Who Was The First Person To Do A Backflip On A Dirt Bike?

Will you believe that the competition for backflips started just 12 years ago? It is not as old as you think. The world is going to advance, and sports are also being played at a high level. You can be amazed by watching the amazing stunts done by the riders, who are also called artists. Today in this post, we will tell you who was the first person to do a backflip on a dirt bike.

When people go to the track to see the amazing stunts done by the riders, it looks like a beauty, but the hard work behind that is too much. It needs too much effort and practice to get this right. If someone thinks that it can be done overnight, then he is wrong. Doing tricks like flips, whether it is single, double, or triple, or harder than harder, and so on.

Till now, the maximum triple backflip has been performed by a rider, which we have already talked about in an earlier post. I just want to tell you that you should respect the riders who risk their lives to make your eyes happy and give you happiness. Stunts are really hard to perform, and there is a lot of practice behind them.

Who Was The First Person To Do A Backflip On A Dirt Bike?

The first person who performed the first backflip ever was Caleb Wyatt. In 2002, they made history by becoming the first riders to successfully backflip a full-size 250 CC dirt bike.

Metzger was the first person to be a rider who started messing around with freestyle tricks using his bike. Then his competitor was Carey Hart. Day by day, dirt bike racing is becoming popular among the people, and they are taking an interest in its stunts. We have discussed who is the first person who has performed the first-ever double flip on a dirt bike. Practicing this kind of stunt is always very hard, but practicing hard can make it easier and simpler.

We have also discussed the first person who performed the triple flip. After many years of a double flip, this record also set an amazing stunt in the field of dirt bike riding. His name was Josh Sheehan. At that time, he was working in Nitro Circus.

You are listening to the backflip, but if you don’t know what a backflip is, then we will tell you in a simple word so that you can easily understand it.

What is a Single Backflip?

When in a single attempt, the full one rotation is performed in a single jump using a dirt bike, then it is a single cold flip. Just like this, the double and triple flip was also performed after a long time of single flip.

Just like a single flip, double and triple were also performed after a long time of single flip. The person who created a record for the first double flip was Travis Pastrana in 2006 during participating in a competition, and on 29th April 2015, Josh Sheehan made the record for performing this trick.


In every field, there are people who are masters and pros in their area, just like dirt Bike riding is also an amazing sport where many personalities are there to inspire others.

Who is the first person to perform a backflip on a dirt bike? Give the information about the first person, there something unique? These stunts are unbelievable and memorable and cannot be forgotten easily. If you really like this post, then please subscribe to our newsletter.