How to teach a kid to ride a bike With A Complete Guide

There are many things that parents must know to teach their kids to ride a bike, which is the safety of the child, condition of the bike, place of training, state of kid whether he/she is reluctant or scared or excited, the patience of parents also to be considered. We will help you with this article on how to teach a kid to ride a bike?

If you think teaching kids riding a dirt bike is most accessible, it’s not because many parents lack interest and patience in training, and most of them will be busy with their jobs and household things.

The foremost thing to have a look at is the safety of the kid.

How to teach a kid to ride a bike? Step by step

I have given below the proper steps that will be helpful to you in teaching your kid to ride a bike. Follow them and see how your kid learns to ride a bike.

With a properly fitting helmet, elbow pads, knee pads to make them sit properly on the bike seat, a kid can start learning. 

Hold your kid’s shoulder from the back with one hand and seat with the other hand, do not stand sideways and run along with the dirt bike.

Ask to put their feet on the footrest and ride slowly.

Wear proper shoes according to the size of your foot, which will save you from further accidents. Otherwise, there are chances of getting injured.

Slowly accelerate the bike; otherwise, injuries may occur because of falling on the ground on outstretched hands, and there may be fractures of wrist bones.

When a kid increases speed unknowingly, you should have the capacity to hold on to the vehicle firmly and slow down the pace. (Prefer low cc bikes).

Could you encourage them by praising words? Stop and take a break and again start riding; continuous riding may cause back pain.

If you keep practicing daily in a spacious place with proper guidance, it’s elementary to ride a dirt bike in a brief period.

Educating your child about the traffic rules and signals is an essential part of this training. It helps them how to move on in society by taking necessary steps by complete coordination.

Start learning slowly, don’t be in a hurry to ride a dirt bike, and that over anxiety may lead to several problems creating pressure and stress in your kid’s mind.

Release your hands slowly without knowing your kid that you left his shoulder; meanwhile, your kid will be surprised about his progress in riding.

I guess you understand the steps of teaching a kid to ride a bike properly.

What all you need to do if your child is scary?

As you came to know about the teaching guide for a kid to ride a bike, now is the time to help them to overcome their fear. If your child is scary, reassure them that you will be there beside them, holding your back. Don’t get impatient and angry, and don’t shout at the child.

Just be patient and keep guiding your kid. Take them to a place where they don’t feel embarrassed about them, like an open ground in early mornings.

Tell your child about at the correct age how much benefits can he /she gets by riding a bike.

Tell them that this scary feeling is familiar for all the kids of their age, and it relieves practice. Encourage them, and one day they will be successful in riding a bike.

What are the safety measures you need to take?

Safety comes first when your kid is going to learn something adventurous. Gaining the knowledge about training for a kid to ride a bike is just like cooking food, but I don’t know how it could be dangerous if there are no precautions taken.

Make sure that your kid puts on a helmet in the correct way so that two-finger gaps are present between the chin and strips of the helmet.

The helmet should be covering the entire head, and it should not be removed during the rest. Proper remembering about the helmet is the responsibility of the parent itself. More grievous hurt is caused due to head injuries If any accidents occur.

Elbow pads and Knee pads must avoid injuries on knees and elbows which are most commonly seen during the training of a bicycle. If any injury or fractures occur, that may lead to temporary or even permanent disability also.

Put on sneakers; it helps to prevent overlapping of fingers of legs when sudden brakes are applied. It is also essential to avoid abrasions on foot.

Check the bike’s condition regularly. If the bike is very old and in bad shape, there are high chances of sudden breakdown of the cycle, and there are even high chances of your kid getting hurt.

Keep oiling the chain regularly to maintain the lubricant and flexibility of the motorbike. Checking the air pressure in the tires frequently is also essential for proper maintenance of the bike.

Practicing daytimes is best because it’s during the evenings where traffic and mobility of vehicles are more. Visibility of the opposite vehicles and people also plays an essential role in the training of your kid.

It would help if you taught them what appropriate decisions they need to take when they suddenly see a fast-moving vehicle is coming towards them. 

Such sudden and eye-mind-body coordination helps the children make an accurate decision during the drive.

Follow traffic rules and regulations: Indicators should be used by all the children while taking a right and left turn; for this purpose, they should keep their outstretched hand horizontally towards the side they want to go by adequately balancing the vehicle.

Usage of proper review mirrors is necessary to view the vehicles approaching them from the backside. For this, the mirrors should be clean and free from dust and smog.

Accidentally if they are displaced from their normal position, repositioning them in their original place must have a good view when we see the vehicles through the mirrors.

Avoid over speed which may lead to accidents and cause harm to the children and also the persons on the opposite side.

Following traffic lights and signals is a must for anyone who is riding a bike. Proper education to the child regarding these traffic rules and signals is essential.

During riding, they must be at least three feet away from vehicles beside and from vehicles on the rider’s backside.

Avoid riding the bike during bad weather conditions like storms, heavy rains, heavy sunny days.

Keep practicing in open places devoid of traffic and crowd. Wear bright highlighted clothes so that opposite persons can see you.

With the safety mentioned earlier, your kid won’t hurt and get familiar with the traffic rules.

What should be the size of the bike for kids?

Even if you know the steps to teach a kid to ride a bike doesn’t make sense unless you select a perfect sized bike for your children. Let’s see the size of bikes for different ages of kids.

Choose the right bike for your kid’s height. The appropriate diameter of the wheel is 12″ for 2 to 3-year-old kids, 16″ for 4 to 5 years old kids, 18″ for 5 to 6 years old kids,20″ for 6 to 8 years old kids,24″ for 7 to 11 years old kids.

  • 35 to 40 cm height of the child recommended for 12-inch diameter bike,
  •  40 to 55cm height of the child recommended for 16-inch diameter bike,
  • 50 to 60cm height of the child is recommended for an 18-inch diameter bike, 
  • 55 to 63 cm height of the child is recommended for 20-inch diameter bike, 
  • almost 60 to 70 cm height of the child is recommended for a 24-inch diameter bike.

What is the correct age to start riding a dirt bike:-

Having information about the correct age is essential for a kid to ride a bike. It may start from 3 years; the average age of riding a motorbike is usually five years.

Age is considered because it includes the maturity of the child. If the child is too low for the period, he may not learn to ride as his milestones will not be developed.

A child can’t pedal as his feet can’t touch till he pedals.

He can’t learn so quickly as an average child of age more than three years.

Proper Guiding For Controlling Brakes System:-

It should be the parent who is responsible for adequately guiding the child about applying brakes when needed. It is the timely coordination of all the senses together when an obstacle is in front. And Parents should teach the child in training about this.

It should be practically done. All the conditions about skidding of the bike happen in sandy areas, and greasy areas should be taught to the child.

Slow application of brake system is needed for kids at the beginning.

When sudden brakes are applied, there may be forward falling of the child, and the reaction is too slow; your kid may have a chance to get hit down by the vehicles.

If you are embarrassed about your position while training your kid and are afraid of your child getting injured, then the best option would be getting a motorbike with extra supportive wheels.

It helps relieve your worries about your child’s safety and makes it easy for you and your kid.

Train them not to go in between two vehicles and tell them to avoid talking with his riding friend, which is too dangerous.

Note:- For any parent who wants to train their children to ride a dirt bike, they must impart knowledge to their children about traffic regulations.

When to horn when to apply brakes these are the right things that you should know minimum to train your kid.

Moreover, teach your child about the value of life and enlighten him with the knowledge that life is the most important one and avoid Overspeed riding, which may cost their lives and their beautiful future.


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Your child’s safety and age with proper guidance and precautions make it easy to help your kid ride a dirt bike. It also helps to create bonding between you and your children.

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