Apart from these, there are many places to ride dirt bikes legally.

Riding on beaches, backyard courses, campgrounds, national forest, off-season ski hills, private properties, sand dunes, and state vehicle recreation areas is legal and does not violate any state laws or rules. Never use public roads unless or until you own a vehicle license.

Places Where You Can Ride Dirt Bike Legally?

Do you know there are plenty of options to run your favorite dirt bikes? You probably answer yes in your private properties, but there are more places. From this article, you will see how wide the opportunity is and also learn where you shouldn’t ride your bike.

Although, there are many restrictions over riding the bike outside, your information regarding those legal stead will add more fun to your riding. 

1. Beaches 

For free riding, beaches are best. But, some of the beaches won’t let you ride a dirt bike. Beaches are obviously crowded and the entry of vehicles is prohibited for safety purposes.

A beach full of sands, water and dunes will give you another level of fun. To access them legally, you either go in the early morning or visit with a legal permission. 

Once you will get the permit, ask the organizer to provide a ranger station to get a separate place away from the crowd.

And don’t be in a rush while riding around the beaches, there might be animals, people or trees, you need to be aware not to hit them. Or if you are a learner, don’t take risks to ride in the crowd, better look for the other options. 

2. Backyard Courses

Many of you don’t like to go outside, why not convert your backyard for your dirt bike riding. Unless your neighbors would complain regarding the noises.

However, creating a place for riding could be annoying, so better get legal order before proceeding. They might prevent you or can support you in constructing a backyard course. 

You can decorate your own course as per your choice and demand. And can also add less or more hurdles to sharpen your riding skills. You can add jumps, tracks, obstacles courses and many more while creating your own designed track into the backyard. 

3. Campground 

Many campgrounds are there to ride your dirt bike and explore the world outside. Most of the campgrounds are situated on national forest to get a large area. Each ground has specific rules and regulations, you need to follow them, otherwise they won’t allow you to enter the campus. 

It will allow you to enjoy the riding at its fullest speed, just don’t bump into the tents or temporary shelters. Search your nearby campground to get the pass and make plans on your holidays to visit the campgrounds along with your bike buddies.

Also, bring safety gears just in case they would ask to show and then permit you to wander around the ground. 

4. National Forests 

You wouldn’t get such a big place wandering around the trees, rocks and many natural hurdles. But, be aware before heading to the national forest, check them online about the total land area, risk factors and other important facts.

Although, it would be a better experience, but only if you are an advanced rider, if you have just started riding, don’t even think of visiting such places. 

Not all national forests will allow you to ride the bike everytime and they might have some rules & regulations as well.

They make rules by keeping some significant aspects such as weather, your safety and land safety, etc, you should follow them. You may be unable to do stunts due to the great number of trees, but you will have different trails to experience rough and natural paths. 

5. Off-Season SkiHills 

Such places provide winter sports facilities, but also focus on other sports than the winter specials, like tracks, courses, and more outdoor activities that could be enjoyed during other seasons.

You have to check which one is providing the dirt bike riding services as all off-season SkiHills won’t allow such stunting sports. 

Some of them also organize events that will be a plus point for you. You better ask them in which season you can come with your bike, or they have any idea regarding other nearby off-season SkiHills. 

6. Private Property

Being a rider, you might wonder if it’s legal to ride a dirt bike on your own property, therefore I wrote this extensive post to answer your questions. Learn more about riding a dirt bike on your own land by reading this helpful article.

The best place to ride your dirt bike is on your private property. You won’t need to pay any fees, no need to get permission, and the best part is you can ride anytime, except the bike’s sound won’t disturb your neighbors.

Private properties include fields, farms, ditches, etc. Or if you haven’t your own property, you can ask your friends or closest one who has such big land where dirt bike riding will be enjoyable. 

Never use someone’s land, you may get in trouble and the second thing is to take permission from your neighbors who live a few inches away from your home.

If you create such loud sounds, they might call the cops. Your polite gesture will be understandable to them. 

7. Public Motocross Tracks 

Motocross tracks are especially made for the dirt bike riders, this would be the great opportunity to access different terrains and difficulty levels. These motocross are also helpful in improving your riding skills.

There are many tracks that include jumps, practice tracks, elevation changes, step-ups, step-downs, etc. A variety of difficulty levels are included that are good for beginner and advanced riders as well. 

You will meet with your competitors and also have a good chance to learn something new from them. Apart from these, you will have more bike riding buddies, you can also watch other riders while resting aside.

Even if you love to take a ride daily, you can join them. Public motocross would be the best benefit for you and also beneficial in getting a license for riding the bike on the road. 

8. Private Roads 

If you are living in a rural area, it isn’t a big task to ride your dirt bike on these private roads. Legally, you aren’t allowed to ride your bike on public roads, but private ones will give you a chance to fulfill your desire for riding the bike on roads. 

Don’t distract from the roads, there may be other riders or car drivers who may use the same road.

And if this road belongs to someone’s property, you better ask them whether you can use them or they won’t let you go inside. However, you have more space than those public roads and there are no rules for riding, just keep yourself fit and healthy. 

9. Sand Dunes 

If you are afraid of injuries, trying sand dunes would be the best destination. Sand dunes will give you another level of kicks, and in case you fall down, these dunes are softer as compared to dirt or rocks.

And if your kids wanna go outside to explore nature, you should bring them to such harmless places.

If you are residing in coastal areas, finding sand dunes is easier, but it’s also available in inland areas. Inquire about a short-distance location for spending time with your lovely dirt bikes.

These dunes are managed by some organizations that have rules as well, so make sure you have a little bit of knowledge before entering the place. 

10. State Vehicle Recreation Areas 

Besides the places mentioned above, there are many states who have created state vehicle recreation areas for dirt bike lovers. As the government knows how passionate they are about their riding, he took the decision to provide them such special places where they can ride legally. 

These areas are designed in different shapes and sizes and can be used for bike riding, dunes buggies, and off-highway vehicles. You will feel the real experience of riding a bike on the road and no one will fine you for demolishing the rules. 

Places You Should Avoid Riding 

You have gathered knowledge which places are allowed to ride dirt bikes, you must also be aware of which places you should avoid riding. 

  • As you are allowed to use private properties or private roads, but not allowed to ride on a public road. 
  • Second place is industrial areas, these areas are sensitive to explosive materials or liquid, and to ride a bike we use fuel. It could be risky to wander in such places. These areas are also crowded, so better to not enter here. 
  • Although you can get permission to ride the bike in national forests, don’t cross the restricted areas that are preserved for the wildlife to protect them. 
  • And last thing is to avoid entering into other’s private properties. Until or unless they permit you to have fun riding a dirt bike on their land, you can damage their personal property; that’s not a good sign. 

Make Your Dirt Bike Street Legal 

However, there are plenty of options to ride dirt bikes legally, but some riders feel it is limited. They can make their bike street legal with some minor changes. With some legal documents and upgrading your dirt bikes will make it legal.

You need a license plate, registration, off-highway vehicle decal, inspection certificate, headlights, horn, review mirror, tail lights, DOT approved tires & gas tank and turn signals, etc. 


You will definitely get to any of these places where nobody is going to restrict you to ride a dirt bike. As we have discussed, all places to ride dirt bikes legally, you should check each place near to your location.

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