Best Women’s Dirt Bike Models in 2022

Hello my dear female friends, today we will see the best women’s dirt bike brands in 2022. I know whenever someone says the word “Dirt Bike”, people start imagining a boy wearing a stylish helmet and riding the bike at full speed.

Even for males, there are various numbers of bikes available in the market. But for females, it’s a little bit hard to find the best one. 

It’s not about discrimination, but the fact says that riding a heavy bike is not suitable for women’s health. About 5% of females in the world can do the same hard work as men can, but invalid for about 95% of women.

Let’s see what the parameters to select a women’s dirt bike are. 

Best for a beginner

Suppose you haven’t ridden any bike and are planning to buy a brand new dirt bike. Stop here, and you may make mistakes. Before investing your money, think about what is more suitable for you.

Generally, the beginners’ trail bikes are best as they have lower seat height to balance the bike quickly.

Also, many trail dirt bikes are air-cooled and soft, mellow power. 

As you are a beginner, this would be better for you to sharpen your skill. You must have heard, starts with small to know each step and then takes the most considerable risk. The last point is choosing a women’s dirt bike with an electric start that will make your ride fun-loving and less scary. 

Essential Facts To Check Before Buying A Women’s Dirt Bike

Let me ask you a question, do you ever buy anything without knowing its quality, price, quantity, warranty, etc.? Of course not, and if you do so means wasting your money in purchasing garbage. So, here I’ll tell you those facts about women’s dirt bikes.

Height & Weight

Select such bikes which height is enough for you. You can measure it as if you can touch the floor with your feet fingers, which means it’s good for you.

Never choose such bikes, in which you can touch the floor entirely or hang on its seat. With these bikes, you might be injured. 

The second point is its weight, and it’s true that once you start riding a bike, weight doesn’t matter. I know, but what if you fall and nobody is there.

Will you be able to pick it up or damage yourself? Even if a bike falls on you, it can break your bones if you are not that strong. So buy those bikes which you can handle bluffly. 

Dirt Bike Type

It is also a fact for purchasing a women’s dirt bike. There are two types of dirt bikes present in the market, two-stroke and four-stroke dirt bikes.

Two-stroke bikes are not comfortable for beginners as it gives higher speed, which can put you in trouble if you don’t have enough skills to tackle it. Whereas a four-stroke dirt bike is smoother, and the rate will be under your control.

A 4 stroke is suitable for a trail, but the two-stroke is specially made for racing. 

Experience Matters

It is the point you need to self analyse, whether a heavy or lightweight bike is good for you or can handle even high power bikes.

Yeah, if you have ridden on bikes earlier and can travel smoothly on every track or road. Then it’s not difficult to choose the women’s dirt bike, but if this one is your first time, buy a dirt bike of minimum range. 

Riding Path

 It is a fundamental fact. If you ride your bike on the road, select the one legal for the road.

But, if this would be for off-road, you can buy any bike. Please inquire about your location; is it muddy or cemented or near the high streets. Many facts related to riding-path and protecting your dirt bike from quick damages prefer rough bikes. 

High Range or Budget Friendly

Now, the last one is what budget you have. If this ride would be your first ride, I suggest giving priority to the second-hand bikes. With this, you can improve your riding skills and then think of a new one.

But, if you have already begun riding many times, pick a new women’s dirt bike. 

Best Beginner bikes for Women in 2022

Finally, we are here to see the list of best women’s dirt bikes. I’ll explain their features and specifications in addition to clear your mission bike purchase. 

Kawasaki KLX 110This bike is a compact one for kids, but as a beginner, you can ride it to improve your skill for the next level. It is lighter in weight and also has an automatic clutch system.

Seat height is too small for the short height girls can handle it without any injury. Speed is of 4 gears and has a 112 cc engine that controls your speed and safe from accidents. I have mentioned its specifications and features below. 


  • Weight- 76 Kg
  • Length- 1560 mm
  • Height- 955 mm
  • Width- 650 mm
  • Seat Height- 680 mm
  • Ground Clearance- 215 mm
  • Tank Capacity- 3.8 liter 
  • Type of Fuel- Petrol 
  • System of Fuel- Carburetor
  • Gears Number- 4 Speed 
  • Engine- 112 cc air-cooled 4-stroke single cylinder
  • Cost- ₹ 2,99,893


  • You will get an electric start rather than a kickstart that saves your time and energy.
  • An extremely lightweight bike that gives you confidence for beginners.
  • Sufficient engine displacement with four strokes at this cost range. 
  1. Honda CRF125F Big Wheel

This Honda is a perfect example of a balance between size and power and is suitable for racing. Big wheels mean it will increase seat height just by 2 inches that is good for the taller women. If you reside in a hilly area, this bike has an air-cooled engine that works well in cold weather.

Far from kickstart, it has an electric start to make it easy for the females. You will better understand its specifications and features.


  • Weight- 90 Kg
  • Length- 1857 mm
  • Height- 1069 mm
  • Width- 780 mm
  • Seat Height- 785 mm
  • Ground Clearance- 262 mm
  • Tank Capacity- 3.78 liter 
  • Type of Fuel- Petrol 
  • System of Fuel- Fuel Injection
  • Gears Number- 4 Speed 
  • Engine- 124.9 cc air-cooled single cylinder 4-stroke 
  • Cost- ₹ 2,55,427


  • It also has an electric start that is good for women.
  • Seat height is low so that short height girls can have fun with this bike too.
  • It comes with a front disc brake for better-stopping power. 
  1. Yamaha WR250R

A different feature about this bike is that it’s legal for both off-road and on-road both. A high capacity fuel tank can help you to cover a long distance without any interruption.

You can ride it on trails and also on short highways. It has an engine with a single cylinder and needs premium fuels. Weight is good as it’s not so heavy or light; tall girls can tackle it. Also, you will get more gears speed; it’s 6, which’s a little bit higher than others. Check out its specifications and features. 


  • Weight- 134 Kg
  • Length- 2174 mm
  • Height- 1229 mm
  • Width- 810 mm
  • Seat Height- 930 mm
  • Ground Clearance- 300 mm
  • Tank Capacity- 7.57 liter
  • Type of Fuel- Premium Petrol 
  • System of Fuel- Fuel Injection
  • Gears Number- 6 Speed 
  • Engine- 250cc Single Cylinder
  • Cost- ₹ 4,89,027


  • This bike is designed as such to ride on rough roads to trails easily.
  • Whenever it needs fuel, fill it with premium petrol others can generate smoke from the exhaust area.
  • A 250 cc engine with six gears speed provides a better experience to the riders.
  1. KTM 125 SX

These KTM bikes are lightweight and give the confidence to ride such stylish look bikes. If you see it without depending, you May find it as heavy as you can’t imagine. But, in reality, it’s lighter than the many other bikes. As this bike is a 2-stroke dirt bike, be aware of it if you can curb it or not. It has better speed with six gears and suitable for every path. It would be best if you filled its tank with Petrol-Oil mix in a perfect ratio as given in the manual guide. You will have a better idea of its specifications and features. 


  • Weight- 94.5 Kg
  • Length- 1993 mm
  • Height- 1083 mm
  • Width- 789 mm
  • Seat Height- 950 mm
  • Ground Clearance- 375 mm
  • Tank Capacity- 7.5 liter
  • Type of Fuel- Petrol-Oil Mix
  • System of Fuel- Carburettor, Mikuni TMX
  • Gears Number- 6 Speed
  • Engine- 125 cc, 2-stroke, 1 cylinder 
  • Cost- ₹ 5,40,127 


  • A special kind of suspension WP XAct is included in this bike.
  • It sounds bitter; there are no electric starts, only kickstart.
  • Manual transmission of 6 gears speed is available. 
  1. Suzuki RM-Z250

I need to tell you first that this bike isn’t legal for road riding and also this is going to launch recently in India. A 249cc single-cylinder water-cooled engine dirt bike and weight is nearly 106 kg.

It has no headlight, no horn and no indicator as you can run it only off-road. To get more details, see below its specifications and features.


  • Weight- 106 Kg
  • Length- 2170 mm
  • Height- 1270 mm
  • Width- 830 mm
  • Seat Height- 955 mm
  • Ground Clearance- 345 mm
  • Tank Capacity- 6.5 liter
  • Type of Fuel- Petrol 
  • System of Fuel- Fuel Injection 
  • Gears Number- 5 Speed 
  • Engine- 249cc, Single Cylinder, Liquid Cooled
  • Cost- ₹7,09,907


  • A compact motocross gives mid-range power and torque to enjoy the ride.
  • It has evolved traction management. 
  • A powerful engine to boost the speed. 


The information mentioned earlier is the latest, and all words have been written after searching for the fundamental factors. If you benefited from today’s article, ” Best Women’s Dirt Bike In 2022″, please comment in the below box that helped you.

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