How To Make A 2 Stroke More Powerful? know The Steps

Making your dirt bike stronger in an easy way is possible. You need to follow and use some tools that will help enhance the running power. You need to modify your dirt bike and see how smooth it would work.

So what are we going to discuss today? Yes, of course you searched a query how to make a two-stroke more powerful? So we are going to undersrand about this.

First, we see how do you know that your dirt bike is dying slowly and later on seek to increase its power with some important steps. So, let’s begin with the symptoms of slower bikes and how to fix them. 

What is the sign that your bike is getting slower?

Knowing the cure is cool, but you can’t do anything until or unless you have knowledge of what causes the problem, just like a doctor who cannot treat his patient without knowing the patient’s disease.

Issues With Starting A Dirt Bike

Whether your dirt bike has an electric start or kickstart, something is messy if it takes more time to start. It might be possible that the engine is cold or the oil mixture doesn’t reach it.

A cold engine can be kickstarted here is the article you can read how to kickstart a cold dirt bike?

But, if it continues to stop, check a few things.

Smoke From Exhaust

You might have seen smoke releasing from an exhausting pipe. If it is white smoke, then that might be a result of a cold start.

When you cold start your dirt bike, the engine pushes out the stems in the form of white smoke. But there are other reasons too, such as coolant leaking and entering into the cylinder.

If your dirt bike is producing black smoke, you need to be aware; this results from the wrong ratio mixing of air-fuel and lubricant. An extra amount pushes out from the combustion chamber via exhausting as black smoke.

The last smoke type is blue or grey smoke; this is a sign of unknown oil mixed with the air-fuel mixture. If any smoke comes out from the exhausting system, slowly, this will damage your bike’s engine, and in the end, the bike will be destroyed. 

Top End Noise

Having noise during the starting of a dirt bike is normal. When you kickstart your bike, engine parts start to assemble, producing a little bit of sound.

But you need to be aware of this sound becomes annoying. It may be a sign of a bad piston; when the piston’s skirt tears up, it starts knocking on the head of the cylinder and releases noise.

Such noises are called “metallic slap,” which sounds like someone is slapping others at a certain interval.

Piston damage consumes more fuel, and after every few miles, you need to fill the tank consumes more fuel, and after every few miles, you need to fill the tank. It is suggested that if you hear the same noise, don’t ignore it. Inspect the engine, piston, and valves; if anything is found wrong, replace it immediately. 

How to Make A 2 Stroke More Powerful?

Coming to the important section, we will see those useful points to boost the power of your Dirt bike. We have mentioned below helpful and simple points to deal with, “How to Make A 2 Stroke More Powerful”. 

  • Use Reed Valve

There is mention of rigidity when you buy a reed valve; higher the rigidity means higher RPM. Reed valve prohibited the flow of fuels to a unidirectional. Never buy a soft reed valve. Otherwise, it won’t be able to close in all directions.

Let’s understand the use of this valve; when the piston rises in the cylinder, a vacuum is created in the crankcase. Then this much pressure opens the valve and allows the air-fuel mixture to flow into the crankcase. Later, the piston sets back to the previous position and closes the valve for the combustion process.

When a reed valve is used in the engine, it will control the flow of the fuel mixture, and you need to deliver extra pressure to increase the speed of the dirt bike. This reed valve is made by considering the pressure gradient and the mass flow.

These two factors calculate the higher speed and frequency to resist the further damage of internal parts. 

  • Adjust Squish Clearance

Squish gap is the distance between the piston and the combustion chamber; if it’s less, it will generate more power. The right amount of squish clearance enhances the combustion efficiency by compressing the air-fuel mixture flowing through the combustion chamber towards the spark plug.

This squish clearance increases the tolerance capacity to run longer distances with high power.

While other stock engines may fail in cooperating with the high frequency, in short, a squish creates sudden turbulence of the air-fuel mixture when the piston reaches the top dead center.

When it produces turbulence, the cylinder wall transfers heat, then the transferred heat increases thermal efficiency and hence improves all overpower performance. 

  • Test Exhaust System

I know everyone treats the exhaust system as a pipe of discharge relieving, but it means a lot in reality. If there is any resistance in the exhaust pipe, your bike will never catch its pick.

This system enhances the performance and makes the gas easier to escape.

When this happens, the engine starts running smoothly. And when the exhaust system works well, the air-fuel mixture flows better in the combustion chamber and fastest the process.

Faster the process, more fuel flows, and increases the RPM to make two strokes more powerful. You should take a few minutes to inspect the exhausting pipe whenever you go for a ride.

If anything is stuck there, clean it as soon as possible. Also, keep cleaning your bike, and oiling will save you from internal dirtiness and no need for extra effort. 

  • Proper Jetting

In simple words, jetting your bike means delivering a proper ratio of air-fuel mixture to the engine. When the engine gets that proper ratio, it will make it run smoother and improve the performance of a dirt bike.

If jetting won’t occur in the right manner, your bike will never achieve its highest potential. There are three jets present in the bike, starting with the main jet.

Check it and then start your bike; if it doesn’t enhance the power, put it back to the previous position and then move to the jet needle. In this proper way, inspect all three jets; once you will find which one affects the air-fuel ratio, you can adjust by yourself.

Also, keep in mind where you are riding; if it is higher altitude, the engine needs less fuel or leaner jetting to run excellently. Also, keep cleaning the carburetor once in three months; this will be helpful in the fuel mixture.

Whenever you purchase the carburetor, know the perfect size of the main jet and others to avoid further issues. 

  • Good Quality Fuels-

Use higher-grade fuels or octane gas, although many say that it doesn’t make any sense, but you can try it on your bike.

A good quality fuel flows smoothly and extracts more power from the engine. One more thing you need to change is to modify the fuel intake system from the original one.

Please don’t mess it up with a complete replacement of the engine; rather, shorten the intake length. More length takes more time to reach the combustion chamber and delays in approaching the highest peak.

If you shorten the intake length, this will improve the flow path and automatically increase power. But, better quality fuels can help in achieving great power at minimum time. You need to work a little in this line and always use suitable gas/fuel. 

Besides the above all mentioned guidelines, you can do extra too. Change the carb valve with the bigger one, as a valve with a large diameter increases RPM.

And the second thing is to take help from the mechanic to insert a power valve spacer in the chamber; this will easily open the power valve and supply more power. 

Is A 2 Stroke Dirt Bike More Powerful? 

I know many of you think that more stroke means more power, but that’s not true. A 2 stroke dirt bike is more powerful as it runs at higher RPM, and it’s lighter than the four-stroke dirt bike that helps run faster.

Also, its engine design is simple, not as complicated as in the more stroke dirt bikes. One thing about a two-stroke bike is that it consumes more fuel than a four-stroke dirt bike, but the two-stroke wins the competition by the size, assembled system, repairing cost, and many other factors. 

Note:- As two strokes are already better than the four strokes, you still want to know how to make a two-stroke more powerful. It would be best if you did some extra work for better performance. You can take help from the nearby mechanics as well. 


Although a 2-stroke Dirt bike is more powerful than a 4-stroke, it loses its speed with time, and in the end, you might stop feeling the same fun as at the beginning.

Today, we will discuss how to make a two-stroke more powerful and what the symptoms are to know that your Dirt bike is getting slower.

Being a Dirt bike lover, you can understand how much this topic was necessary. Yeah, every bike lover must want to enhance the capability and power of their vehicle.

Today’s article was based on a most asked question about making a two-stroke more powerful. This post has given all your answers, and you will see it on the next page or post with a new topic.

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