What Are The Best dirt bikes For 9 Years Old Kids

Many people has a dream to ride on a dirt bike. Whether it’s a kid or adult. You may have a lot of ideas or details about dirt bikes for the adults. Bu do you know which are the best dirt bikes for 9 years old kids? It is very common to select the best one for adult people but what about the little one, a kid who has a desire to ride his own bike.

Here you will get a list of dirt bikes for 9 years old kids and a complete guide on how to select the dirt bike for your children. If you don’t know which one is best and spent a lot of money buying a dirt bike for your kid. It happens, a great number of options are available in the market and you don’t have an idea which one is good for your kid.

You can choose either trail dirt bike or Motocross dirt bike, a salient difference between them. You May also be surprised about their cost, if it’s about trail bikes, it charges you minimal whereas race bikes charge you high as it’s more demandable in the market.  

What Kind Of Dirt Bike is Suitable For Kids?

Whenever you choose a dirt bike for your kid, don’t go for the cheapest one. Your children’s safety is more important than the money for a bike.

I’ll discuss with you what kind of dirt bikes for 9 years old is good and what safety measures you should notice while buying the new dirt bike. One thing to keep in mind, always buy a bike with medium to high range, but never select the lowest one. How they were built, throttle control quality, brakes issues, size of the whole bike system including tires.

Check its reliability, as your child is not so aware about handling bikes. Tire sizes matter a lot, smaller the size means best for the younger rider. As dirt bikes come with a special device for kids bikes, which resist the overspeed  or overpower that could lead to an accident.

Before final purchasing, assure that the bike is eligible for resale. Day by day your kid changes the bike model and investing great will be gone wrong if it wouldn’t be resale. 

Trail dirt bikes For 9 Years Old Kid:-

Such dirt bikes are good for the young beginners. These bikes are of good height so that they could stop it safely. Also, this bike usually comes with an air cooled 4-stroke motor.

Although this bike is heavier than the motocross, everyone  recommends it to start with this bike. If your kid can ride it easily, that means he will be able to ride any bike. Also, these bikes have either kick starts or electric start. 

Motocross Racing Dirt Bikes For 9 Years Old Kid:-

Racing dirt bike is closer to the dirt bike that adults use for racing. It is designed with a complete automatic setup. Even a 3 years old kid can start with this small electric motocross dirt bike.

Your children can jump higher, speed faster and even stop it at faster mode. Generally these bikes come with 2 strokes that means you need to fill it with the mixture of gas and 2 stroke oil and add fuel later. But, buy it for your kids only when they are mentally prepared. 

List Of dirt bikes For 9 Years Old Kid

You should be careful and selective if this comes to your kid. Which bike is good or which one is safest or what bike your kid wants. Or buy such bikes which can enhance the skills of your kid in riding the dirt bike. So, have a look around the given below list of dirt bikes for 9 years old kids. 

1. Mototec 24V Kids Electric Dirt Bike

This bike comes with the lastest 50cc dirt bike engine. For a kid this one is easier to start than the earlier one. You can’t get such a special bike in this range which provides chromoly steel frame, top-grade wheel bearings, higher grips, great quality suspension and many more.

All over this bike is specially designed for the kids for their advanced growth. 


For your kids, features to be cleared as they are going to ride for the first time.

  • It has a padded seat for comfortable riding.
  • Best mudguards to protect the bikes.
  • Handlebars are designed to adjust angles easily. 
  • Front and rear disc brakes to stop the bike immediately.
  • Weight is neither heavy nor light, good for a kid.
  • High speed locker, to control the overspeed. 


What you look for choosing dirt bikes for 9 years old, you must know about its specifications.

  • Its range is about 10+ miles.
  • Motor quality is 50cc, 2-stroke, air-cooled, bore X Stroke and output is 2.4 hp at 7,000 rpm.
  • This provides pull start.
  • It comes with a tensile steel frame and has a 190.5 mm rear mono shock absorber. 
  • It has auto clutch transmission.
  • You should use 2 stroke oils and fuel type is unleaded.
  • Fuel tank capacity is 1.6 litre and gas mix ratio is 25:1.
  • Its dimension is; length- 49″, 36″ wheelbase, width- 23″, Height- 31″, 23″ at seat and ground clearance is 9″. 
  • Its weight is 49 lbs and can carry about 135 lbs. Tire size is 2.50 to 10 with aluminum alloy wheels. 

In addition you will get 60 days manufacturer’s warranty and free unlimited tech support. 


You can’t imagine how much it charges, just $640 at many sites. But, can be saliently high at the offline market. In comparison to others bikes, this is too much affordable. 

2. Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike 

This bike is a battery-powered electric motocross for off-road racing. It also won too many toy awards in the sports world. Your kid can ride it with efficient power and no harm while riding.

Having twist grip throttle, knobby tires, hand operated back brakes, and chain- driven motor top notch. If you are looking for just fun, this would be a good deal. 


This is the necessary part while buying dirt bikes for 9 years old, have a look about its features.

  • Its power can be increased with high-torque, rear-wheel chain-drive. 
  • A long distance can be travelled with a high speed of 22 km/h without any interruption up to 30 mins.
  • Rechargeable sealed lead-acid battery system of 24 V. 
  • It can carry the weight up to 64 kg and even 13+ kids can ride it easily. 
  • It has adjustable angle facilities.
  • Spoked wheels and knobby tires to run smoother at any surface or road. 


Let’s see this bike in detail, how much speed it can be generated and for whom it’s more suitable. 

  • No bike can give this much continuous riding at a high speed maximum of 30 minutes.
  • It has twisted throttle grip and uses a motor of high torque with chain-drive.
  • Two batteries are included of 24 V (each of 12V).
  • It provides a speed of 22 km/h (14 mph).
  • Its weight is 25 kg and can lift up to 64 kg. 
  • Dimensions are; length- 24.5″, width- 31″ and height – 44″.
  • Handlebars are adjustable and the rear brake is also hand operated. 
  • To get a full battery, it takes 12 hours. 
  • An additional thing about this bike is that it has a kickstand. With this you can park your bike anywhere. 
  • It comes with a heavy metal frame to have a great experience.

A 90 days warranty is available for any malfunctioning in the dirt bike and technical teams will support you always. 


It comes in two variants, one is blue razor and the other is red razor. Blue razor dirt bikes are available at $212.33 and red razor dirt bikes are at $369.99 on Amazon. It might be different in the offline market. 

3. Kuberg Cross Electric Motocross Bike

This bike is specially for the kid’s fun with funky looks. The safest, durable and speed options bike amongst the others top dirt bikes for kids. If you want your kid to ride it for extreme terrain, then go for it.

As this bike edition is not so old, just in the year of 2020. A good option for 9 years old kids with excellent motor power. For more details, see the below its features & specifications as well. 


The Kuberg has all the necessary features which a dirt bike for kids required. It also has some additional features that May not be found in normal dirt bikes. Let’s know what are the features for this top listed bike. 

  • You can enhance your bike’s performance by using Kuberg’s mobile app. You can use your mobile as a display and controller. 
  • This bike uses a standard 9 Ah battery which can live up to 2 hours at moderate. 
  • It is covered with a  steel tube frame coated with a solid powder. 
  • It provides speed selection options that are more reliable. 
  • It also has safety kill switch works during bad timing.
  • Lightweight bike but can carry more weight. 


If you want to know about Kuberg deeply, take a look at its specifications from brand to warranty. 

  • It comes with a motor of 36V air-cooled brush less.
  • A high motor power of 3000 W runs longer. 
  • Whole control is in your mobile,  connect your phone and then control it by its display.
  • You can ride this bike at high speed for up to 2 hours.
  • Top speed is about 17 mph which is enough for kids.
  • For safety, it has a button operated system and automatic kill switch.
  • If we talk about its suspension, that is 50mm travel spinner grind air LC forksDNM AO- 42AR rear shock.
  • Handlebars height:32.5″, seat height: 20.5″ and wheelbase: 37″. 
  • Front brake is of V type whereas rear brake is band type.
  • Its weight is 33kg and can carry up to 100 kg that is marvellous.
  • It provides a retractable kickstart.

This brand provides you a 30 days manufacturer’s warranty, but it can be upgraded by registering at an official site up to 3 months. 


It’s a little bit higher as compared to the others, but if you are looking for a long time bike, this would be the best option. Prices lie between $2,000 to $ 2,300. Also, depends on offers or any festive seasons. 

4. Coolster 70cc Mini Pro Pit Dirt Bike

Why I put it here, as its parts are easily available at the market and come in a complete assembly. It is best for the age group of 7 to 13 for a growing age.

If you are finding the first dirt bike for your kid, this is good for a beginner as it is lightweight and has no chance of injury during riding. The size of this dirt bike is perfect.

It’s not too high nor too small. Why not to see more details in brief. 


  • Front and rear drum brakes are helpful for kids when they want to stop it.
  • No clutch is available but 4 gears shifting is there which doesn’t distract your kid. 
  • Its seat height is too comfortable for kids.
  • Adjustable rear shock to have a stable and safe ride.
  • It’s designed to protect your feet against the tires.
  • Non- slippery surface for its stability and control.


  • It has an engine type of 70cc single cylinder, a 4-stroke & air-cooled.
  • Its power is about 5.44 HP/ 8500 rpm.
  • Starting system is kickstart with foot brake.
  • It comes with a battery of 12V and 9Ah.
  • Maximum speed is up to 30 mph.
  • Fuel capacity is 1 gallon & oil type is 4-stroke oil.
  • Dimensions are; Height: 32.5″, Width: 24.8″ and Length: 52.8″ .
  • Wheelbase is 36.4″, Ground clearance is 7.5″ and height to seat is 24.5″. 
  • Weight of this bike is 88 lbs and can load up to 130 lbs. 
  • Known for its suspension is CRF50 Replica forks with thicker legs and stiffer springs 8.5″ rear shock.
  • Final drive is 420 chain with 40T Front 37T rear sprocket. 

It provides a 30 days warranty for repairing, but in my view this bike can be repaired by yourself. 


Prices of Coolster dirt bikes vary from place to place. If you are in the U.S. or any other dollar currency country, then it will charge $640 for black one and $636 for the blue one. You can check its latest cost at online shopping centres. 

5. KTM 65 SX Dirt Bike

Till now KTM is the only company which produces the best racing bikes for kids to adults. A stylish look is its identity and higher speed leave a mark for bike lovers. As you are searching for motorbikes for 9 years old, this one is recommended as one of them.

But, one thing you should know that your kid has enough experience, then only this KTM can be handled by him. You will have more information about the KTM 65 SX dirt bike below. 


Now, the bell has rung for its features, you will have more idea about this dirt bike with its inner information. 

  • It has front and rear disc brakes with which the rider can control when it’s gone out of the track. 
  • It provides kick starts, although this sounds awful. But, your kid can ride it without thinking about a dead battery. 
  • KTM is covered with chromoly steel which makes it more stable and strong. 
  • It comes with the latest WP Xact front forks with revolutionary AER technology.
  • Tank capacity is too good and without battery can ride it for a durable time. 
  • It has ultra cool graphics and power delivery that is fabulous.


I don’t think how much specification key can be seen about the KTM. Without taking your time, we are going to talk about its specifications. 

  • It runs on a cylinder and 2-stroke engine.
  • Weight is about 53 kg at dry and can lift about 160 pounds.
  • Clutch consists of multi-disc including formula hydraulics.
  • For suspension, the front one is XACT 35 WP Upside-down fork and the rear one is XACT WP Mono Shock.
  • Fuel tank capacity is 3.51 liters that runs for a long time.
  • Dimensions are; ground clearance: 280mm, and seat height: 750mm.
  • Double disc brake facility of 198 mm and 160 mm.
  • Frame design is 25CrMo4 steel central-tube frame. 
  • Chain control size is ½ * ¼* 
  • Transmission is of 6-speed, select as per your mood. 
  • It has AET digital ignition works on your fingertips. 

It provides warranty periods of 30 days, but can be extended at KTM official site. It also promises for the lifetime service of KTM 65 SX dirt bikes. 


This bike is a little bit expensive, about $ 5,000. Don’t go for the prices, this KTM is a challenge for kids who are growing day by day. And you can resale it too, as your kids grow up, they will change it. In that case resale the last one and buy a new dirt bike as their choice.

Note:- Follow the instructions while buying dirt bikes for 9 years old. See the specifications, features, cost, reliability and additional quality too for the better experience for you kids. 


Kids should have proper sized dirt bike to avoid any kind of imbalance. So here we have brought the list of the best dirt bikes for 9 years old kids. From this list you can easily choosethe best suitable one for you.

We will meet you again with a new topic about dirt bikes. Also, to get updates subscribe to our newsletter and don’t forget to share with your friends & dirt bike lovers.