Best 2 and 4 stroke Dirt Bike Engine Oil

Getting high performance from a dirt bike is possible when you use good lubrication oil in your bike. 2 Stroke engine is different from 4 strokes in many aspects. So using the same oil may not be a good decision. If you don’t have proper information about the working process of 2 strokes and 4 strokes engine and the role of oil in the engine’s performance.

We are going to discuss the best 2 and 4 stroke Dirt bike engine oil which keeps your bike’s engine healthy and outputs the maximum efficiency. Going to purchase oil for your dirt bike then you should know that you are not purchasing oil for the general vehicles like a car or a normal bike.

You are going to buy oil for a high performing dirt bike engine which needs to be specially taken care of its health. These bikes are made having focused on stunts. For this, you need a specifically designed product for the bike’s engine.

Best 2 and 4 stroke Dirt Bike Engine Oil

You need to make the decision for the task you need to be done with oil. Selecting the right oil can be a tough task if you are not aware of the properties which are provided to increase the performance of the engine.

To get maximum output from the bike every aspect is important and the best oil implementation is also one of them. Do you know How does a dirt bike clutch works, if yes then you also can understand the importance of the lubrication system?

As you already know that in a 2 stroke engine to complete the 1 power stroke it needs one full revolution of the crankshaft but in 4 strokes engine to complete one power stroke it needs 2 complete revolutions of the crankshaft.

The main thing to be noted here is in 2 strokes, fuel is mixed with oil as it has fuel insertion and compression combined. But in 4 strokes there is a separate container and no need for mixing fuel with oil.

Either you can use oil for mixing this with fuel or you can use it for the lubrication of the transmission system. The dirt bike has a lot of things to be served by the oil.

The additives which come with oil are surface-active additives and anti-foam, which perform the task of removing dirt and reduce heat. As you know a dirt bike is used to perform stunts like a single backflip, double and triple backflip, for this engine has to work a lot.

You now no need to worry as I will share you the list which is consists of the best dirt bike engine oil for your two-stroke and four-stroke bikes. But before starting why shouldn’t we talk about the properties which be present in the oil.

Properties of Good quality dirt bike engine oil

The dirt bike manufacturers can advise for the best oil for your bike as they have built it up. Manufacturers exactly understand what are the requirements which increase the performance is needed for engine oil.

Don’t rush and buy any engine oil from the market. Look at your user’s manual, there you will get the perfect idea about the additives which should be there in the oil which keeps your engine output great and high performing.

Exhaust Smoke reducer

Performance is the most required when it comes to riding the dirt bike but the utilization of fuel with efficiency is important.  As well as safety of the atmosphere and nature is a big concern and for that pollution control that is taken care of by the government.

For that, every vehicle has to pass the PUC test. That means pollution should be under control by the bike and the emission of poisonous gases should be less.

When bike runs in full throttle then it burns the oil fast and leads to produce more smoke on burning the oil. But engine oil has additives that reduce exhaust smoke.

Anti-wear capability

Anti-wear additives are solid particulate lubricants that are added to the liquid form of lubricants that is engine oil.  If this is being found particularly useful for friction reduction and it can reduce the high temperature and withstand-in extreme pressure.

The additives which give the oil anti-wear features that are graphite, molybdenum, and Boron Nitride.

These additives are being used mostly in high viscosity lubricants, for example, grease oil. But when it comes to the four-stroke engine oil which needs to be anti-wear with high performance then some brands have these additives used to enhance the power.

Boron Nitride has a property of the highest coefficient of friction and has a high thermal conductivity that reduces the heat.

Clean Burning Formula

Clean burning property in oil is a kind of alternative oil that is Eco-friendly and savior of nature. The environment is getting polluted due to a large number of vehicles.

As the speed increased and the task is performed by the dirt bike it requires fast rotation of piston and other parts inside the engine. It burns the fuel very fast and in that case, oil is required which needs to clean burn the fuel.

Low deposit formation

Deposit control additives are important and if are not present in oil then harmful deposits can build up inside the engine. Fuel varnish keeps depositing that form the restriction to the injectors to restrict the fuel injection inside the engine. It causes the engine to run lean. This causes the engine to lean misfire.

It also becomes the problem of increased hydrocarbon emission, poor fuel economy, rough idle also. If an engine is running lean then it can create the risk of pre-ignition and detonation.   These deposits tend to form while the heat soaks period.

It occurs when the engine is shut off, trips will be shorter and it will drive more frequent cycles, thus the deposits will be faster. Deposits that form in the throttle body reduces airflow.

These deposits are formed by fuel vapours that reached by the intake manifold. So requires additives to eliminate the deposition or lower it for avoiding reaching the situation for the engine to run lean.

Increased oxidation stability

Oxidation stability is the process in which there is a chemical reaction occurs with the combination of lubricating oil and oxygen.  The rate of this chemical reaction can be accelerated by the implementation of high temperatures acids water and by using catalysts like Copper.

The rate of this chemical reaction increases with time. When the temperature increases the service life of a lubricant is also reduced.

This chemical reaction increases the viscosity of the oil and also leads to depression of varnish and sludge. The oxidation process increases the deposition if not stable. So the stability of the oxidation process can be achieved by using good quality oil which consists of additives to increase the stability of oxidation.

Low volatility

Dirt bike is a high-performance bike and it requires technology which boosts the power of the bike with generating increased heat compared to other engines. At enhanced temperature during the summer weather or sever service the oil’s lighter weight molecules can volatilize or literary boil off.

The more volatile are lubricants will be, the lower will be the temperature at which lubricants will begin to evaporate. When oil will evaporate in large amounts then and to protect the equipment less oil will be left and the rider will have to replace the oil faster to recover it.

Volatility affects more than the rate of oil consumption when the light elements inside the oil evaporate from the heat. It also increases the viscosity of the oil. In this case in engine oil low volatility is required and you have to choose that type of engine oil that has additives for this which decreasing the volatility.

Superior thermal stability

Thermal stability is defined as the stability of a molecule when it is exposed to a very high-temperature area. If a molecule has the ability of thermal stability then it can withstand in higher temperature and it will reduce to the decomposition.

You can also say it heat resistance of the material in which the deformation ability of the material will be higher and the deformation will be smaller and established will be higher.

High thermal stability prevents foaming and premature oil breakdown. Thermal stability can be maintained if engine oil is with stable additives.

Reduced coefficient of friction

The coefficient of friction is defined as the value that shows the relationship between two objects and the normal reaction between them.

The coefficient of friction is always dimensionless because it does not have any unit so it is called a scalar dimension which means there is no direction. It depends upon the objects that are causing friction.

When any object on the surface then the force exerted by the surface is called a frictional force. Reduce coefficient of friction provides enhanced performance of the engine.

The coefficient of performance value is between 0 and 1 but it can also be greater than 1 if the value of zero comes which means there is no friction at all between the object that means fluidity is very high. And that’s what reduces coefficient provides less wear and tear inside the engine and increase performance.

High viscosity indices

I will always suggest you not ignore the viscosity index when you are selecting engine oil as a lubricant for your engine. Almost many riders don’t have enough knowledge about viscosity index and the really care about this think that it is not operated in the ISO viscosity grade but it’s not like that. It alone stands other independent of all performance differentiator.

You should know this is the most important physical property of oil. It is determined by creating friction between molecules from the fluid movement. If the inter-molecular friction will be higher than viscosity will also become higher.

Best Dirt Bike Oil For 2 Strokes and 4 Strokes Engine

Maxima 60901 Foam Filter Oil Treatment

Maxima FFT will reject both water and gasoline fogging wash Out. It will also not migrate off the filter or dry out.

The solvent used in the oil will not affect either the form element or the cement utilized to bond them together. Super tacky is a formula that is safe for all the form filters.

The maximum FFT is the result of 3 years development program which finally given the result in a synthetic polymer formulation that flows 4 to 12% more air and returns up to 8 percentage more contaminants than all other brands. It is the resistance to both gasoline and water fogging Wash Out.


  • Ultra Clean additives
  • Protection from wear and tear
  • Stable clutch performance
  • Performance blend is suitable for all bikes
  • Oil Meets the JASO MA Requirements

Lucas Oil 10115 Semi-Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil

This oil has some extra features we cannot ignore it that are lower smoke to cycle coil formulated from a special blend of Mineral oil, low ash additive system and Polybutene.

One of the most special features of this is Lucas 2 cycle racing oil is specially designed that prevents carbon deposition on the piston rings, crown and its under areas. This also avoids blocking the exhaust port.

This oil is diluted with a solvent to provide the best efficiency after mixing with gasoline at all temperatures. This oil meets the requirement of lower smoke and it is referred to as smokeless oil.

Key Features:

  • Provides Clean burning “Smokeless”
  • Suitable for use in air-cooled engines
  • Meets requirements for “low smoke” oils
  • It has Low ash product
  • Mixes well with gasoline at all defined temperatures

Honda 08C35-A851M01 Transmission Oil

It is an ultimate racing transmission oil for Honda CRD, CR, and TRX show models. It is a great future of shear stability that reduces transmission wear and it has ultra-high film strength.

High thermal stability is the most important feature of engine oil that prevents foaming and premature oil breakdown. Friction is the biggest enemy of many components inside the engine.

So anti-friction additives allow smoother shifting while minimizing power loss and drag. Shear is also harmful to the engine parts and it increases the life of the clutch that reduces clutch slippage.

Key Features:

  • Ultra-high film strength
  • Anti-shear additives
  • Minimizing drag and power loss
  • Anti-friction additives
  • High thermal stability

Maxima 43901 80W90 Premium Gear Oil

Maxima 43901 is the premium gear oil for high-performance dirt Bike. This oil is equipped with the highest shear strength Polymers which provides long-lasting protection on all gear surfaces.

This oil can be used in all Dirt Bike applications with separate transmission Fluids are clutch. The dirt bikes with Shaft drive gears for hypothyroid used Maxima 43901. When there is a demand for API GL4 or GL5 gear lubricants there you can also implement this oil.

Key Features:

  • High shear strength polymers
  • Long-lasting protection on all gear surfaces
  • For dirt bikes with hypoid/shaft drive gears
  • Usable with API GL4 or GL5 gear lubricants

YamaLube All Purpose 4 Four Stroke Oil 10w-40

Yamalube engine oil is not a single purpose oil but it can be utilized for multi-purposes. 10W40 is suitable for mini Dirt Bikes, side by side vehicles also.

It is consists of Mineral oil that provides stable clutch performance and strength to protect the engine from wear and Tear. This is for sure meets or exceeds the JASO MA requirements. It is the most genuine OEM Yamaha product. Just go for it and try it I assure you that you will be loving this oil.

Key Features:

  • 4 Stroke All Purpose Oil
  • Suitable for use in Dirt bikes
  • Genuine OEM Yamaha Product
  • Oil Meets the JASO MA Requirements
  •  Stable Clutch Performance


High-performance Dirt Bike burns the fuel very fast and the Piston Revolution is also very high and in this case, the lubrication oil needs to be added with many additives to provide such conditions in which it has thermal stability along with that less wear and tear should be there.

In this post, we have compiled a list of four-stroke dirt bike engine oils through which you can get the information about the best two and four-stroke engine oils that will provide long life to your engine.

Before purchasing if you do research work and find this kind of informative article like this you are reading then you should understand all the aspects of using engine oil. What are the features to keep in mind before selecting the oil? I hope by reading this post you would have enough information about this. If you really find this useful then subscribe to our newsletter.