Expensive Dirt Bikes: (3 Reasons of High Cost You Must Know)

The price of the dirt bike is the most commonly asked question, yet there are other issues as well. A dirt bike is distinct from a motorcycle. It is extremely substantial in its construction.

Due to various costly materials, dirt bikes are more expensive. We present a list and price of expensive dirt bikes.

The high price of these bikes is due to a number of factors. Since dirt bike parts are usually made from hard-to-find materials, most of them are made in Europe and Japan.

Dirt bikes are very expensive due to the building fees, shipping costs, and dealership costs. In general, these motorcycles are well-designed and attractive, which increases their value.

These dirt bikes have enough power. Imports are pricey. We’ll discuss pricing and how to select the best one at a fair price.

Why Are Dirt Bikes So Expensive?

Here are the 3 Common Reasons For the Dirt Bike’s High Cost:

We know dirt bike sports where riders ride on hilly or rough roads. To ride in such locations, manufacturers use expensive materials for their lightweights.

Below are the points from which you will know why their cost is high. 

1. Costly material

Dirt bike production uses materials such as aluminium, magnesium, and carbon. Different combinations of materials make the dirt bike solid but lightweight.

Japan and Australia send these materials to manufacturing companies. And buying products from other countries is always costly. So, it could be one of the reasons for the high rate of dirt bikes. 

2. Low Marketing 

Dirt bikes are not valid in every country and are used only for ordinary purposes like trail racing, mountain riding, or off-road riding. With low demand worldwide, only a few people invest in this field.

And those who sell these pit bikes need to charge high prices to their customers. Otherwise, it could be a significant loss for them. But, over time, these companies may reduce this cost to an affordable price. 

3. High Production Charge 

Usually, dirt bikes produce a special kind of sound; that’s their identity.

For riding in hilly or pit areas, the bike’s structure should be strong enough to handle the terrain without damaging the bike. Manufacturers keep these things in their minds, and that’s why prices increase.

The making time for building a single piece is nearly fifteen hours, and creating the strong frame also needs enough time, plus labor costs add up to the all-over showing the high price of dirt bikes. 

These are the few reasons behind the expensive cost of dirt bikes. 

Why Are Used Dirt Bikes Expensive?

Dealers regularly keep a limited quantity of used dirt bikes in inventory. Thus, they are unwilling to sell after any sort of bargaining. Consequently, the dirt bike is expensive and is sold at a high price.

Pandemic has impacted everything. Even logistics, supply chains, and many things, resulting in the shortage of new bikes.

To purchase a dirt bike at a low cost, some opt to buy old ones. The majority of consumers would prefer to purchase from an individual, yet this is difficult for newcomers to locate. Therefore, they proceed to the dealers.

What Are the Parts that Make it Expensive? 

Let’s see how expensive dirt bikes are and what their parts’ specialities are. We will deal with each element individually and find the reason behind its high cost. 

1. Wheels

As dirt bikes are famous for riding in mud or hilly areas, their tires should be strong enough to handle it all.

These wheels are different from the usual dirt bike tires. It has soft rubber with closely spaced tread blocks. Sand tires are widely spaced, with paddle tread for a better grip on the sand. 

Tires are filled with tire mousse to avoid punctures. These tires have knobby, deep treads for a firm grip on mud, dirt, and mountains.

They are also made with harder rubber for durability. Another plus point is that these tires maintain a constant temperature while coming into contact with the roads. 

2. Engine

Every dirt bike comes with more engine cylinders, and more cylinders make the riding smoother, while an engine with a few cylinders is okay and also the cheapest.

That’s why this could also be one of the reasons for the high cost of dirt bikes. And if it’s air-cooled, it means better performance and longer running time as air-cooling keeps the temperature regular.

Dirt bike engines are uniquely designed with 4 to 6 cylinders, but they also keep the weight of the dirt bike down, so these will only be possible when the attached equipment is different.  

3. Brakes 

You will be surprised if you know about the brakes of dirt bikes. These brakes are equivalent to the car’s anti-brake systems.

It is also lightweight to keep the whole bike’s weight the same. These bikes use disc brakes to use less force and help reduce muscle fatigue.

Compared to the other brakes, you will see consistency when you apply pressure to take a break. 

Another point that makes it expensive is that these brakes work well even in wet weather.

The other brakes, like the rim kind, will take longer to stop the dirt bike. Dirt bikes are known for fast riding, as riders believe in their braking powers. So, you can enjoy each ride with 100% trust in its brakes.

The material used to build it is also helpful to keep it away from damage that occurs due to dust and mud.

It keeps working effectively even if the wheels are slightly off. Disc brakes require large-sized tyres, and such big tires enhance grip on the road and avoid unnecessary mud that’s hard to clean. 

4. Frame 

Usually, frames are made with a primary component, aluminum, but dirt bike frames are developed with carbon fiber, titanium, and magnesium. Head tubes are included inside the frame that holds the front fork, and engines are attached to the inner side of some bikes.

These frames are too strong even with significant accidents, and nothing will happen to the internal part of the frame.

The structure should be stiff and lightweight to give a better performance, and with the cheapest material, steel, these aspects couldn’t be fulfilled. 

5. Suspension

The front and rear wheels are connected through a suspension. The front suspension is attached inside the front fork. And the rear suspension that holds the axle of the rear wheel.

The designers make the rear suspension that consists of several workable parts inside it, such as dual shocks, traditional monoshocks, shock absorbers, etc. Suspensions are designed not to break the linkages between the tires and manage all shock systems. 

6. Front Fork 

This part sounds familiar, but it is the most critical part of any dirt bike. The condition of the front fork decides the stability of bikes. It holds the front wheel to enable how much you can turn it around and the smoothness of turning.

This single part manages fork tubes, the neck of the frame and the bottom handles and lower legs. And to order all these parts, the front fork should be firm and manufactured with a particular metal. 

These parts increase the cost of dirt bikes more than any other dirt bike. Rapid performance and robust grip, even at high speed, are the identity of every dirt bike, and to maintain its excellence, parts must be unique and strong. 

List of Expensive Dirt Bikes: 

Now that you know why these bikes are valuable let’s look at the most expensive dirt bikes in the world. We will deal with each dirt bike in detail. 

1. Harley-Davidson MT500 

It was expensive because this is a premium brand. The Harley is assembled in a country where labor costs are high and there are a few suppliers.

Even its lowest model charges a premium of more than $7,000. It is a durable bike with the best quality, as users already gave it five out of five for fun, design, and performance. 

2. Cake Kalk 

Cake kalk is $17,500 and is best for racing. Its chassis is fitted with a heavy metal swing arm structure. It comprises four-strokes of electric technology with an easy-to-shift 6-speed transmission system.

The best thing about this bike is that it has an optimal heat dissipation system that makes it work better on all types of terrain. 

3. Alta Redshift MXR 

The most expensive Suzuki bike is the Alta Redshift, which costs $14,000. A two-stroke engine dirt bike provides high power at any RPM.

This model is decent for informal racing as well. The engine is convenient but runs for a long time.

It has a customized suspension and a powerful gear shifting system to provide fantastic accomplishment. 

4. Honda CRF450R Dave Thorpe Replica 

An exclusive four-valve liquid-cooled engine enhances its powerful performance.

Its features are quite different, such as fully adjustable suspension, Dunlop tires, framework, engine, brakes, and other parts that help make it extraordinary in the market. 

5. Husqvarna FC 450 

This model, the FC 450, is constructed with advanced techniques. This bike has good handling power with lightweight SOHC cylinders.

Its particular exhaust system is specialized systematically. The cost of Husqvarna is $11,000, making it one of the most expensive dirt bikes. Its engine has been placed precisely at the centre of gravity for a better grip on the road. 

As mentioned above, all the unique qualities of the bikes are the reasons for the higher cost. Their unique attributes of highly performed parts and stable, strong structure push them to stand tall. 

Are Dirt Bikes Expensive to Maintain?

Many people think that, as these dirt bikes are costly, maintenance will also be expensive. But the reality is quite different; it needs more attention than maintenance.

Washing it correctly after every ride for a long-lasting life would be best. Keep lubricating the bike chain and cleaning the air filters to avoid further issues.

If you keep your eyes on your dirt bike, you won’t need to change its parts. And if you are talking about the details, it’s expensive. Every aspect of such dirt bikes is made of unique materials, so costs must be high. 


Hopefully, you got all the answers about the high cost of dirt biking. Although these bikes are costly, you can buy them at pocket-friendly prices. Also, such dirt bikes aren’t readily available on the market, as many countries don’t allow them to be ridden legally. We will be back here with another post related to dirt bikes.