How to replace spark plug wires on a dirt bike?

Changing the Spark plug attachment is one of the most effortless maintenance undertakings you can do on a dirt bike. Replacing your spark plugs ensures that your engine runs smoothly; beyond that, however, the process will also inform you of other motor issues that may require attention.

For example, oil-secured sparkle fittings can damage the flag valve, and wet, fuel-fouled joints will show your carburetors should be tuned.

But before changing you must know How To Check the Dirt Bike Spark Plug?

Method to replace a new Spark Plug Wire?

As for timing, replacing your sparkle plugs at any stage, you get an oil change is a good idea. No matter how long the old fittings are in useful shape, it would help if you kept them around for crises.

According to the kind of bike you have, there can be as little as two or six spark plug fittings up there. Most of the time, the spark fittings are attached to thick dark wires on the motor.

Note, getting to all of your spark attachments on some models can involve expelling plastic spreads, fairing parts, or even the gas tank.

There in this article provided all the necessary details with the steps that you can follow along to replace the Spark plug easily.

Tools Required :

Before starting the procedure of replacing the spark plug, there are few necessary prerequisites and tools required that mention below :

  • New Spark Plug: A dirt bike spark plug can purchase at any store that sells parts of the dirt bikes.
  • Spark Plug Socket: a spark plug socket tool is used only during the replacement of the spark plug and useless for any other thing.
  • Socket Gap Tool: A sparkle plug hole setter is required to set the correct flash connection hole.
  • Ratchet: it is a tool that use to loosen up the spark plug that is when attached to the spark plug socket.

So gather these required tools and accessories and started following the procedure carefully.

Procedure to change spark Plug :

The complete process of replacing the spark plug of a dirt bike is mentioned below with the detailed diagnostics and practical problem solutions that generate while changing the same.


Find the position of Dirt Bike Spark plug. Usually, the spark plug place on the motor under the spark plug cap that attaches with the black wire. Depending on various dirt bike companies, there are two or six fittings of spark plug available.

The spark plug is not cleared to you although it locates on the engine but has spark plug cap over it that connects with the black wire so initially, we had to remove that spark plug cap.


Remove the wire that is attached to the spark wire by removing the cap that places on the spark plug.

NOTE: While removing the spark plug cap from the spark plug, you mustn’t pull the wire because it then damages the connection between the spark plug and sparks plug cap.

Also, if the bike recently starts, then the chances are that the spark plug is hot. So, for preventing yourself from burning, make your dirt bike still for around 15 minutes and later try to remove the spark plug cap.


Now, when you removed the spark plug cap. Next, you have to remove the spark plug that is now visible to you if you have done the 2nd step correctly and it’s not that tough.

So, now place the spark plug socket and ratchet also only if the spark plug is hard to lose with the spark plug socket.

You may find it difficult to lose even after using both the tools that are spark plug socket and ratchet in one go, so keep trying because it previously in service centres tightened up using socket driving machines.

Also, While removing the spark plug remember you have to rotate it counterclockwise until it gets loose and then removes it directly with your hands.

After removing the spark plug from the engine, you may see some black area near the left side of your spark plug, and it also may be torn, this is the sign that your spark plug is damaged and needs to replace.

NOTE: In case the spark plug that you just removed from your dirt bike engine doesn’t have the mentioned indication of damage.

Then you can skip this process and placed it back with the same procedure that you follow to remove it but remember this time you have to rotate the spark plug socket to anti-counter clockwise.

Also, some bikers reused the spark plug which they just removed from their bike. Remember it never suggests to do that only if you have a shortage of spark plug at that time but don’t use it more than twice.

So the procedure to reuse the used one is that take a wire and continuously rub the black area in too and forth motion for around 5 minutes.

Then clean it entirely with a rough cloth and then you can reuse it by just placing it back to its position by reversing the procedure you done for removing the spark plug.


Now, when you remove the used spark plug it’s time to place the new spark plug into your bike, but before that, in this step, we acquire specific measures to check the gap of the new spark plug.

You have to ensure that the new spark plug which you are going to used is adequately gapped. For the proper functioning of the spark plug into your dirt bike, the spacing between the ground electrode and centre electrode should have to be precisely appropriate.

The guidance of the spacing measurement provide in the service manual of your dirt bike, and you can easily find it online by searching with your bike model.

Now, for measuring the spacing of your new spark plug spacing, you can place wires or metal tabs of varying thickness, and the appropriate one has then measured the width, and you can also use socket gap tool which works with the same procedure.


The gap of spark plug usually ranges from 0.02 inches to 0.16 inches.


Now, when you checked the space between the new spark plug gap and ensure that the difference is appropriate, as mentioned in the service manual.

You have to place the spark plug correctly to its desirable set the spark plug to its position carefully tighten up directly with your hands until it feels tight.

Now, use the spark plug socket and ratchet to tighten it up a little bit more so that it is fixed to its position appropriately. Then, place the spark plug cap and wire that is attached to it by the same precaution that you maintain when you remove it.

So, the replacement of the spark plug done with so much simplicity. I am sure it is simple for you all.


In this article, the precise and practical knowledge of replacing the spark plug in dirt bikes with a new one provide. The reason for providing these simple steps in detail is to offer you every precise possible precaution and knowledge that come up in the practical procedure of replacement of Spark plug in dirt bikes.

If you follow these steps in the correct manner, I am sure you successfully replaced your dirt bike spark plug.