Best dirt bikes For 8 Years old Kids in 2023

Are you going to invest in a dirt bike for 8-year-old kids? You need to have a few ideas before purchasing the bikes.

Select such dirt bikes which can be easily stopped whenever your kid wants, along with this property analyse your baby’s strength, height, weight and skill level. 

If you and your child love racing, you can start with a motocross dirt bike.

And if your kid is not confident enough, buy a trail bike for them to boost their esteem. We will see the criteria to choose a dirt bike for 8 years old kids. 

Do They Are Too Young To Have A Dirt Bike?

In view, ages are not an issue in buying a dirt bike. Anyone can ride a dirt bike in their young, adult or old age.

Here, we are talking about a dirt bike for 8 years old kids, this is the age every person learns a lot.

Scientifically proved that a child can learn faster than an adult. When a child starts riding from the youngest age, he/she will be a master in the field at the age of 18 or 20.

So, if this question arises in your mind that they are too young, just pause it there and help your kid for an overall growth. 

Parameters For Choosing A Dirt Bike For  8 Years Old Kids:- 

When buying vegetables, the first thing you notice is the freshness, then the amount you want, and finally the price.

Am I right?

Following the same manner, check what kind of dirt bike your kid wants and does it fulfil all required parameters or not.

You can read out the below mentioned points which will be beneficial to you for getting an idea about the dirt bikes for kids. 

1. Height

Choosing a dirt bike for 8 years old kids must be according to their height.

Generally 16 to 28 inches seat height is enough for kids of 8 years old.

Never buy such bikes with which your kid is unable to touch the ground with their foot. 

2. Weight

Yes, suppose you are not around them and accidentally they fall down along with the bikes.

In that case they should be able to pick up the bike alone. So, what’s their weight matters in purchasing a lighter or heavy bike. 

3. Training Wheels

It is recommended to go for that bike which will be helpful in improving the riding skills.

Those bikes have such wheels which run smoothly and restrict them to travel through the rough roads. 

4. Comfortable For Kids

The above three points are good to select a bike which is comfortable for them. Electric starts that save their energy in kicking the starter.

Another thing is hand control brakes to stop the bike immediately and many more features to motivate your kid enough. 

5. Cost Friendly

Dirt bike for a kid and same for an adult concerns a lot.

For a kid it was just for fun whereas for an adult dirt bike means reducing so much stress of work.

Invest on those bikes which have necessary features and also cost friendly.

And make sure you can resale those bikes when your kid will be bored with those models. 

These five important points are really helpful to you in buying a dirt bike.

Choose wisely, it’s your money, your child, but we all belong to the same planet, ‘ Earth’.

Moving to the next section dealing with the best dirt bike for 8 years old kids. 

A List Of Dirt Bike For 8 Years Old Kids:

What are the features, specifications, pros, and cons that need to be known while looking for a dirt bike.

You shouldn’t worry about finding the properties of a bike, here is the best place to gather the whole information.

1. Xtreme Power US Mini Pocket dirt bike

A special kind of dirt bike for kids is also famous as a mini dirt bike. It comes with a 4-stroke engine to give your kid a real dirt bike feel.

This bike is made up of steel frames to protect from any damages. Xtreme dirt bikes are fuel efficient and eco friendly, it consumes less petrol and can cover a long distance. 


  • A 4 stroke dirt bike for kids to provide them a safe and excited ride. 
  • This mini bike does not harm the environment as registered by the Environmental Protection Agency. 
  • It can handle more weight compared to the others. 
  • Height can’t be adjusted as it is angel adjustable. 


  • Engine- 40cc 4-Stroke 
  • Engine Start System-  Pull Start 
  • Tank Capacity- 1.2 liters 
  • Brakes Type- Single disc front and rear 
  • Weight- 28 Kg
  • Bike Size- 39.4 × 17.7 × 21.7 (all are in inches)
  • Protection Frame- Steel 
  • Mileage- 26 miles per hour 
  • Available Seat- Single Rider Padded Seat

Note:- To maintain XtremePowerUS Mini Pocket Dirt Bike, you should have technical knowledge. 

2. Burromax White TT250 Electric dirt bike Dirt Bike

Each and every part of this bike is created with the best quality parts. Even a 6 feet long guy can ride it by adjusting the seat height using handlebars.

A powerful battery system which lasts longer and keeps your kid to have fun. Its 250W motor with a 24V SLA battery power works as a speed booster. 


  • This mini bike is 100% electric with full suspension.
  • Excellent, comfortable and easy to start at two different speeds.
  • Chain drive lasts longer. 
  • Strongest take off power and its design exactly the same as adult motorbikes. 


  • Engine- 250W 24V DC high torque BDC motor 
  • Engine Start System- Electric Start 
  • Tank Capacity- N/A (Battery Powered)
  • Brakes Type- Rear Disc Brake
  •  Weight- 24.8 Kg 
  • Bike Size- 43.3×11×24.8 (All are in inches)
  • Protection Frame- Welded Tube Steel 
  • Mileage- 14 miles per hour 
  • Available Seat- Single Seat 

Note:- If you are planning to buy this one, keep your eyes on as this dirt bike usually manufacturers in less amount. 

3. Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

This bike is made for those kids who have a little bit of experience riding a dirt bike. It is high performance, electric powered with an authentic bike frame.

Tires attached with this bike are large pneumatic knobs to help in transmission of more power. Let your kids feel the air outside the campus near the roads (off-road). 


  • Rear brake is hand operated that makes your kid safe. 
  • Powerful electric motors hit more speed to cover long distances. 
  • Seats can be adjusted by hands easily. 
  • Battery life is a little bit shorter. 


  • Engine- 250 W single speed 
  • Engine Start System- Electric Start 
  • Tank Capacity- N/A (Battery based bike, 24V lithium Ion)
  • Brakes Type- Hand Operated
  • Weight- 25 Kg 
  • Bike Size- 24.5×31×44 (All are in Inches) 
  • Protection Frame- Coated Steel 
  • Mileage- 12 miles per hour 
  • Available Seat- Double Seat Available

Note:- You need to carry a battery charger as it can run maximum 30 mins. 

4. Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 McGrath Electric Motocross Bike

The best part of this bike is the double disk brake including dual suspension which makes this bike amazing. Tires are large to transfer maximum power and have a smooth ride even in hilly areas. You can ride it at different speeds and go up to 15 MPH for 40 mins continuously.

Razor Dirt Rocket Bike’s body is made up of steel frame including shatter-resistant plastic. All over this could be a good option for 8 years old kids. 


  • Your kid can enjoy variable speed. 
  • This bike can carry riders at 15 miles per hour for 40 mins continuously. 
  • Dual disk brakes are hand operated and have a double suspension facility to stop the bike at the exact moment. 
  • It comes with three rechargeable batteries. 


  • Engine- High-torque chain driven 
  • Engine Start System- Electric Start 
  • Tank Capacity- N/A (three battery of 12V each) 
  • Brakes Type- hand double disk brakes 
  • Weight- 51.26 Kg 
  • Bike Size- 46.26×26.26×13.5 (All are in inches) 
  • Protection Frame- Steel with shatter-resistant plastic 
  • Mileage- 15 miles per hour 
  • Available Seat- Single Seater 

Note:- This Bike is suitable for the taller kids, just keep it in mind. 

5. Tao Tao Dirt Bike DB14

DB14 is far-far better than all bikes available for 8 years old kids. People know this bike as a non-complicated but modest one.

Its 4-stroke engine is easy to maintain and also easy to start. Perhaps, Tao Tao is a little bit harder for the beginner because of its front and rear disc brakes operated by hand and foot respectively.

Also, this could be heavy for short height and lightweight kids, don’t buy it for them. Rather a good option for those whose weight is capable enough to handle such bikes. 


  • It has a 110cc motor to provide a better control.
  • This bike gives 37 MPH which is the highest speed for a kid’s bike.
  • It also has disk brakes for the front & rear for good control to stop immediately. 
  • You can start Tao Tao at minimum temperature as well. 


  • Engine- 110cc 4- Stroke with Single Cylinder 
  • Engine Start System- Kick Start 
  • Tank Capacity- 3.75 liter 
  • Brakes Type- Front Disc Hand braker & Rear Disc Foot Braker 
  • Weight- 56.6 Kg 
  • Bike Size- 63×28×41 (All are in inches) 
  • Protection Frame- Aluminum Graphics 
  • Mileage- 37 miles per hour 
  • Available Seat- Single Seater 

Note:- This bike is heavier, so choose wisely according to your kid’s weight. 

Bottom Line

I did my best from out of my boundaries, if anything is left there, then you can comment us in the box below. I think you have found the dirt bike for 8 years old kids from this article.

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