Cheap Yamaha Dirt Bikes For Kids

Choosing a dirt bike for your kids is the toughest thing because you have to consider lots of factors like weight, height, and other physical aspects. Some of the dirt bikes are more expensive, but one such bike is the Yamaha which is surely affordable. In this article, we’re going to give you some ideas about the cheapest bikes of Yamaha for your kids, and we hope it’ll be helpful for you.

Children enjoy riding dirt bikes with their friends, and if they are not used to this particular type of sport, they may have some difficulty when it comes to controlling their movement. I’m so that you will need dirt Bike riding tips for beginners that will really be going to help your kid.

How to Choose Dirt Bike For Kids?

Here are some tips for you to get a dirt bike for kids. First, you need to know which model is right for your child. For example, if they are quite young, you can choose a short-wheelbase dirt bike, which is built on an open vehicle frame.

  • You can also select long-wheelbase dirt bikes, which can carry lots of people. If your child likes sport, there are other kinds of dirt bikes for kids that you can also choose from.
  • Second, you can easily find a cheap Yamaha dirt bike for kids for sale online. You will not need to go around your local bike store or a garage sale. Just visit a website, and you will see all the cool bikes that are available at prices you can afford.
  • Third, you need to look for a specific price. There are many deals on dirt bikes for kids, but some of them require a lot of money while some do not.
  • Fourth, you should not purchase a dirt bike for kids before they can ride it comfortably. Even if you can take them to a new or used dirt bike showroom, you need to visit the actual dirt bike showroom before you can buy one.
  • Fifth, do not be stingy in asking for a price that you can afford. You can pay attention to the quality of the dirt bike.
  • Sixth, if you are going to buy a dirt bike for kids, do not get into a deal that seems too good to be true. If you get any sketchy deal, you might end up losing money in the bargain.
  • Seventh, make sure that you do not choose a dirt bike for kids that is too costly because you need to know how much it will cost. Once you know the price, you can quickly get a dirt bike for kids.
  • Eighth, do not make any hasty decisions about your kid’s price. Instead, research the different models, available brands.
  • Ninth, when you purchase a dirt bike for kids, it is wise to ask for insurance from the dealer. It is a way of guaranteeing the safety of your children if the accident happens.

These are just some ways you can ensure that you are getting the best dirt bike for kids at the right price. And you will be able to have a thrilling ride on the one you have purchased for your children. If you have a plan to buy a used adult bi for your kid then a checklist for buying a used bike will give you a clear vision.

Why should you buy a dirt bike for Your Kids?

Number 1

It gets the kids outside having fun. So get them outside, get them out of the house, get them away from those video games. Most of the time they’re not just riding, they’re out doing other things like camping. Motors riding dirt bikes lease a lot of other outdoor activities that you can do as a family when you’re outside.

Number 2

It is an excellent building opportunity. It builds self-confidence. It teaches kids to do things that are new and challenging, and just like riding a bike, they progress quickly, and it is undeniable. So it’s gonna teach kids confidence. Let them know that them progressing. It’s going to make them want to do better.

Number 3

Riding racing camping with other families, it gives an immediate support system, and one dad mentioned that a lot of his kid’s best friends came from riding dirt bikes. Those are friends that his kids will have forever. It does give an outstanding bond. It creates perfect friendships.

Number 4

It teaches that practice makes perfect, and that commitment is significant. Plus, riding their bikes is fun. No matter how much you do, it's always fun to practice.

Number 5

If they start with a dirt bike at a young age, then they will usually learn riding skills earlier and then when they get older, if they decide to ride dirt bikes or do anything else that might have some inherent risks to it because they’ve already maybe learned some skills and have a little bit more responsibility to them.

Number 6

It can teach them some responsibility because they have to learn to ride it, and it gives an incentive for them to behave like if you don’t act, you don’t get to ride your dirt bike.

Cheap Yamaha dirt bikes for kids

1. Yamaha TTR 110

Yamaha TTR 110 comes with a four-speed transmission. It has an electric start, and the riders can take off in first or second gear, and then they can change the gears while they’re on the move without having to use the left hand to pull the clutch.

Clutch free operation enables them to gain the skills of getting used to a transmission. You get an electric start. The kick starts the dirt bike too.

The key design feature of the Yamaha TTR 110 is that the seat is quite flat compared to other mini bikes that are on the market, and it enables the riders to transfer their weight from the front to the rear of the dirt bike.

Enabling for better cornering and better handling new models have the white ring guard, and it’s easily identifiable out on the track and to ensure you’ve got the most significant and latest by keeping the tracks.


● Drum brakes are installed at the front and rear for a reliable braking system, and with the simple design, the maintenance of the bike becomes very easy.

● For smooth and better performance, the bike comes with a 110cc 4-stroke engine.

● The body of the bike is very lightweight, which enhances speed and performance.

● For comfort riding on off-road, rugged suspension is installed. Which makes the riding smooth and fun.

● It has exciting features like electric start, drum brakes, air-cooled engine, etc. Which makes the bike fun to ride. This bike is one of the leading choices of parents and kids while buying a dirt bike.

2. Yamaha pw50

Yamaha pw50 has been around for more than 20 years with features like 49 ccs air-cooled case, and reed inducted two-stroke engine. It has an adjustable throttle stop screw. It has a fully automatic transmission that means no shifting gears with telescopic front forks and 60 mils of travel, which will smooth out the bumps for responsive handling.

At the rear end, it has dual shocks with 50 mils of a journey, which will deliver a confidence-inspiring ride. Yamaha pw50 has good suspension going around corners and poking downhills and things that it would be suitable for kids that have to practice to start riding.

You don’t have to change gears and brakes, you can use your hands, and when you’re gonna slip, it would be straightforward to put your feet on the ground before it falls.


● The 485mm low seat height, which is very comfortable for new riders. The braking system is easy to use, and the layout of the handlebar is very similar to the bicycle.

● Polypropylene bodywork makes it sturdy and very lightweight.

● By considering the needs of the new riders, an automatic 50cc 2-stroke engine is installed.  This bike is rider-friendly due to the automatic gearbox installed in it.

● It is equipped with the lightweight, high-level exhaust. 

● It comes with a 10-inch steel wheel, which is stronger and more comfortable to clean. Also, for a good grip, the bike has chunky 2.5 inch wide tires.

3. Yamaha TTR 125

Yamaha TTR 125 comes in two sizes. You can get a large wheel and a small wheel. The TTR 125 has the suspension slightly lowered so it can suit the whole family and enables a smooth stepping stone or transition from. In TTR 125, you’ve got the bonus that as the children grow, you can increase the size of the bike without having to go out and buy a new bike. 

The ergonomics and styling are derived from the wise air range. So it’s quite aggressive in its looks. Kids will never be disappointed. Yamaha TTR 125 has four-stroke built with the analysis quality that has been around for quite some time.

Now back to the Yamaha quality, you get a terrific value for money out of the product for years and years to come from your children to even perhaps your children’s grandchildren could be riding this dirt bike.

The braking and handling is probably the best part. It is easier to go across the jumps and bumpy surfaces. Being it bigger, it will be more comfortable for your kids, and they will love the electric start Kickstarter.


● The 125cc 4-stroke engine delivers smooth power for off-road riding, and also the engine is very easy to maintain.

● It has long-travel suspension, which gives seamless experience on tight roads.

● The best part of the bike is its attractive design, which is inspired by award-winning bikes.

● It comes with a front disc brake of 220 diameter, which is capable of reducing the speed of the bike in less effort.

● It has larger wheels. The size of the front wheel is 19 inches, and the rear wheel is 16 inches.

4. Yamaha TTR-50

Yamaha TTR 50 is a rider-friendly mini bike. It is designed to create modern enjoyment for simple riding. 

It has a four-stroke engine equipped with a semi-automatic three-speed gearbox, and for added parental control, the TTR 50 can only be started with the ignition keen senses. The automatic clutch is one of the most enjoyable and simple dirt bikes to ride. 

Because it could not be started with your big mission key pants can take full control over its use with their life five hundred, and fifty-five mil seat helps to make the smallest ETR you are. 

It is just right for beginners. With long-travel suspension and knobby tires, the TTR 50 will provide many hours of fun for all the family. Overall this bike is perfect for ages four to seven.


● It has a comfortable long-travel front and rear suspension.

● It comes with a 50cc 4-stroke engine with a semi-automatic gearbox.

● It has YZ inspired racing-blue bodywork.

● It comes with drum brakes and knobbly tires.

● It has compact dimensions and low weight.

5. Yamaha YZ 65

This bike is basically a scaled-down version of the YZ125 and the Weis E85, and surprisingly some parts are interchangeable with those two models because this is a new model for Yamaha. 

It has a similar style to the larger dirt bikes with the blue wheels and the blue accents, and it is spectat with max’s tires suspension. It has Kayaba components with a spring fork set up in the front that has both compression and rebound adjustability. In the rear, it has a

KYB shock that was explicitly designed for the 65 CC model and did not use linkage. The triple clamps feature gives the rider four different mounting position options. 

The YZ 65 features braking components from Nissen both in the front and the rear and a removable aluminium subframe. 

The power plant on the brand-new y-z 65 has more similar to the yz125. It has a six-speed manual transmission with a cable-actuated clutch, so that’s enough talking time to do some testing.

The bike reviewers were impressed with an engine performance on the track, and with the handling, they felt that it was competitive with all the other offerings in the 65 CC class. The other thing that they commented on was that the bike was a little bit on the tall side and a little bit wider and the adjustable triple clamps will carry the riders right up to their teen years.


● It comes with a new 65cc 2-stroke engine.

● The compact steel frame gives the best experience on jumping landings and bumpy track surfaces.

● To suit 65cc-class riders, it comes with light and less shock suspension.

● You can easily adjust handlebar clamp, position clutch, grippy feet pegs, etc.

● It comes with the Yamaha power value system.

Final words

It is necessary to understand the need for a comfortable dirt bike for a kid. Many aspects which are needed to be e taken care of light height of the dirt bike especially. Because whether a kid is going to ride, then he needs a bike that should be perfect according to his height.
In this article, we have covered Best Yamaha Dirt Bike for kids, and you must follow it’s not shared above while selecting the suitable bike for a kid. I hope you like this post, and I hope that you will share it with your friends.