Best 4 Stroke Dirt Bikes for Trail Riding

Dirt bikes are expensive and before you’re going to purchase one you should have proper information about the bikes. Now if you’ve decided to purchase a new four-stroke dirt bike for trail riding but you’re confused which is the best one.

So don’t worry, in this article we have covered some best dirt bikes specially made for trail riding.

Dirt bikes are the greatest machines ever to ride the trails.

The great thing about these is that they are great for the kids as well. There are certain trails that do not allow kids to ride on them and this is why so many different groups of people are doing it.

The family can enjoy the ride and the children can enjoy the track and all the action.

There are many different types of trails out there, most have a designated riding area.

Many places have different safety concerns, but a lot of dirt bikes that are made now are so rugged that they will take any kind of abuse.

With these bikes, you are not going to get hurt when you are riding it, but you still have to be careful. So, in order to protect yourself, try wearing shoes that will protect your feet.

It is important to keep up with the rules when it comes to these dirt bikes, you are not just going to go out and ride around in the middle of nowhere.

This is why there are safety classes in almost all dirt bike trails and thus you can learn to ride one safely. The instructor is going to be there to help you through everything and when it is time to ride, you are going to follow the rules.

If you have a lot of money to spend on this, then there are trainers who can teach you the correct way to ride the trails.

If you are a beginner, just make sure that you are wearing a helmet and are buckled up because there are going to be a lot of things that can happen on this trail.

Dirt bikes are not only used for riding, but they can also be used for racing as well. So if you are looking for something new to do, make sure that you take the time to find out all about it, and then you can be sure that you have found the right machine for you.

Dirt Bikes For Trail Riding

Do you love riding dirt bikes and want to know if you should get a four-stroke dirt bike? Is it worth the money? You will have to read this article to find why a four-stroke dirt bike is the best choice and an ideal bike for trail riding.

High Performing

The first reason you should get a dirt bike that has four-cylinder engines is that you can go faster. What this means is that the more horsepower you have, the quicker you can go. Besides, you are going to spend less gas to go faster and smoother because you are using less fuel.


The second thing you need to consider is that you will save gas because you are going faster. This is also good because there is less chance of getting stuck and having to start over.

What you may not know is that most dirt bike manufacturers have done away with the four-cylinder engine in favour of a two-stroke. This makes it easier to handle and increase your gas mileage.

One last thing to think about is the fact that you could save money by racing. If you are starting or a rookie racer, then this would be perfect for you. Most racers who are new at the sport will use a four-stroke, so when you try to race, you will only have to learn one clutch.

Easier to Maintain

Another reason you should get a four-stroke dirt bike is that they are much easier to maintain. When you own a dirt bike, you will want to keep it in the best condition possible so you can race it.

A two-stroke dirt bike is much harder to maintain than a four-stroke because it requires a lot of attention.

However, if you are like me and you want to get into trail riding. You need a dirt bike that can handle everything and give you the best possible performance.

 What you are doing right now is researching four-stroke dirt bikes to help you decide which is the best for you.

The first thing you need to know is that every bike will not fit your situation the right way. It would help if you found the right bike that suits you and that you are comfortable with. Also, you need to find the right bike that is affordable and fits your budget.

I am not trying to say that any dirt bike is bad. It is just that you need to do some research on the two-stroke or 4 stroke dirt bikes before you buy.

When you find the right bike for you, you will then want to buy the proper dirt bike gear. But if you know you want to get into trail riding, all you have to do is find the right bike and get started. Here we are sharing some models that you can read about. 

Best four-stroke bikes for trail riding:

1. Honda CRF230F

Honda makes cool dirt bikes and the CRF230F dirt bike is the best example of this. The Honda CRF230F is a very well-built and reliable dirt bike. This is a bike that you can use for trail riding and also for daily riding. It is a great dirt bike and one of the best value-priced ones around.

You can choose between an engine that makes some 600cc or more or a smaller engine. To choose the one, you should be aware of the features of the dirt bike and what type of riding you will do.

The lighter engine can get you on the road faster and is also more economical. They are safer because they use less fuel, which is another reason why they are more common.

An engine is the most important part of a Honda CRF230F. There are numerous models and versions of engines. The popular versions of engines are the DOT 6.0L and the two-stroke types. Both the engines make good power in a Honda CRF230F but which one is better for you? The answer is a little bit difficult.

The bikes that are more powerful in terms of pure power are the engine that makes 550cc and above. However, if you use the two-stroke engines, you need to be aware of the fact that you need to be careful as there are a lot of high pressures. Therefore, be sure to check the label as well as the ratings. You might want to avoid these engines and go for the lighter engines.

One of the best options in a Honda CRF230F is the manual gearbox. There are many things you should consider when purchasing a dirt bike. One of the factors is that you have the kind of bike you want and at the same time you need to have the kind of engine you are going to get.

For example, if you buy a Honda CRF230F that has a little bit less power then you should really think about getting an engine with the same power. Although you may be getting the right engine, if you do not get the right bike you will not feel comfortable using it.

If you plan to live a more sedate life, you can get a Honda CRF230F and one of the best choices you can get is the sporty model. These bikes have a lot of safety features that can be accessed by the rider.

This means that you will be able to enjoy riding in a trail. Also, if you choose a bike with more power you will be in a stronger position to save money. In the end, there are other advantages to choosing this kind of Honda.

Other major differentiators of these dirt bikes include the colour. The more expensive models have a variety of colours. Another thing you should consider is the price tag.


● Colours: Red
● Maintenance-free sealed battery.
● High-quality handlebar.
● Washable, reusable foam air filter
● Powerful 240mm front disc brake.
● It has a lightweight drum brake on the rear.
● Heavy-duty shock absorber
● Consist of lightweight semi-double-cradle
● It has a high-tensile steel frame.
● Heavy-duty O-ring-sealed chain
● Smooth-shifting

● Versatile six-speed transmission.
● Lightweight aluminium crankcase.
● Electric start for easy starting.

2. Yamaha yz250 FX

The all-new Yamaha yz250 FX is based on the yzt 50 F motocrosser. The yz250 FX is specifically tuned for off-road racing with factory adding cross-country. This is widely used for trail riding.

The yz250 FX features a revised cylinder, head valve train, and intake camshaft along with high-compression pistons, large-diameter clutch and six feet wide-ratio transmission.

The electric start providing increased mid to top-end power tuning for cross-country racing plus the Yamaha power tuner app that adjusts settings to your specific style and track conditions with a handlebar-mounted button on your dirt bike that gives feature as you can switch between two maps.

for your kids, we have the best Yamaha dirt bikes for kids. But if your kids are riding bikes then you need to tell them about safety and dirt bike safety tips for kids can guide them properly.

A coil spring front port and rear shock provide superior stability and impact absorption combined with a new aluminium frame. The revised geometry and engine mounts for nimble lightweight handling and the gnarliest conditions in a large capacity fuel tank with narrower shrouds and a thinner lower seat providing easy rider’ movement especially in technical and challenging conditions.

The cross country-specific features include an 18-inch rear wheel engine guard and an aluminium side stand.

It has a 4 stroke 4 valve liquid-cooled engine that concentrates some mass in the centre of the machine and creates an air intake. It straight up as well as high up away from all the elements of off-road racing and use a yz250 F straight type silencer for quick-revving, wider power, and broader torque curve.

The tractor likes torque to pull you out of those technical situations with the main switch free electric starting. There’s no key switches or buttons to turn on before you can start it and special fuel injection settings make it quick and easy.

Starting standard mountain wiring makes it easy to have a radiator fan for extra low-speed cooling. The wide-ratio is the six-speed transmission. The chassis and suspension are every bit as good as its y-z brother in the MX world.

The bilateral beam aluminium frame is almost exactly the same as the yz250 F, it’s ultralight and extremely compact with great front wheel to round contact and a very nimble feeling. The class-leading KYB air oil separate speed-sensitive fork also comes with a larger 25-millimetre axle. The same as the yz250 F both the forks and the KYB rear shock have special spring rights and damping specifically tuned for cross-country racing.

The rear tire soaks up the bumps and delivers great traction with reduced flaps and with the optional GYTR power tuner you can custom tune fuel injection and ignition mappings with push-button ease.


  • Consist of Bore x Stroke of 77.0mm x 53.6mm
  • It has a Compression ratio of 13.8:1
  • It has an engine type of 250cc liquid-cooled DOHC 4-stroke; 4 titanium valves
  • Transmission is around 6-speed; multiplate wet clutch
  • Easy Servicing
  •  Forward-Thinking Engine Design Adjustable Engine and Fuel Mapping
  •  Unique Engine Tuning
  •  Cross Country Features
  •  Tuned Chassis Yamaha Power Tuner App
  • High-Performance Engine

3. Honda CRF450L

The quality and durability found on every Honda, offers maximum enjoyment for the off-road rider, spending more time on the trails and less time in the shop.

The Honda CRF450L is another monster dirt bike and it is built to go up the front of most road bikes. This bike is a lightweight and gas-powered beast that will be able to go up and down the road. It has twin carburetors and disc brakes and has some of the most amazing air and fuel injection systems in the country.

There are many different fuels available for you to use but only two fuel types are good for this engine. It is a single bore, single throttle type and only operates with fuel that has octane or is considered suitable by the EPA as an emission-free fuel. It is said that this bike has more power and torque than any other dirt bike on the road today.

The Honda CRF450L also has hydraulic electric shifting which is very similar to a car with automatic transmission. It can be used on dirt bikes and scooters also. This type of shifting allows you to shift from high to low gear very easily. This shift is convenient on dirt bikes as well. You will be heard about semi-automatic dirt bikes, This bike which really gives the wonderful experience of riding.

There are also the rear brakes that are much stronger and require much less pressure to stop. This is perfect for a trail riding lovers. Even though there are many electric bikes on the market today the Honda CRF450L has superior electric technology.

This bike also comes with the boost rider light system that increases the street value of your bike. With this system, you will be able to ride for a long time at night without having to worry about being stranded. This bike has a lot of safety features like ABS.

The bikes will offer you a turbo kit with the bikes for a very minimal cost. This is a bolt-on system. With this setup, the dirt bike will run like a full-blown bike and not have the downside of many parts that can be damaged if the bike is not handled with care.

The Honda CRF450L has many upgrades including the air cleaner. It is one of the most advanced exhaust systems around today. With this upgrade, your bike will have more power, and you will get a nice boost.

This bike is not a big-city bike or a cruiser. It is more of a sportbike type of bike. If you are a sportbike rider this is perfect for you.

You will be able to customize your Honda CRF450L so that it fits your personality. This bike has a sporty look and is not afraid to kick some curves and hills. It has speed and is perfect for riding at night.

This bike is extremely popular. It can be found on Craigslist, eBay, and on the classified section of newspapers and magazines. You will find many people who are crazy about this bike.


  •  449.7cc Unicam® engine
  •  Lightweight fuel tank
  •  Lightweight lithium-ion battery
  •  Noise emissions
  •  Air cleaner box
  •  Finger rocker arm
  •  Special clutch
  •  Compact and lightweight digital meter
  •  LED lighting system
  •  Rear-view mirrors
  • Three-ring designed piston

4. KTM 350XC-F

One of the latest dirt bike models is the KTM 350XC-F. This bike was announced in 2020 and is the first-ever to be produced for the Euro-bike market. The company took a lot of time and effort in designing the new bike.

They spent a long time thinking about how to make the European market happy with their Euro bike, as this is one of the major markets in the world for this bike. The main concern of KTM in this bike is that this bike should provide high quality, performance and value.

The KTM 350XC-F looks great and has a unique appearance as compared to other bikes in the European market as well as the American market. It has a unique styling that makes it look very nice and sporty.

The most impressive thing about this bike is its balance and safety. The bodywork is laid out very flat making it extremely comfortable to ride. The suspension is also adjustable, which makes it more fun than ever.

Although the KTM 350XC-F is a new bike, it has been designed to the highest quality standards and with the best manufacturing techniques and technology available. It also carries the stamp of the excellent quality that is expected from the manufacturers.

This bike has received outstanding reviews and ratings on both the net and in the mainstream media.

The bike is good enough to satisfy even the most demanding riders. This bike has been rated highly in terms of being a very safe and secure bike.

Not only is the bike a completely new one, but the price is different. This bike is expensive at a minimum of $12,000. At that price, you get a bike that is far superior to the current product and is much better than any other existing bike on the market.

In addition to the price, the KTM 350XC-F has a few extra features like a digital clock, engine monitoring system, temperature gauge, speedometer, cruise control, etc. Some of these extra features were added to make the bike more interesting and desirable.

One thing that made the price so high was the fact that KTM decided to use four cylinders. That is another way of adding to the price. But once again, if you compare it to the cost of the bike in the current market, it does seem rather expensive.

At the same time, the Euro bike is more expensive because of the features that are missing. One of the most important features missing is ABS. This bike may be on the high end of the market but in the bike’s mind, ABS is a mandatory feature.

The high price of the KTM 350XC-F may sound outrageous, but if you compare it to the value of the bike, it seems like a steal. The fact that it is a brand new bike means that it is one of the best-designed and safest bikes in the world.


  • Bore and Stroke is 88 mm, 57.5 mm
  • Ktm has a dominant force
  • High-performance bike
  • This is ready to race bike
  • Lighter in weight
  • Compact bike

5. Kawasaki KLX110

The KLR110 is a true dirt bike for the trail riding, which can be considered the modern Japanese version of the venerable Kawasaki KLX100. As the name suggests, it has the same engine and styling but it has a lower seat height, and the rear seat is completely flat.

The KLX110 looks a lot like the old KLX and at first glance, you might mistake it for the latter. There are some significant differences though. A number of engineers and designers worked hard to make this vehicle a Thoroughbred, with a good power-to-weight ratio and a great ride.

The engine is the biggest difference between the two models. The KLX110 has a much better bike. To the untrained eye, the engine sounds slightly different than the original KLX, but there are distinct differences in the way the engine and its exhaust sound.

The KLX110’s engine has a high compression ratio, allowing it to operate at a faster speed than the original. There are a number of differences as well. The transmission that does the shifting has a wider gear range, making it easy to change gear quickly.

The JDM Suzuki KLR series represents the pinnacle of power for this type of dirt bike. The exhaust note is loud and clear, and you won’t be hard-pressed to notice that you’re riding a real dirt bike. It has a satisfying power-to-weight ratio, and that adds up to a good amount of torque that will give you instant acceleration.

There is also easy access to the fuel tank and oil cooler. The engine has a completely different shape, from a vertical to a shallow “V” shape. It sounds cleaner and the mechanics are tuned better than ever before.

This can make for a very difficult application for some. There is a big gap between a Suzuki KLX110 and a Kawasaki KLX100. In fact, if you look at the seat of the Suzuki, you’ll find a big difference.

The seat of the KLR, on the other hand, is quite wide and flat. It provides a much more comfortable seating position, although it could still do with an anti-fatigue pad.

Both the engine and the motor are open-ended for ease of maintenance and regular servicing. That makes maintenance a lot easier but doesn’t necessarily make maintenance less difficult.

The engine is similar in design to the old ones, but unlike the old ones, the new ones will start immediately. The friction of the chain can be high with new engines, so there is a significant increase in mileage, which is not surprising. The main challenge is maintenance. You have to wear a special tool to perform maintenance on the inner engine components, including the oil filter.

If you are not careful, your motor will accumulate a lot of debris and rust. What you need to keep an eye on is corrosion or warping of the bearings in the motor. There are many gears that can be used for that purpose.

Suzuki has produced the KLR dirt bikes for several years now, and they continue to innovate. Now you can get the real deal with this model.


  • This model generates 7.14 bhp of power
  • 112cc engine provides 8nm torque
  • The single-cylinder engine of this model has a 4-speed manual gearbox
  • Both rear and front brakes are drum brakes
  • It has a minimum of 26.8-inch that suits for kids height

Final words

Trail riding is a wonderful activity and knowing which bike can be the best performer and giving fun. Then you have to do research for this and find a suitable dirt bike for trail riding especially four-stroke are most liked. We have explained some of the popular bikes around the world and if you find it useful then share it with friends also who loves riding and in need to buy dirt bike for riding.