Know The Steps How to Put a New Spark Plug Wire On a Dirt Bike?

Do you want to know the procedure how to put a new spark plug wire on a dirt bike? If I say, it is the most straightforward task that anyone can do. But, if you fear mishappening, then it is suggested that you do not try to fix it.

You can’t believe how much time it would take, just fifteen to twenty minutes, and what you need, proper tools that help put the wire on a dirt bike. 

You can have many reasons to replace or change the spark plug wires, but before changing it, check it appropriately so that you won’t bear any extra expenditure.

Whether you are riding a 2-stroke dirt bike or a 4-stroke, we will deal with causes and suggestions to avoid further damage.

If you love your dirt bike, then read this article till the end to know the steps to put a new spark plug wire. 

When your dirt bike needs new spark plug wires?

Here, I’ll tell you about the intervals you need to change spark plug wires.

We will see both 2-stroke & 4-stroke dirt bikes in detail when they need new plug wires. 

2-Stroke Dirt Bike: 

The oil blended into the fuel for 2-strokes frequently considers the sparkle attachment to foul out quicker than 4-strokes, contingent upon carb tuning.

Once more, check the proprietor’s manual; however, most 2-stroke riders tune their carbon the rich side, which rushes along with the fouling of the fitting.

On the off chance that you ride a 2-stroke Dirt Bike, consistently have at any rate one extra sparkle plug in your tool stash.

Simple admittance to the flash attachment on the chamber head leaves no reason not regularly to investigate the sparkle plug before riding. 

Rise influences sparkle plugs on 2-strokes more than 4-strokes likewise as a result of tuning.

You can’t flip a switch, in a manner of speaking, on a non-fuel infused 2-stroke when riding various rises; thus, numerous riders stay with what works or what worked last time.

Therefore, you ride a track at the front end of the week at that point, head to the high desert for trail riding the following end of the week without changing the carb for the height, expecting the sparkle attachment to foul quicker.

A fuel infused 2-stroke self-adjusts for the rise, which keeps the extension from fouling.

For 4-Stroke Dirt Bike: 

On a 4-stroke dirt bike, check the assistance stretch recorded in the proprietor’s manual.

If you don’t have the proprietor’s manual or don’t have any desire to try searching for it at that point, change the flash module to your 4-stroke dirt bike about once per year, on the off chance that you, for the most part, end of the week ride.

A motor reconstruct offers a decent and ideal opportunity to supplant the flash attachment, as well.

I guess you understand when to change spark plug wires. If you don’t notice it, you might have an accident. Now we are moving to the next point where we will see what number is of your dirt bike’s plug wires. 

Find The Spark Plug Number

Similarly, as you can’t get any 16 ounces of oil off the shelf to place in your dirt bike’s engine, you can’t get the top spark plug you see and go.

Not all spark plugs are very similar, and you don’t have to burn through cash on a more costly spark plug dependent on improving execution.

While picking a spark plug guarantees, it fits with the MMY of your dirt bike by talking with the proprietor’s manual. 

Also, notice a mathematical number in the kind or model of the spark plug that resembles “B8ES” or “BKR7EIX ” contingent upon the producer. That number is critical to the correct spark plug.

The higher the number, the more relaxed the fitting. You can get plugs as low as “5” or as high as “10.” If you run a lower number sparkle plug in the spring, you should trade it for a higher number of flash fitting throughout the late spring; else, you may destroy the motor.

The proprietor’s manual for your dirt Bike submits thoughts on the best spark plug number for the season and, surprisingly, geological area. 

Some other numbers or letters as a feature of the spark plugs model allude to the attachment’s length, string size and kind of anode.

Distinctive style anodes can make a cleaner spark bringing about total fuel consumption and different advantages.

Once you find your dirt bike’s plug wires number, then see the procedure to how to put a new spark plug wire on a dirt bike. 

Check the Steps How to Put a New Spark Plug Wire On a Dirt Bike

From gathering the tools to fitting the spark plugs, note down everything. You will succeed in changing the spark plugs. 

Collect The Required Tools

The initial step is to acquire the essential devices and parts to supplant the spark plug. The correct spark plug model to buy will be characterized in the owner’s manual for the dirt bike.

You can buy a flash attachment for a dirt bike at any store that sells dirt bike parts. 

The apparatuses expected to supplant the spark plug are made explicitly for spark plugs. For example, a spark plug socket will work on a spark plug, and that’s it.

The attachment connection is an instrument that permits the client to apply force to the attachment. For more up to date attachments, this connection is a wrench. 

A spark plug gap setter is likewise needed to set the proper spark plug gap.

This setter, alongside the recently referenced devices, can be bought on-line or at a section store like AutoZone.

Remove the old Spark Plug

Before removing the old spark plug, please ensure that the spark plug isn’t hot. It may become a reason for the injury if you do this suddenly. 

After the spark plug is free, the spark plug attachment and connection are not, at this point, required. The spark plug can be relaxed by hand.

Keep relaxing the spark plug a counterclockwise course until it is delivered from the engine. Notice the dark region on the left half of the sparkle plug.

This is an indication that the attachment is worn and needs to be supplanted. Dispose of the pre-owned spark plug. 

Sometimes, a pre-owned spark plug can be reused. This isn’t suggested except if the rider doesn’t have another spark plug available to them.

In this example, utilize a wire brush and perform to and fro brushing movements on the spark plug’s dark territory. Proceed with this for roughly a few minutes. The pre-owned spark plug would then be able to be embedded into the engine.

Set Spark Plug Gap: 

Before embeddings, the new spark plug set the spark plug gap. This length is determined in the owner’s manual for the dirt bike. For instance, spark plug gaps usually range from 0.02 creeps to 0.10 inches. 

To set the gap, place the spark plug onto the spark plug gap fitting tool. Slide the spark plug along the spark plug gap setter until the ideal length is reached. The mathematical qualities are shown on the gap setter.

Put The New Spark Plug

The spark plug sits inside the chamber head and effectively eliminates an appropriate spark plug wrench from an external perspective.

A spark plug wrench works best since it gives the profundity expected to fit the socket over the anode and around the spark plug socket to release it.

Eliminating the spark plug on a 2-stroke dirt bike takes not exactly a moment. It would be best if you typically stopped the fuel tank from getting at the spark plug on a 4-stroke dirt bike.

I hope you understand the steps from removing plug wires to putting the plug wires on them. If you are still in confusion, then better consult with the nearby mechanics.

As you come to know about how to put a new spark plug wire on a dirt bike, I’ll give you some suggestions as well to extend the life of your dirt bike. 

Suggestions to Change Plug Wires

Even if you change your spark plug wires, it doesn’t mean it guarantees the bike’s life. Here are a few suggestions to maintain your dirt bike and also avoid injury.

  • Whenever you are ready to change a spark plug, never touch it directly. Ensure yourself that the old one is hot or cold, is that damaged somewhere that could lead to any cut in your hand.
  • If you don’t have a single idea about a bike’s wiring or connection, don’t play with it. You can damage it more.
  • A spark plug lasts for a year, but you can extend it more if you keep cleaning it. 
  • Always keep extra tools and equipment at your place. It would be best if you May had an emergency. This habit will save you time, and also, your bike will be in maintenance. 
  • Never put any plug into your dirt bike. It’s like you can’t put diesel instead of petrol. 

AAs you know the fact of how to put a new spark plug wire on a dirt bike. You must know how to maintain it, as I have given a few points above. 


I think today’s guide is going to help you how to put a new spark plug wire on a dirt bike.

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