How To Tighten up A Dirt Bike Chain?

It can be a mashup for a beginner if he doesn’t know anything about different dirt bike parts. Especially if you have a dirt bike and sometimes have to deal with these internal parts, you don’t know anything; then it can make you hopeless.

In this article, I’m going to explain the proper stages of tightening the dirt bike chain. And you will understand how crucial it is for the proper running of bikes and long term performance of your bike.

Beginners and even pro bloggers can face such chain-loss problems, and it will trouble you. You can identify this issue by many signs like its sound. If you don’t have an idea, then what are you waiting for, so let’s get started?

Process for tightening up the dirt bike chain

The first job you have to do is to check what size of bolt is assembled in the axle, and now your task is to loosen up your axle. Here I am giving you an example of 32 sizes of the socket.

If your bike has the same size bolt used for assembly on the axle. Use this socket to loosen up the axle.

With the axle loss, we need to take these adjuster bolts and the adjuster lock nuts and lose them all. You will need a ten mil spanner and a twelve mil spanner. Ten mil spanner for the bolts and 12 mil spanner for locking nut. Now first, crack the locking nuts.

Now that it’s loose wanted back a little. Then you can easily want this is to be adjusted in the nail. This one on each side, so we need to do with both of these.

With everything loosen which we required to the bike you should be out to maybe a will in and up with relative ease. I can this trying to go tight and loose. Every dirt bike rider should have an idea about how does the gearbox work. If not, then you can read it here.

What happens when the chain is too loose?

It may happen that if you have bought a second-hand bike and it was running with this chain, and it was loose for quite some time, but you can look for it. And you can see where they are. The chain is being rubbed on the swinging arm as it is riding. Because it’s too loose now, this can come a big problem. Your chain can come off your sprocket.

We see spike has had to happen, and you can tell it does happen because if you look, he can see this is where the chain is going to between sprocket and swingarm. Just because the rider had it too loose and the chain got jammed in between here, that would have been a major problem.

It can also damage your sprockets and your hub if that gets jammed up in there, and as your chain breaks in goes flying free the bike. It could also come into this area and go for your cashing close and damages with broken chains.

So that’s what one problem is with a chain that is too loose. These are the problem which happens when the chain is too loose.

What happens when the chain is too tight?

1. The wheel is hard to turn.

2. You have heaps of strain and stress on this chain; on your sprockets, this hub would have a lot of stress on it also your axle. The chain that is too tight will also have a lot of pressure on this drive shaft which could damage the shaft, all the casing of the bearings, and holding this all together.

The chain is too tight; the bike suspension would also have a problem compressing, making it much harder as the chain pulls on these two sprockets here and stops such a suspension from working correctly.

Now lets that just this change, I started the wheels slightly forward, and I had to change too loose.

The reason I stopped with the chain loss is that I walk the wheel back by pushing the side axle block. You can see these lines here in the swingarm.

There’s also a lawn in acts of the block, and you would please Using your Adjuster screw, And I had the axle. I do not completely lease, but it’s disappointing just a tiny bit, but conciliation would be moved by adjusting these.

 How To Adjust A Dirt Bike Chain?

Adjust the screw onto the chain block, and you have to go both sides. And the move evenly so that you will stay as true and your chain will also remain straight and square.

So we get the other side and keep this one same as the other side. At the same rate as the other side. We do we check the tightness of the chain.

What I mean full of three fingers behind the chain slide for the correct adjustment. Now I have to change three fingers which is where I wanted. You’ll see the change. It is not so loose. That it doesn’t hit the swingarm, stop too tight. Now that I had the chain, the adjustment I like.

I just run a rag in here. This pulls the axel up against these blocks as best they can, and then I tight in the axel nut. Now you have referred to the user manual of your bike. According to the ideas manual, when a 72.5 full torque on the axle nut.

Then let’s tighten the axle. Here we go, and let’s see the tightening of the locking nut on both sides. Move the rag from the wheel.

The lines on the adjusted block of both sides should be even by sides, and that should ensure all that you’re chain is running true in the square. To the block and not running at a funny angle.

So that’s good for the chain going in or out. It will weigh your chain and sprockets out much more quickly, and also, your rear wheel, why be running true to the block as well, which can affect the handling.

I know there are people out there that will say, what if my fingers aren’t as big as yours. Here, we can know here uses the bike’s measurements as between 40-50 mm at the bottom of the chain. To measure that, have a look.

Because it’s not an exact measurement, it’s between 40-50 mm of movement. I’m going to call this start at 60 mm at the top part of the chain there. If you can see that on your bike and go to about 45mm, it is pretty much what you want.

With the chain adjuster, it’s a good time to talk about maintenance on the chain. How we should normally play my chain is off when I’m watching the black. I am normally just getting into that trying going to get all the grease and grime out.

And then I let it sit and let it dry out old water can dry out in such alike. Once the chain is dry, I get some trying sprite Chain lubricant for spreading. No Way Just in where the section here is here with the chain guide is and spray it. The chain now just the correct, and it’s also lubricated and ready for the next ride.


Every rider now or then issue while riding a dirt bike, and it may be anything whether your bike’s clutch plate may burn or its other issues can encounter it.

And one of the most common problems is losing a chain that can also harm other parts of the bike. In this post, we have talked about How To Tighten up A Dirt Bike Chain.

Beginners have don’t any idea bout such problems, and they need to understand them. You should be a good knowledgeable person for being a pro rider.