What are the Best Performance Spark Plug Wires For Dirt Bikes

To ensure your dirt bike is working well, you need to maintain it as a family member as a human being needs food, cloth, and other necessary things.

Your dirt bike also requires fuel, gas, spark plugs, etc. And it’s your responsibility to keep adding the essential parts of it. Why go for the cheapest one, which may disservice your bike and can waste more money.

To help you out with the best performance spark plug wires, we will describe them briefly later. Before reaching that end, let’s know what spark plug is and its type as well. 

What is a spark plug?

Spark plug wires are the fundamental part of a bike’s ignition system. When voltage is applied to spark plugs from the base to the grounded electrode, which creates a spark, and this spark of fire helps the air-fuel mixture to explode that starts the bike. 

Spark plug consists of different parts, such as top insulator piece, hexagonal piece, terminal nut, corrugated ceramic section, insulator nose, gasket, threaded element, metal shell, center, and the ground electrode. 

How does a spark plug work?

Let’s see its functions in short;

When electrical energy passes to the spark plug, it crosses the gap in the spark plugs only if the applied voltage is enough to jump—further, this energy transfers into the gasoline mixture present in the combustion chamber.

Where small fireballs will generate and increase the temperature to start the bike. When it reaches its intended level, the dirt bike will start. 

Types of Spark Plug Wires:

Although the work of spark plug wires is the same, all plug wires are not the same. It is made up of different materials and has different qualities. To know what the types are and how these plugs vary from each other. 

Copper Plug Wires 

As we know, silver is the best conductor of electricity, but we prefer copper. Why? Copper is affordable and the second topmost material.

In the same way, for spark plugs, copper cores are the most liked ones. This kind of spark plugs is the oldest one, but it’s not that much efficient in this era. If you have an old dirt bike, this one is smooth and runs well with copper plug wires. 

Platinum Plug Wires

It is ahead of copper wires. It increases performance and helps in enhancing fuel efficiency. It costs higher than the copper wires, but it can operate at a lower temperature than the previous one. Even these plug wires live longer, in fact, twice the copper wires.

The new model bikes are run on it, where coppers fail. It comes in two versions, single plated and the second one is double plated. Both are the same.

The only difference is double plating has more efficiency and is powerful. 

Iridium Plug Wires- 

What is the best gold or diamond? Of course, a diamond has its beauty or identity. If you compare amongst the plug wires, then these iridium plug wires are the best.

Iridium plug wires charge higher than both platinum and copper ones. But, it values money, better performance, reliability, and longevity.

It is made up of advanced technology and spanking for the top performance engine. If you love to ride at high speed, then you must buy these plug wires. 

What Matters While Purchasing the New Spark Plug Wires:-

As you are looking for the best performance spark plug wires. So, what makes a plug wire best, and what you require to check about it.

  • The size of the plug wires matters a lot, and a single millimeter can waste your money.
  • Types of wires, if your bike is old, copper wires can work. But for the new models, use either platinum or Iridium. 
  •  If your bike needs a hotter plug, 

What are the benefits of using the best performance spark plug wires?

Why choose the best performance spark plug wires when you can use any cables. Have patience; I’m going to deal with the same. 

  • Enhance Efficiency of Fuel: When your dirt bike has good performance plug wires, it will help run the bike smoothly. Also, electrodes needless burden to start the engine, and therefore plug wires enhance the efficiency automatically.
  • Resist the Damages: Old wires can cause sudden fires or can damage the engine. And if you still use those wires, your dirt bike will die. The bike won’t respond to more acceleration, and it keeps running in the low mode. With new and branded plug wires, these will short out the whole issue. 
  • Positive Performance: For the new model bikes, use iridium plug wires. These wires take less input and deliver more output. It helps increase horsepower, improves the combustion system, and requiring less effort. Whenever spark plugs get voltage, it reduces the bike’s fuel efficiency. 

More benefits include reduced exhaust emission, making your bike idle, and removing the combustion process issues. 

Best Performance Spark Plug Wires For Dirt Bikes:-

If you are an old rider, you must be aware of spark plug wires. Which brand is top listed and which provides terrible performance. I’ll help you to know as per your bike’s requirement. 

NGK 3403 G-Power Platinum Alloy Spark Plug

NGK 3403 offers the best performance and enhances fuel efficiency. It also reduces the emission and is helpful in a quick start to your bike.

Its platinum tip takes low voltage with durable life under any condition. NGK 3403 also has anti-corrosion properties, with which you need to use siege spray while installing it in your bike. You can have its features & specification to know it in brief.


  • It produces more flames with the help of trapezoid-shaped ground electrodes.
  • A suitable property is its corrosion and seizing free. 
  • It requires less voltage but acts as a quick starter. 


  • Electrode Material: Core- Platinum, Tip- Platinum 
  • Centre Electrode Material: Core- Copper, Tip- Platinum
  • Ground Electrode Material: Core- Nickel
  • Heat Range- 5
  • Gap: 0.06 inch, Hex- ⅝ inches, reach- 17.5 mm, thread diameter- 14 mm, wrench diameter- ⅝ inches
  • Resistor Value- 5K Ohm
  • Plug Type- Single Platinum

It costs approximately $3; you can check its latest price through online shopping sites. 

NGK 7090 BKR5EGP G-Power Spark Plug

This Plug wire is made up of 98% of pure copper with a single platinum tip as we have discussed that platinum is more effective than copper one.

Its trapezoidal shape reduces the suppression and improves the performance. As NGK 7090 has a coating of alumina-silica ceramic that works as the best insulator.

These plug wires are longer-lasting and can produce a spark at low temperatures. We are going to see its additional features and specifications. 


  • Its unique designed insulator nose is good to improve throttle response and prevent flashover.
  • As the same as NGK 3403, this one also works efficiently and shows positive results in starting the bike.
  • Its triple gasket restricts the leakage of combustion gas and seals it properly. 


  • Electrode material: Core- Platinum, Tip- Platinum
  • Centre Electrode Material: Core- Copper, Tip- Platinum 
  • Ground Electrode Material: Core- Nickel  
  • Heat Range- 5
  • Gap: 0.039 inches, Hex- ⅝ inches , Reach- 19 mm , Thread Diameter- 14 mm , Wrench Diameter- ⅝ inches
  • Resistor Value- 5K Ohm
  • Plug Type- Single Platinum 

The cost of NGK 7090 is $4.39, which can vary from place to place. But the above price is on Amazon. 

Autolite APP5325-4PK Double Platinum Spark Plug

This spark plug fulfills the demand for the latest bikes. You need to clean it occasionally and even run longer than many others. Once you install Autolite APP5325 on your bike, you can ride for 100,000 miles, and it comes with a five years guarantee of life.

What makes it different is that it uses a double-platinum cover to increase the startup and lasts longer. It also resists heat with better resistance capacity.

The center electrode is necked down to clear the path for easier fire. You want to know more, see the features and specifications given below.


  • Double platinum optimizes the engine in an exemplary manner and helps maintain fuel economy.
  • Its necked-down center electrode produces fires fast and starts the engine quickly.
  • These double platinum to platinum coverage virtually remove the gap erosion.


  • Electrode material: Core- Platinum , Tip- Platinum 
  • Centre Electrode Material: Core- Platinum, Tip- Platinum 
  • Ground Electrode Material: Core- Nickel 
  • Heat Range- 3
  • Gap: 0.044 inches, Hex- 16 mm, Reach- 19 mm , Thread Diameter- 14 mm , Wrench Diameter- ⅝ inches 
  • Resistor Value- 4K Ohm
  • Plug Type- Double Platinum

Now know how much Autolite costs, as per Amazon, lie between $4 to $5. You can even buy them in a pack of 4 or 6 pieces. 

Denso 4504 PK20TT Platinum Spark Plugs

If you want a plug wire with all-in-one quality at an affordable price, you can purchase the Denso 4504 for a long duration and pocket-friendly.

Its disc and electrode tips are both made up of platinum to release quick spark. With this quick spark, combustion of the air-fuel mixture will increase too.

What makes it unique is, it uses purified alumina powder as an insulator to enlarge the thermal conductivity. We can learn more related to this Denso 4504 in an elaborated way. 


  • Compared to other single platinum spark wires, this plug wire delivers better acceleration and faster starts.
  • Insulators give high dielectric strength and help it to stand even at the most increased stress. 
  • Denso uses platinum material in center and ground electrodes as well to maximize longevity. 


  • Electrode material: Core- Platinum, Tip- Platinum 
  • Centre Electrode Material: Core- Copper, Tip- Platinum  
  • Ground Electrode Material: Core- Titanium 
  • Heat Range- 20
  • Gap: 0.039 inches, Hex- 16 mm, Reach- 19 mm , Thread Diameter- 14 mm , Wrench Diameter- ⅝ inches 
  • Resistor Value- 5K Ohm
  • Plug Type- Single Platinum 

Platinum works more efficiently than the copper plug wires but comes with an affordable price, just $4.22. You can buy it from Amazon, where it’s available recently. 

Denso (3297) SK20R11 Iridium Spark Plug

This spark plug is designed as such to improve the performance of the engine. And this is made up of Iridium which is the topmost material to elongate the life of motors. You need to invest once, and this plug wire goes for a longer time, a minimum of five years. Its design is also helpful in installing it into the bikes. It’s not only my own words; you will realize the same when you start using these spark plug wires. Further, see its more features and specializations below.


  • Iridium Denso gives the best performance under any condition.
  • If you use these plug wires, you will notice less fuel consumption, including less noise. 
  • It also needs low voltage but doesn’t compromise with high ignitability. 


  • Electrode material: Core- Iridium, Tip- Iridium
  • Centre Electrode Material: Core- Copper, Tip- Iridium 
  • Ground Electrode Material: Core- Platinum
  • Heat Range- 2
  • Gap: 0.039 inches, Hex- 16 mm, Reach- 19 mm , Thread Diameter- 14 mm , Wrench Diameter- ⅝ inches 
  • Resistor Value- 5K Ohm
  • Plug Type- Single Iridium 

As this brand provides a lot, and according to that, it charges high too. You will get these spark plug wires at $8.50 on Amazon. 

Bosch AutoMotive 9614 Double Iridium OE Replacement

Its ground electrode is covered with lasers and built with ultra-fine wires. It also follows the Iridium material quality as long life and high performance. Its electrode helps to go for a long distance. A 360-degree laser welding increases the durability, and its copper core supplies more heat range to stop the pre-ignition. We are describing the full features below. Let’s have a look.


  • Its double Iridium provides quaternary times longer life than the copper and the platinum ones.
  • OE smooth designed wires need 24% less voltage to start the bike.
  • Nickel-plated threads and gaps allow users to install them easily.


  • Electrode material: Core- Iridium, Tip- Iridium 
  • Centre Electrode Material: Core- Nickel-Yttrium and Copper plus Iridium, Tip- Iridium 
  • Ground Electrode Material: Core- Iridium 
  • Heat Range- 5
  • Gap: 1 mm, Hex- 16 mm , Reach- 26.5 mm , Thread Diameter- 12 mm , Wrench Diameter- N/A
  • Resistor Value- 6K Ohm
  • Plug Type- Double Iridium 

It charges around $7 at the Bosch site, but on Amazon, it is available at $11. 

Bottom Line

Today, I have dealt with the best performance spark plug wires for a dirt bike. So, did you find your best spark plug, or still thinking about which one will be suitable? You can leave your query in the comment box; we will reply with our best to help you purchase the new spark plug. 

If you find it useful, then please share this article with your friends and bike buddies. To get more articles related to dirt bikes, you can subscribe to our newsletter. I hope we will see each other on a new topic.