Best Dirt Bike For Kids in 2022: (Important Facts Explained)

If you wish to invest in a dirt bike for your kids, then start with the normal one that’s good for beginners. Read here about the top 7 kids’ dirt bike brands, their specialties, and many more. 

Dirt bikes come in two types, either motorized or electrical. Depending on your kid’s age, height, weight, and strength, you can buy any of them. Generally, an electric dirt bike is available for under $250-$500, whereas a motorized dirt bike will charge you a cost between $1500-$5000.

Buying a dirt bike for kids will be less expensive. The rest will depend on brands, features, and market demand. With complete information, we are here to help you with the top 7 kids’ dirt bike costs. 

Are you seeking a dirt bike for your kid that should also be affordable? Here you will get the right choice at the right price. After doing a lot of research, we have concluded that the given bikes have more advantages and features and won’t be costly. Let’s start reading and pick the most suitable one. 

Top 10 Kids Dirt Bike Cost Comparison 

I have mentioned KTM, Honda, Kawasaki, Kuberg, Yamaha, and MotoTec, and these brands are suitable for kids and the most comfortable dirt bikes. Your kid will learn new skills and enhance their strength to handle the bigger bikes. 

1. KTM 65SX

KTM is always on top with its stylish look and attractive features. It’s more costly than the other bikes, but a good value brand. You won’t regret buying a dirt bike from KTM. This KTM 65SX model is made for kids with a low cc value so that they can manage to ride it and never have an accident. 


  • The bodywork is outstanding, giving you maximum freedom of movement and comfortable seats. The new front and rear fenders are exceptional designs to provide maximum stability. 
  • The hydraulic brakes are easy to control and ensure the best deceleration, which is suitable for safety purposes. 
  • This model has a 2-stroke engine and an easy-to-shift 6-speed transmission with the help of a clutch. The pressure-controlled exhaust valve provides more power and ample torque. 
  • Your 65SX comprises lightweight wheels, black anodized, and aluminium rims that give your kid the highest strength and safety. 
  • KTM has built this model with high-quality aluminium alloy and a new pad on the handlebar brace to protect your kid from injuries. 


I have already mentioned that the KTM 65SX is slightly more expensive than any other dirt bike. This new model costs about $5049, and you can buy it online or go for used bikes. 

This model is perfect for experienced riders. And they are ready for higher speeds and those who know the clutch’s use. If this is their first bike, then train them using other low-engine dirt bikes for kids

2. Honda CRF 125F

One more expensive dirt bike for kids, this model is great for beginners and advanced riders. It would be a good bike for the young riders who have just started. This bike is not for learning but for gaining experience in adjusting different parts and preparing them for bigger bikes. 


  • It has a reliable four-stroke engine, but the single cylinder will offer better performance, and fuel injection makes it more effective. 
  • A heavy clutch is attached to the Honda to promote smooth shifting and is durable too. 
  • For the safety of young riders, the Honda CRF is made up of a solid twin-spark type steel frame and swingarms to handle bumps while riding. 
  • Front disc brakes are powerful to stop the bike and work better in wet weather without slipping on the road. 
  • It has a better seal to last longer, an electric start, and a keyed ignition switch to change the speed for different riders. 


The Honda CRF 125F costs around $3,000 but is also valuable. This bike’s battery is more extensive and will probably last several years. If your kid wants to gain more experience, pick this bike or ask for a used one too. 

If your kid is 10+ years old, buy them a Honda CRF 125F, as this bike is bigger for taller kids. If your kid can comfortably put their foot on the ground and hold up the bike without getting into trouble, don’t look either. Pay and give him this new dirt bike. 

3. Kawasaki KX65

Kawasaki has launched many dirt bikes for kids with unique features, and this model, KX65, is best for nine-to-eleven-year-old kids. It is also expensive, but not as much as KTM. It will keep your young rider safe and comfortable. 


  • It has front and rear disc brakes to help the rider slow down the bike whenever required without shifting a single inch. 
  • The KX65 has a Uni-Trak single-shock system that helps the rider handle rough and tough jumps. See less impact when the bike hits the ground after jumping
  • Its seat height is about 29.9 inches, making it suitable for taller children or teenagers. The new Kawasaki KX65 allows you to use petrol as fuel and has a manual transmission. 
  • Suppose there is any issue with your bike’s engine, such as low fuel, trapped dust or dirt. It has an automatic engine sensor that will alert you to check your bike’s engine. 
  • The company has updated the model with a compact steel frame with a high-tensile double cradle. Kawasaki delivers powerful and lightweight performance, so your kid won’t feel burdened while riding it. 


The new model of the Kawasaki KX65 was launched in 2020 and cost about $3,700. It sounds expensive, but it’s good for your growing kid. 

Apart from price and features, keep some essential things in your mind. If your kid is nine years old, he should feel comfortable while riding, and that’s only possible if his toe can touch the ground. It has two strokes, so buy it only if you have ridden other bikes earlier.

4. Honda CRF 110F 

Another bike from Honda, the CRF 110F, gives good performance with a wide range of power bands and is available for different riders. For more details, check out the below-mentioned information. 


  • This CRF110F has various rear suspension travel for smooth and better riding. And, of course, there is no clutch lever, which means no stalling. 
  • Other electric dirt bikes come with an electric starter. Although it’s a gas bike, it has an electric starter. With one push, this dirt bike can start with a keyed ignition feature to adjust the speed with the rider’s strength. 
  • It has the design to look bigger; CRF is suitable for riders with tough plastic fenders, tanks and other body parts. 
  • The CRF110F comes with an extra kick starter, and you won’t need to worry when it’s winter. Fuel injection doesn’t stop your fun; it starts right up, even in cold weather. 
  • Handlebar mounted with a starter button, an ignition “key on” indicator, fuel injection system status, and a “low fuel” indicator light. 


The cost of a Honda CRF110F is mid-range, at around $2,400. It’s the cheapest cost of a Honda bike, and other models are expensive. 

As it’s a gas bike, it is heavier than other kids’ bikes. If your kid’s weight is good, they can manage; otherwise, not for younger children, 6 to 10 years old. 

Try out this bike before purchasing, with seat height, weight, etc.  

5. Kuberg: Young Rider Trial Hero

Kuberg is famous for manufacturing excellent electric dirt bikes. Many parents prefer it for their kids; it has many fun adventures. To learn more, scroll down and check the information. 


  • The most important feature, you wouldn’t get anywhere else. It has a safety kill switch with an attached wristband. It will turn off when your kid falls off the bike; it won’t hurt them. 
  • The durable battery lasts more than two hours; this charging is sufficient for a bike at this price. 
  • While slowing down the bike, it is easier with hydraulic brakes; it won’t bump back, and it is easy for your kids to slow or stop the dirt bike whenever they need it. 
  • It has Wi-Fi connectivity to monitor all your bike functions with a smartphone using the Volt app. 
  • The frame is rugged and powder-coated, and a double cradle steel tube makes it stronger. Other companies use such materials for adult bikes, not for kids. That is why Kuberg is different from others. 


This facility will charge you less than $2000, or you can buy it from your acquaintance as it’s the first choice for safety purposes. 

Kuberg made bikes super lightweight for their lovely kid riders. This lightweight will help the rider have greater control over the dirt bike. Make sure your kid can handle the bike while jumping and landing; it would be easy with this weight. 

6. Yamaha TTR-50E

The Yamaha TTR-50E is excellent for learning to ride and has a small seat for kids to boost their confidence. This model would be a perfect choice for a six-year-old kid. It offers many features, such as electric start and front and rear drum brakes, and it’s also durable. 


  • The TTR-50E has an electric starter that makes it advanced, and it won’t require brutal force to do a kick start. Kids aren’t substantial for a kick start, and that’s why it’s popular among kids. 
  • It is an excellent option for small kids aged three to 6 years old. It has a 50cc engine, and the seat height is also suitable for their age. Kids have to learn to ride so they can stop the bike before its weight overpowers them. 
  • Although it looks smaller, speed is not a toy. Set the gear for your kids to prevent the highest speed that could be hard to stop but suitable for learning purposes. 
  • It uses a 49cc air-cooled engine, so you won’t have to leave it idling for long. It also uses a 3-speed automatic clutch, so your kid can change the gears at the highest speed. 
  • Yamaha also provides an adjustable restrictor that will allow you to adjust the speed per your kid’s strength. 


The Yamaha TTR-50E is available at a reasonable price. Pay $1,600 and bring this brand-new bike to your home. You will get more facilities at this price, but you can look for a used one just for learning. 

Don’t let your kid ride it alone; this bike weighs more than other dirt bikes. And train them to use an automatic clutch to help control the speed. Once they have enough confidence, leave them alone to enjoy their ride. 

7. MotoTec 24V Electric 

It is an excellent example of an electric dirt bike for your baby. This bike is a great way to start learning to ride as it has a lot of fun associated with its features and is also cost-effective. Plus, it will save extra expenses on fuel. Charge it thoroughly before going out to enjoy the ride. 


  • Many kids’ bikes come with a selectable speed key lock. Set it at a lower speed when it is the first time for them. Its several running rates are 5, 10, or 16 mph; they are adjusted step by step. 
  • Front and rear disc brakes are attached to the bike to slow down the motorcycle, keeping your kids safe effectively. 
  • It also has adjustable suspension to set the bike for any terrain; this step will keep your kid a comfortable ride. 
  • Bodywork is solid, made of steel, can absorb shock and hit, and doesn’t bend easily with repeated damage. 
  • Aluminium wheels have pneumatic knobby off-road tires—small wheels for kids’ comfort and suitable for mild off-road terrain. 


This bike has an average price of $640, but you can look for a better deal through online platforms where it will be available only for $440. Although it’s cheaper, getting this bike would be a hassle.

Don’t forget to charge; otherwise, there wouldn’t be any fun outdoors. Adjust the seat height so your kid’s toe can touch the ground. And fix the speed for any mishap. 


Here I have discussed all the top dirt bike models for kids willing to ride the bike. These bikes are best for both beginners and advanced riders. You got the idea from this post regarding the kid’s dirt bike cost. If you like to read such information, keep in touch and subscribe to our newsletter for more updates.