What are the dirt bike games?

Hello friends, are you in love with playing dirt bike games? Let me tell you the best and the top games of this year. Playing a dirt bike game is another level of fun, you can kill your free time and also refresh a boring day. Let’s begin this article with interesting online racing games. 

You can play dirt bike games online at free of cost, just need to install applications and enjoy your day with an adventurous game. MXGP 2020 is the most popular game amongst the players, and the rest top ten apps are dirt bike unchained, MX vs ATV: All Out, supercross 3 & 4, trails rising, mad skills motocross 2, freestyle dirt bike and extreme bikers, including these a great number of top games are available on google play store or mac store. 

These are only games that can’t replace the real fun of riding a dirt bike. We have selected the most popular games with their short descriptions, positive and negative aspects and reviews. 

Best dirt bike game for 2022

Our favourite and famous among kids & adults who love to play video or online games have listed below. Check each one and decide which one you want to play or haven’t tried yet. 

  1. MX vs ATV: All Out 
  2. Trails Rising 
  3. Mad Skills Motocross 2
  4. Monster Energy Supercross
  5. Freestyle Dirt Bike Game
  6. Bike Mania

1. MX vs ATV: All Out 

The Rainbow studio in the US had developed this game and published it by THQ Nordic-based on off-road racing. This game is related to motocross bike racing with other vehicles as well. And in some of its parts, players can fly aeroplanes & helicopters too, but the main focus is on dirt bikes.

The first version was released on 16th March 2005 and this latest series MX vs ATV: All Out was launched on 27 March 2018 and its modified version came out in 2020.

The best part you will love about this is its open-world tutorial hub. With these features, you can learn to drop your bike and keep turning it aimlessly until you complete the event. There are options in the menu, from where you can choose for racing or just the learning phase. 

Once you install this game, see what kind of ride you want to take, supercross, nationals, open cross, freestyle or waypoint including solo time trial. 

Two players can share their split-screen and it could go up to 8 players. The vehicle, rider structure and fabric textures are designed beautifully.

But, here too some issues related to glitchy frames and all others are good. You will get this on PC/PS4/Nintendo Switch / Xbox One. 

Genre – Racing 

Developer- Rainbow Studio 

Publisher- THQ Nordic 

Latest Release- 27th March 2018

Modified Version- 2020 

2. Trails Rising 

An amazing game not like a normal one but a 2.5D video game. This is developed by RedLynx and Ubisoft Kyiv & Ubisoft launched on 19 November 2019.

The first version was released in the year 2014 and keeps improving its features, fabric & adding adventurous options. Trails Rising is simple but a great time-killing video game. Here, players control a rider on a dirt bike crossing all the obstacles to win the race. You can play it along with local players or with online competitors.

There is an option to see other players’ best performance and if anyone breaks their record, they will get a notification. You can change the rider’s outfits and also modify the bike. The developers have uploaded many videos of tutorials on Youtube and there are experts to help you to learn about Trails Rising. 

Even though this game was nominated for the award of best racing game in 2018, later its developers added new features and made it easy to play and then nominated for Racing game of the year in the next year. You can play this on Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. 

Genre- Racing 

Developer- RedLynx and Ubisoft Kyiv

Publisher- Ubisoft 

Latest Release- 26 February 2019

Modified Version- 19 November 2019 

3. Mad Skills Motocross 2

Real-life bike racing like Mad Skills Motocross 2 has been developed. This is a 2-D bike game where you can enjoy hitting other players via online track racing. Every time you will get the same type of obstacles, it’s on you how to skip them through jumping or flipping to win the race at the end.

In the beginning, you will get six kinds of bike options, pick any of these as per your choice, but at the beginning, you need to unlock all of them by playing games.

If you don’t have human or local players, you can play against the computer. The latest modified game launched on 15th June 2022. You can change bike colour, gears, and can add whatever number to the number plate. For tough obstacles, you can cross them with the help of rockets. 

Using control you can manage the brake and gas system and the player can lean forward or back. Long track racing adds more fun. Here, along with bikes, you can drive a car as well.

The first edition of Mad Skills was released on 20 February 2014. This game can be played on iOS and Android, a 86MB game can be installed easily on the mentioned platforms.

Genre- Racing 

Developer- Turborilla 

Publisher- Turborilla 

Release Date- 20 February 2014

Latest Release- 15 June 2022

4. Monster Energy Supercross

The most positively reviewed game is Monster Energy Supercross, where viewers used to add minimum or maximum negative comments, this one has received the highest good remarks. This game series was released in early 2018 and over time the third instalment was launched on 4 February 2020.

Graphics are still the same as before as that wasn’t a big issue. A large stadium with camera flash tracks attracts riders easily and outside in the nature of exciting adventures.

In this new version, you will see female riders too and the character models look better than the previous versions. The sound quality is strong and the developed track field gives a great feel to the riders. A plenty of options for riders to choose from right out of the main gate. 

This is a supercross test area game where you will have more opportunities to have fun riding bikes. You will have a track editor on the feature list to modify the track with different objects.

It’s difficult to complain about this latest version as the developer has sorted out many issues and made it reliable and best for game players. 

Genre- Racing, Sports

Developer- Milestone

Publisher- Milestone

Release Date- 31 January 2020

Latest Release- 4 February 2020

5. Freestyle Dirt Bike Game

This is one of the oldest video games that has existed in this world since 2002. You will feel the realism of dirt bike racing. You can jump along with the bike as high as you want and gain credits by unlocking the bikes and tracks. It’s a 3D game, three cameras have been set up, behind, cockpit and full screen.

This will give you a chance to select among 12 bikes and 5 indoor tracks. Every bike has different aspects and features, like grip, brakes and power. You can try multiple tricks while riding the bike on the track. 

This is different from the traditional games if you lost interest in playing common racing video games. You can try this new one, enjoy the real-time game like you feel on the track. 

Genre- Racing 

Developer- EA Redwood Shores and Page A4 Studios Full Fat

Publisher- EA Sports BIG 

Release Date- 17 June 2002

Latest Release- 2020 

6. Bike Mania

This game is based on time limitation, you have to complete the race within the given time. The riders will have two options to control the bike, accelerate and reverse.

A sliding lever is also available to climb over mountains, rocks or obstacles. Bike Mania comes with tutorial skills and instruction videos to sharpen the grip over dirt bikes.

A different kind of feature has been added to this game is when you replay any level, a ghost-like bike will appear there to show how you performed last time. The graphics are good, not so cool, but realistic and the sound system is good. How fast you complete the race, you will get stars one, two or three. 

All over this game looks good except for rain and snow effects, which can be annoying otherwise background music is also good.

Within a few hours, you can finish the game and that’s enough per day to spend your time on video games. Ace Viral developed it first in 2007, but at that time people didn’t like it as expected. With time, this new version becomes more suitable for players. 

Genre- Racing 

Developer- Ace Viral 

Publisher- Ace Viral 

Release Date- April 2007 

Latest Release- January 2020 

Note:- Before installing any of these games, be assured the downloader links should be legal else your phone might be caught by viruses. And also check whether the given game will be supportable on your android phone, iPhone, pc or lappy. 


What you were looking for is here, have you seen those dirt bike games? These games are really interesting and you will love to play them even if you are lost in your imagination.

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