Best Dirt Bike Helmets Under $200

Helmets are required when riding dirt bikes. Helmets protect the head, the body’s most important part. Dirt biking is a high-impact, potentially dangerous sport. Safety is always first.

Head injuries, whether you’re a pro or a beginner, are the most serious. Helmets reduce brain injuries by absorbing impact force. Helmets can prevent serious injuries.

Buying a dirt bike helmet requires several considerations. First, it must meet or exceed US DOT or European ECE 22.05 safety standards. These standards ensure that the helmet is well-tested and safe.

Fit and comfort matter. The helmet should fit snugly but comfortably. It should stay put when you move and not block your vision or hearing. Remember, an ill-fitting helmet won’t protect you.

Another factor is helmet weight. Long rides are less tiring with lightweight helmets.

Finally, consider helmet ventilation. Proper ventilation keeps the visor clear and keeps you cool on hot days.

Just keep reading this article and you will get to know about some cool dirt bike helmets under $200. If you are still a beginner then you must go through this guide for beginners riding tips.

Best Dirt Bike Helmets Under $200

Here are the list of best dirt bike helmets under $200:

1. O’Neal 2 Series Helmet

O’Neal 2 Series Helmet is an outstanding product for its price. Not only is it is very light weight helmet but also the liner is easily and effortlessly removable for cleaning which is a good thing about this helmet.

The graphics are clean and look amazing as well as the color is sleek on the helmet. Lots of ventilation is built on the helmet to pass the air and the fit of the helmet is also great with zero discomfort.

Overall the quality of the product is a very great and well built helmet.


  • The outer shell of the helmet is built using an ABS shell. Which is very Light weight material.
  • The padded liner is easily removable and you can also clean the inner sides of the helmet easily. Your helmet will be odor free.
  • To keep the helmet clean when riding multiple air vents are installed.
  • Installed nose guard is made up of Rubber which will be soft and feel comfortable when wearing.
  • The graphics on the helmet is very beautiful and it is also double coated. To avoid the fading of the colour.

2. LS2 Gate Helmet

LS2 Gate Helmet is another selected product in this list. Built with outstanding quality material this helmet will never fail you with looks, quality and comfort ability.

This helmet is very awesome. On the sides you will feel Little tight but it opens up easily. You will not feel very hot in summer and the helmet is breathable.

The white camo part on the helmet looks cool but the only problem is it gets dirty easily. The pads of helmets dry fast if you will bog in wet.


  • The material used in making the helmet is the best composite material. It is a perfect racing helmet.
  • LS2 uses KPA (Kinetic Polymer Alloy) for the shell of the helmet. It makes the helmet safer.
  • For optimal energy management, The EPS safety liner of helmet is made up of multi density material.

3. 2019 Fox Racing V1 Przm Off-Road dirt bike Helmet

Fox racing helmets are most loved helmets among dirt bike riders. It comes with Great design, Awesome look and sufficient padding and it fits perfectly, you have to order according to your face size.

It comes in a beautiful box with a nice carrying bag which keeps it protected. This fox helmet is overall a good choice and there is an awesome feature in it, i.e magnetic visor.

The style of this fox helmet is very sleek and impressive. This is also a good choice dirt bike helmet under $200.


  • The helmet provides good airflow of it is overall design. It will make you feel cool in warm riding conditions.
  • 4 Exhausts and 9 intakes are installed for perfect airflow.
  • Cheek pads and comfort liners are washable and removable.
  • This fox dirt bike riding helmet is DOT approved.
  • It comes with the best feature called Magnetic Visor Release System (MVRS).

4. 1Storm Dual Sport dirt bike Helmet

1Storm Dual Sport dirt bike Helmet is a good product and fits very well. It is easy to use a quick release chin strap. It is lightweight and padding in the helmet is soft and removable.

The drop down visor in this helmet is a great advantage for those people who wear glasses while riding.

When you wear it you will feel a good sense of space and excellent field-of- view and the helmet is comfortable with a good sense of space and excellent field-of-view.

It’s a good choice if you need something at a cheap price.


It comes with 11 vents. Four back, Five front and Two top.

  • To keep the helmet clean and avoid bad smell. You can remove liners and pads and wash it.
  • Advance Dual Visor Design and Dual Sports (Outer Clear Shield and Inner Smoked Visor)
  • Attractive design and beautiful glossy finish on helmet.
  • It is Approved by DOT


  • Sometimes vents don’t close properly.
  • Sometimes visor clarity is a little wonky.

5. GDM DK-650 Dual Sport, dirt bike helmet.

Great aggressive looking helmet, great fit and feel. Bluetooth installation is easy, and fits right in with tons of room for the mic.

Good ventilation and you will love the included smoke shield.

It comes with multiple of features like protects against UV-rays, compound-curved, scratch resistant, flush-fit, side-coverless face shield, etc .

Overall we recommend this helmet to everyone, it is pretty versatile for all sorts of offloading.


  • This helmet comes with three different visors Tinted Visor, Chrome Visor and Iridium Visor.
  • Poly-alloy material is used to build this helmet which makes it lighter weight.
  • Removable and washable liners and check pads are made from antimicrobial and hypo-allergenic nylon.
  • 5 points of ventilation is added in this helmet.
  • For Dirt Bike, UTV ,Motocross, Street Bike, ATV, dirt bike, Scooter,etc

6. Dual Sport Helmet by NENKI

Dual Sport Helmet by NENKI is a Great helmet all around. It has plenty of airflow for slower rides like atving, dirt biking and enduro. There’s a seal around the visor (it’s retractable) that keeps grit out of your eyes. Only in super dusty areas do you notice it.

The visor is very reflective and shades everything blue. Construction is excellent. Small manufacturing abnormalities. The chin strap and buckle is nice, and positioned just right for me. It comes with two visors. The clear one, and the orange mirrored one

Pros :

  • Multiple vents are installed to intake cool air and to export hot air.
  • Comes in four colours Matt Black Red, Black Red, Skull Graphic and Blue Skull Graphic.
  • To keep the helmet fresh and clean, you can remove and wash the liners.
  • Shock absorb and collision resist high performance Thermoplastic Shell material is used to build it.

7. Adult Motocross Helmet

Good helmet, nothing too special, stays on and feels solid and protective. Does have small vents on top that open and close which is a plus, gets hot in summer as it should.

The quality is really good, even with going through some thick bush, the finish is still glossy and shiny. Talking about the looks so it looks pretty decent. The carbon fiber color on it is actually really good. It is worth the $$ for sure.

Pros :

  • Built with aerodynamic thermoplastic alloy shells which are durable and log light weight.
  • Glossy helmet looks great.
  • Cushion like comfortable interior

Benefits of Investing in a Quality Helmet

1. Protection Against Head Injuries

A good helmet protects your head from injuries. High-quality helmets absorb the most crash impact to protect your head and brain. Advanced engineering and materials reduce head forces. Quality helmets protect more of your head.

2. Enhanced Comfort and Fit

Comparatively, quality helmets fit and feel better. Ergonomic features fit snugly without discomfort to your head’s shape. High-quality helmets have comfortable padding made of sweat-resistant, washable materials. The improved fit keeps the helmet in place even during high-speed rides or impacts.

3. Durability and Longevity

Quality helmets last longer. These helmets are made of durable materials to withstand harsh conditions and impacts. Quality helmets last longer than cheaper ones, saving you money over time. They also have better warranties, giving you peace of mind and durability.

4. Improved Visibility and Ventilation

Finally, good helmets improve visibility and ventilation. Dirt biking safety requires wider viewports. Quality helmets have advanced ventilation systems to keep you cool and prevent visor fogging. Constant airflow improves safety and comfort.

Buying Guidance to choose perfect helmet:

1. Size

Size is very important if you are going to buy a helmet. Proper size will make you feel comfortable and you will enjoy your ride.

If your size is not comfortable then you will not feel comfortable and you will not enjoy your ride.

To measure your head size take a cloth measuring tape around your head and measure it. It is very simple to know your perfect size. Always measure 2-3 times to get perfect measurement.

2. Quality

There are lots of attractive helmets on the market which look awesome but in terms of quality they are very bad.
Invest in a good and always go for best quality material. Your life matters more than the look of the helmet.

3. Comfort:

After Size and Quality, it should be comfortable too. You should feel like you are wearing
something heavy.


You are planning to buy a new helmet so go searching for good helmets and wasting your valuable time. We have already mentioned above all the good dirt bike helmets under $200. So go ahead and choose one of it.