How to put a dirt bike on stand?

We all know putting a dirt bike on stand is a difficult thing because these don’t have any kickstands in it. But still it comes with an extra stand to do stand your bike when not in use or to do some essential repairs.

Yet there are many techniques to do that, But many of you do it wrong or don’t know how to do that properly.

Still there’s a better way and several methods exist.

If you’re new to riding a dirt bike, stand is must important for dirt bike to perform general maintenance like tire change, repairs and work on the drive chain.

Just think of a dirt bike stand similar to your car’s jack, You’re not getting under the hood of your dirt bike but without a stand your life as a mechanic gets unnecessarily complicated.

The approaches to get your dirt bike on a stand does not only include lifting it yourself like you’re hitting some weights on a gym or a squat machine or to employing friends to hulk around the bike and “on a three” get into place.

Well you could do that but why here’s still quite easy to get your dirt bike on stand without any fear.

1. Lift stand method

The first method is I’d like to talk about is the LIFT stand method, let the stand do everything.

The easiest method by using a stand that lifts up the bike.

All you need to do is to roll the dirt bike into a position over the stand and then use the lift contraption on the stand to lift the bike.

Some bike riders use regular stands just because of cost and weight of the jack stands. You can check out on the internet of ‘Steel lift dirt bike stand ‘ or ‘ Hi-jack lift stand ‘ .

2. Side Panel Lift

The second method I’d like to talk about is the SIDE PANEL LIFT (This is the most famous technique and the technique that I like the most).

It’s the most common method to put your bike on a stand. If you’re a old school guy or atleast riding with someone who watched Broc Glover, Kent Howerton or any other American former motorcross racer, then you already know about it.

This tradition uses a stationary and sturdy bike stand You just have to lean your back to the side and then using your hip and some arm muscle,bump the hike onto the stand.

Once you get the movement down,it takes all of two to three seconds to get your bike on the stand. That’s why it’s so famous especially in the motocross.

The most important is how you grab a bike, you have to grab it by the fender, never grab it by a pipe or a wheel too far,So grab it by a fender and when you grab it don’t just lift it with your hands.

It’s very easy to manipulate the bike even though the bike is heavy like 250-245 pounds.You can easily maneuver the bike whether you’re not a big guy. If you’re just a okay size guy, you can do it easily.

Just scoot down a little bit, do little squat, grab your bike and use your hip so you put the bike on your hip, don’t hold the weight of a bike on your hand but lean it over to you and put it on your hip just your hand using only to keep the bike on you and then lift it with your legs once you have it you can do that easily.

Never grab your bike through the pipe, please don’t do that. It’s going to be very hot when you’re riding, It might peel your skin off. So don’t do that.

And don’t even grab so far like grabbing a wheel, it’s really hard for your back, you cannot lift it with your legs because you are stretched on too much, So save your backlift always with your legs.

3. Lifting Rear tire

This method is actually very similar to side panel lifting method, the only difference is the way of placing the bike on the stand.

You can call this a upgraded version of side panel method which is quite better and improved. In this technique you have to lift up the dirt bike to the stand carefully and slowly.

For doing this, you need to use your strength for the rear tire and you have to be careful with the front. The front tire may slip during the process of placing the bike on the stand.

This is less famous but in fact it is more advanced but easier to leverage than the side panel lift. You just have to avoid squirrelling out the front tire as you lift.

4. Triangle stand

For doing this you need  a triangle shaped stand. Let’s talk about a triangular stand first.

Triangular stand us the most basic of motocross stands, these triangle shaped heavy duty works by simply inserting the upper part of your dirt bike triangle stand into the rear axle of your dirt bike.

As your bike leans onto the stand it provide a support keg than that allows you to rest your bike for storage in the garage at home or in between rides at the track. It does have some limitations too as far as maintenance since it does not lift the bike off the ground.

5. Nose Wheelie Stand

You must be knowing about this technique if you are into doing stunts on your dirt bike.

It maybe new for few riders. For riders who loves to do stunts ,who love to boost their skills, they love doing this.

While riding and doing fun, you will put the bike on stand, By doing wheelie you will just place the dirt bike on its stand. it’s very simple and easy to use.

6. Rear Wheelie Stand

Now let’s talk about the most awesome way of putting the dirt bike on stand. But it needs a lot of practice to do that perfectly.

You can watch tutorials on the internet to learn these thing. The only thing you need to do is to roll your dirt bike manually by using the front brakes that rear wheel will rise.

You will need to practice it. Don’t forget to add a kill switch in your dirt bike, it will keep your dirt bike secure even during trail riding..I guess you all might be thinking why these dirt bikes don’t have a stand.

Well there are few reasons why they don’t have.

These kickstands can add more weight to the bike which is not good for racing because little weight is good for races. And even these kickstands are not so secure for dirt bikes, they may get loose and thus will damage the dirt bike.

These kickstands may get caught to certain things at the time of a race which can distract the rider resulting in a crash.

These dirt bike stands are very useful because to hold up the bike while making essential repairs, such as replacing the dirt bike exhausts or just use it to hold the bike while it is not in use. These are most commonly used as wheel change and general maintenance.


I hope this guide has provided enough information on dirt bike stands. New people to these bikes always ask why don’t these have default stands as other bikes have.

So we have also explained about this question. Now you have understood How to put a dirt bike on stand. Hope you love this post.

Have a safe riding.