Kids Dirt Bike Safety Tips

Is your child eager and passionate about riding the dirt bike?

Kids need to be active at their childhood stage while growing and playing different games is necessary to build or develop their bodies perfectly.

In case of going to track and learning riding of dirt bikes can be a tension for their parents in the form of safety and health of their kids.

Kids Dirt bike safety tips can decrease some of your tension if your child is going to learn to ride.

People are walking less and using vehicles more and thus everywhere people can be seen on the roads using any form of vehicles which runs on engines, which has increased the chances of accidents.

Protecting humans from vehicles needs many things to be followed but a bad incident needs only one mistake to send to the hospital.

Dirt Bike Safe Riding Tips For Kids

  • Alcohol and drugs are very dangerous and if you ride your bike under its influenced then it can be an injurious step.
  • Always ride with safe speed.
  • Wear DOT compliance safety gears (Goggles, gloves, helmets)
  • Never ride on remote rails alone.
  • Monitoring is required for young riders.
  • Always ride on designated trails.

If you are a parent then you must learn as much as you can about dirt bike riding.

You should be well qualified about this topic to supervise your kid and give them direction in the correct way.

What does it mean?

Yes, you got it right that you also need to learn proper riding techniques.

The best way to learn these techniques can be different articles available on the Internet and videos on YouTube.

Even you can go for or riding school and read the manuals given for riding techniques.

If you already a good Rider then it can be easier for you to show the right path to your kid for their riding with safety.

You can be a supervisor

Before going to the track instructing your kid can be very useful and telling him to step by step all the processes will be a better way to show him the correct way to learn.

First Things First so here the first thing is safety and the rules which come under it should be followed strictly without any excuse.

Youngster sad so much eagerness to learn new things and excitement can also be a problem so making them relaxed is necessary.

Being a guardian you need to supervise your kids riding every time.

At a point, you will think that kid has learned everything and he has mastered all the rules and skills of safety but one thing you should make a point kids can be tired of rules and they can become careless at any time.

They do not care when they are riding, most importantly when they are in excitement.

So when they learn under your Super Vision death thinking of carelessness will not affect their learning. So now let’s talk about the most important safety tips for kids.

Personal Protective Equipment

Whether it is a normal or Dirt bike riding it demands that kids implement personal protective equipment.

Whole-body has different parts and no one wants any injury at any point in the body.

Even a single scratch gives lots of pain. So now let’s know what are gears of safety can your kids use.

Always go for the Department of Transportation (DOT) protecting gears.


Never dress to look good if you are a rider then you must dress for safety.

It is highly recommended to use clothes which are specially designed for riding and to be used always before riding. Initially, it will not be comfortable for the kids but after a few days, they will be habituated.


One of the most important gears for riding is wearing a helmet which is made for dirt bikes.

These are available in different sized and shaped and you can get a perfect size for your kid. Always purchase branded gears and go for a helmet that has passed the crash test.

Keep aside everything but never forget a helmet because in the worst situation also it can save a life. So here also I will recommend you to use only the Department of Transportation (DOT) helmets.


There are many extra accessories that are always important regarding safety for the body. One of them is a Dirt bike goggles.

Your kid’s eyes are very important and it can be a rigorous situation if any injury happens to his eyes.

Taking precautions can be a better choice and safety e equipment are always there to make and keep a human body away from any injury.

Even while riding many kinds and insects are flying in the atmosphere and due to speed of the dirt bike, they are attracted by the human body and mostly there collide with the eyes which can surely affect the eyes.

It can lead eyes to serious damage also. Even it can create a crash of the Dirt Bike of your kid.


For proper gripping on the controls and handlebars, a pair of gloves is really very important. It provides cushioning to Rider’s hand with comfort while riding.

When it comes to your kid who is learning how to ride a dirt bike then gloves are really one of the most important and recommended gear which is always advised to be used.


Have you ever seen a dirt bike rider with slippers or casual footwear? Your answer will be no. Equality in shoes is also important when it is concerned with your kids riding.

On the track, a good quality pair of boots are necessary to be used and for the safety of the legs of your kid while mounting and dismounting it is required.

To make a wonderful experience of riding all recommended gear should be used strictly.

Chest protector

Shielding the human body is very necessary by implementing different kinds of protection there’s. To protect the chest protector is very important while riding a Dirt Bike.

On the track, while riding anything can happen even a small incident can create a serious issue. Taking extra protection is always necessary to keep the riding injury-free. The chest protector can avoid any serious injuries to the bones of the chest if the youngster fell down of the bike while riding.

Long Sleeves

Where you are on the road then you need to be more comfortable to ride a bike. Long sleeve jerseys are very good for your skin in being a rider. They provide extra protection from the sun also. Smallest creatures can be avoided using them.

Long Pants

Shorts are not recommended while riding so it is very good to use long pants. Long pants can keep you away from the dust.

Your kids can get different designs and looks of full-length pants which can be very comfortable while sitting on the dirt bike.

Choose the correct Size of Bike For your Kid

Riding can be fun but the preparation of riding is very important and there are lots of things which include inside it.

When you take your kid to a riding school then and first of all the basics of riding should be instructed to your kid.

And here I want to clear one thing that dirt bike price is also so big concern for your kid. You have to select the correct size of the date according to the height of your kid.

Dirt bikes come in different sizes and there will be all sizes available and selecting the proper size for your kid will be the first step before riding.

Mounting and Dismounting

You must understand the requirement of your kids because according to their height the dirt bike size also should match.

Their legs should easily reach to the land while mounting and demounting off the bike.

Expert in Controls

Bike riding is a passion and learning it is very adventurous. For becoming a good Raider it is necessary to understand all the controls which are equipped with the bike.

So there are many controls in a Dirt Bike which is a must and let’s know about this one by one because it is necessary for the safety of your kid.


Clutch is an important control of a Dirt Bike when changing gear it’s needs to be disengaged which disconnects the engine from wheels.

Safety while changing gears depend upon the large because on a running buy bike changing gears can be a problem for wear and Tear of gearbox and gear teeth.

It is important for your kid to understand the importance of clutch and it is also necessary to understand for him how does a clutch work and what is the role of it while riding.

Gear Shifting

Dirt bike speed depends upon the gear which has been selected. It is necessary to start with first gear but how to find the neutral in the most important factor in that bike riding.

After becoming the master in finding the neutral your kid can be e a good Rider. Starting with first gear is the initial process of riding it. Normally in lower speed first and second gear at the most used.

So when to select top Gear and at what time need to select the low gear is important. Your kid must understand the basic things that it in slow speed first and second gear should be engaged. How does a gearbox work and the use of a clutch while shifting the gear avoids any wear and tear.

Braking system

Everything which has started that has to be stopped and the same thing is done by braking in a bike.

Your kid has to be aware of the front and rear braking system and also know the guide on how to use the brake system.

Most importantly the use of front brakes as can go out of control when not used properly.

Throttle (Accelerator) Control

To increase speed in a bike, the accelerator is used which is also referred to as throttle control.

Total control is one of the most important controls of a bike because it needs to be more effective when you are riding.

Its control is not a one-day thing but it needs a lot of practice to be a master in its control.


Every father has a dream to grow his child in the perfect way and does when it wants some adventure in his life and physically when he wants to enter into the field of bike racing then Dirt Bike can be a good option.

A large number of kids are really interested and they have the instinct to enter in this area and have the most adventurous life. But when it comes to safety, every parent is worried about it.

They will never risk their kid’s life so guardians need to have all the information regarding the safety purpose of their kid and hence we have given you the safety guide by the kids dirt bike safety tips.

In this article, we have described Dirt Bike protective gear for kids which is really necessary and before riding they have to prepare by wearing these all.

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