How much does a dirt bike weight?

Many factors should take into consideration while selecting the perfect dirt bike like the riding ability, height and weight.

Your dirt bike riding skills and knowledge will allow you to determine if you will get a more significant or littler dirt bike according to your personality and then decide about a higher or lower capable engine. You will discover the seat height by your height and weight.

There are various Dirt bike sizes available, and it is essential to focus on the seat tallness and the engine displacement of the Dirt Bike as you find out which is right for you.

The weight of a typical Dirt Bike (usually when you ride a standard Average Dirt bike) is around 200-250 pounds. Adult dirt bikes weighed would be more significant with their height varying from around 35 ” to about 38″ with 230 ccs to 450 cc engines.

A kid’s dirt bike ranges between 18 “and 34” and engine capability between 50 ccs and 150 cc engine.

Although these are general guidelines, there is space in which you can safely place a person on a dirt bike and select the one in which he is comfortable by neglecting these standard guidelines mentioned above. Once you pick your ride, the principal aim is to stay relaxed and ensure you are on the road.

Average Weight of Adult Dirt Bikes

As mentioned above also, an adult dirt bike, the average weight is around 200-250 pounds although that varies year-on-year.

Nevertheless, with various groupings, this amount can be multiple as included that the latest versions are lighter than the previous ones.

There is a list of models of Adult Dirt Bikes presented below to select the correct weighted dirt bike or have an idea about dirt bike weights according to different brands available in the market.

Adult Dirt Bike Models Weight
Honda XR650L 346lbs
Suzuki DR-Z400S 317 lbs
Yamaha WR250R 278 lbs
Yamaha WR250F 258 lbs
Yamaha YZ250FX 249 lbs (wet)
Honda CRF230F 249 lbs (wet)
Suzuki RM-Z450 247 lbs
Yamaha YZ250F 234 lbs
Kawasaki KX250F 233.6 lbs
Honda CRF450 233 lbs
Suzuki RM-Z250 230.4 lbs
Honda CRF250X 224.8 lbs
Husqvarna FC350 223 lbs
Kawasaki KX500 220.4 lbs
KTM 250 XC-F 218.7 lbs

The average weight for Kids Dirt Bikes

The average weight of a kid’s dirt bike is around 130-150 pounds, although it may shift when lighter versions are available in the market, equivalent to adult dirt bikes.

Earlier we have talked about cheap Yamaha dirt bike for kids and in my point of view, you must visit this. Weight of the dirt bikes for kids should be suitable because kids dirt bike safety is really important.

Bikes for kid’s range become smaller for two or more apparent causes. They’re little, that’s to say. Depending on the less engine capability, less pricey, lighter and less durable materials are the reason for these apparent causes.

These are often continuously equipped with littler gas containers, which reduce the weight of the gas tank and accept lesser fuel steps than an adult bike’s tank.

Within the alternative grouping, electronic dirt bikes can be a consideration. Their weight does not change even like an engine based dirt bike because they operate off a battery and an electric charge instead of gas and fuel tanks with a proper driver.

Electrical architecture in terms of Kid’s dirt bike was often taken into account as early as late to become “natural slowly” so watch out for electrical choices. There are many listings mentioned below:

Brand Weight
Honda CRF125F 194 lbs (wet)
Kawasaki KLX110 165.5 lbs (wet)
Kawasaki KX85 165 lbs
Yamaha TT-R110E 159 lbs (wet)
Yamaha TTR-50 126 lbs
Suzuki DR-Z70 121 lbs (wet)
KTM 65 SX 116.5 lbs
Honda CRF50 110 lbs
Yamaha PW50 90 lbs
KTM 50 SX Mini 88.2 lbs

Wet Weight during the weighing of a Dirt Bike

Wet weight, as it includes all the fuel and fluids that require to work the dirt bike, is the wet weight of a dirt bike. That ensures that bike measures in compliance with the form of an engine the bike has, and the make and model, as it comes to the entire petrol, gasoline, hot,
cold water, or something else, the bike needs to operate.

While the latest weight of dirt bikes are often dry, several manufacturers and agencies recognize that their riders usually don’t have valuable data because they don’t often push their bikes with dry weight.

As a consequence, many have started to move over to the reporting of “wet” the weight of bikes, which is much more valuable knowledge, mainly if you are a racer.

And, while you are out, always look for power or wet weight to find the bike that’s closest suited you and your needs. When in a market role, question the sales representatives about the importance, as liquids may be weightier than expected by you.

Dry Weight during the weighing of a Dirt Bike

The heaviness of the bike is the dry weight, and just the wheel, with no air, oil and fluids to enable the machine to ride.
The weight of the latest bicycles on assembly locations is usually dry, although some companies continue to report wet weight.

Necessary details of dirt Bike in terms of Weight

“The better the engine strength, the more weight the bike has”. The easiest way is to figure out how many ccs your bike has. Has your bike a 250cc engine, for example? Or is it a 400 cc bike on the other hand? Cc is a relative term, short for cubic centimetres. The heavier the bike is, the larger the engine is.

There is something other than the sort of engine which the bikes can use to restrict drivers which can be in the weight "range" you need Two options can apply to bikes: two or four strokes. Two-stroke engine bikes are generally lighter than four-stroke ones.

Two-stroke engines use to complete a similar operation, with less growth, rendering it lighter and less variable. If you wish to get a light-weight bike, you may continue your search by seeing two-stroke dirt bikes.


Dirt Bikes offer an outstanding performance out on the path and as well as during off-road. It’s imperative to ensure that you have the correct vehicle to ride on based on your compatibility.

Else, you may mess up to your machine if the heaviness of your dirt bike surpasses the comfortability of riding and ends up with some mishappenings.

Remain safe and make a point to utilize appropriate secure lashes also or else you ended up lost the bike off the roadway. With the best-selected bike range, you’ll be prepared and on the path in the blink of an eye. With that said, there are enough details for the weight measures that can use to select the compatible dirt bike that is best suitable for you and ride with comfort and safety.