Dirt Bike Exhaust Red Hot: 7 Possible Reasons (Explained)

A typical issue with dirt bikes is red-hot exhaust. It can be disturbing if it’s your first time experiencing it and you have no idea why it’s happening. If you own a dirt bike, you should pay attention to these seven causes of very high exhaust temperatures.

If the exhaust is burning red hot, the engine is overheating and needs to be cooled down. There aren’t any tried-and-true methods for resolving the issue.

Let’s say you go for a nice long ride on your dirt bike and then notice that when you get back, the exhaust is red hot. Consequently, lots of greenhorns questioned whether or not this was the norm.

High temperatures and flames are typically indicated by a red, flaming exhaust. When a dirt bike is pushed to its limits, a great deal of heat and temperature are produced.

When it first starts working, it will overheat and produce this kind of heat. When the dirt bike creates too much heat, it will begin to transfer that heat to the exhaust system.

What is Red Hot Exhaust in Your Dirt Bike ?

If the exhaust is burning red hot, the metal is likely getting close to or at its melting temperature. But even at temperatures well above the point at which the metal begins to glow red, it will not melt.

There are mainly two types of metals one stainless steel and the other is non-stainless steel.

Compared to non-stainless steel, stainless steel will glow at a considerably lower temperature.

The temperature gauge provides a reliable reading of the current temperature. The hue of the smoke doesn’t tell you much about the temperature within.

Exhaust will be a deep crimson during the day and a vivid orange at night.

Does a Glowing Red Hot Exhaust Always Means Wrong ?

Again for fact, a flaming exhaust is very common on many dirt bikes and shouldn’t alarm you. It’s possible that you’ve put so much strain on your dirt bike that it’s begun to glow.

When you get hot, your skin naturally begins to radiate. Your dirt bike will not perform as intended. On the other hand, a diagnosis is required whenever the exhaust glow goes too far. As a result, you should talk to your dealer about the matter and get sound advice on how to proceed.

If the exhaust is a vivid shade of red orange, there is likely to be an issue soon. The causes of the reddish light coming from the exhaust system need to be discussed.

Why Does My dirt Bike Exhaust Red Hot?

1. Your dirt bike is running too lean

Bikes are said to be operating “lean” when the air-to-gas ratio is off and more air is being used than gas. There is a furnace effect because of the imbalance.

When a motorcycle is running lean, the exhaust will light up. When the glow becomes abnormal, the exhaust can melt. Your piston may develop a hole as a result.

If you don’t know how to keep this from happening, the piston on your dirt bike will stick. A dirt bike with a flaming exhaust is usually the result of the machine being operated on lean fuel.

How to check if the bike is running too lean or rich?

Many tools exist to help us figure out what’s wrong with an engine. A common term for the loud popping noise made by a dirt bike is “backfiring.”

You need to read the article, “Why Does a Dirt Bike Backfire?” if you don’t know.

A professional diagnosis is necessary when the popping goes beyond what would be expected. You may know you’re going too thin when you start experiencing backfire.

If the motorcycle is taking a long time to reach the idle position, this could be an indication that it is operating at too low of a fuel mixture. The spark plug can also be inspected to determine if the engine is running lean.

You can tell the bike is running too lean because the spark plug will begin to melt, a more mechanical technique. Wearing protective gloves is recommended for removing a spark plug.

If the carburetor or jets on a dirt bike are dirty, the machine may run on too little fuel. The carburetor can be cleaned to reduce the possibility of damage.

Clean the Jets more thoroughly by leaning them separately. Jets can be cleaned with a variety of commercially available instruments, such as spray cleaner, a copper brush, etc.

For a thorough cleaning, you clear out all doorways and hallways. If the Jets are not optimal, I can also accept running lean. For a greater fuel capacity, you can also swap out the jets for ones of a much larger size.

Altering the jets on your flaming tailpipe can make a big difference. You may buy a real Jet kit online. Another possible source of running lean is damaged vacuum lines. Fix the lines that carry air out right away to keep the vacuum system from getting any worse. They’re simple to look at and change out on the cheap.

2. When the exhaust valves are dirty, damaged and poor in condition

Exhaust valves have a crucial role during engine operation, closing at ignition and opening on the next stroke to release exhaust gases. It’s possible that carbon residue will build up on the valve head, resulting in an airtight fit.

This will allow the blast’s hot air and flames to escape via the crack. Because of this, the exhaust is blazing.

Damaged or improperly set valves might also cause an exhaust glow. In the event that cleaning, inspecting, and adjusting the cylinder head do not solve the problem, it is time to contact a mechanic.

A compression tester should be utilized in order to determine the quality of valves. However, if you want an exact assessment of their state, a leak down test is what you need.

3. Exhaust leak

If the exhaust is leaking before it even leaves the system, the bike’s back end will glow hot because of the reduced back pressure.

Locate the pipe’s clamps and inspect them for damage instead of the pipe’s gaskets. Determine if the problem has been resolved by repairing it.

4. Replacement or supplementary exhaust headers and piping

Headers and aftermarket exhaust systems can be made from a variety of materials. Stainless steel systems radiate more light than their non-stainless counterparts because of the metal’s reflective properties.

Lighter weights are achieved by using thinner walls. This will cause more light to radiate and allow more heat to enter. To improve exhaust flow, you can also install an aftermarket system.

A faster rate of heat creation is achieved by installing an aftermarket system. As a result, the system temperature will drop significantly.

5. No airflow on standing still

When you walk, air will flow past the exhaust, reducing its temperature. When the motorcycle is at rest, no air is flowing past the exhaust, therefore it cannot be used to cool the engine.

It will be more difficult for the exhaust to cool down if there is no air pressure. Similarly, this also holds true for the header. When the bike is running and making more heat, the glow from the exhaust may get brighter. So, the glow from the exhaust during periods of inactivity is caused by poor cooling.

6. A clogged pipe

If there is a blockage in the exhaust system, airflow will be diminished. Too much pressure will build up in your back, which in turn will generate even more internal warmth. The obstructed pipe should be fixed as soon as feasible.

That’s chipped and extremely simple to do. Before looking at any other parts of the system, you should try troubleshooting. Verify where the muffler exits the vehicle.

As with any part of a choked pipe, a dirty spark arrestor should be cleaned to restore full airflow. It’s not uncommon for the dirt bike’s motor to stall out while riding owing to a stray rock or branch. All of the dirt bike’s components must be put back together.

You should also open the exhaust for the critter if the bike will be sitting static for a while. Mice prefer quiet, dark locations to have their young, so keep an eye out for any hiding spots. During the spring, it is not uncommon to discover bird nests in unexpected locations.

The bike’s sound output has been drastically reduced thanks to the installation of extra-large stuck mufflers.

7. Thermostat Malfunction

However, this is not a common cause of a fiery tailpipe. The thermostat, if present, should be examined for potential correction of the problem. A reliable thermostat will direct cooled air to the radiator, where it can do its work.

Thermostats may be easily and cheaply replaced. Invest in a new thermostat for your dirt bike immediately. The engine temperature can be maintained at a safe level by using the coolant.

Aside from the obvious aesthetic appeal, luminous exhaust has some further advantages:

  • Something disturbing in the intake process of air flow
  • A weak or intermittent spark
  • Winter season
  • Wrong types of spark plugs etc.


It’s no secret that the exhaust pipe of a dirt bike can get very hot; I’ve discussed this problem at length with other riders. There are many good indicators, including the exhaust’s blazing heat, to help you spot it. Likewise, if you exercise prudence, you can avoid it.

Have a Safe Riding, Thank you!

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