80cc Dirt Bike Top Speed: 2 Stroke Vs 4 Stroke (Explained)

Riders are often curious about a particular dirt bike’s top speed, and their curiosity grows when one is built with an 80cc engine. I’ll let you know in this post how fast an 80cc dirt bike can go at its top speed.

How rapidly does an 80cc dirt bike travel overall?

An 80cc dirt bike’s top speed typically ranges between 45 and 50 mph. Therefore, the speed for a larger portion of the 80cc dirt bikes you may run over is However, there are other assortments available in the dirt bike market, each with a different powertrain.

Finally, this suggests that there are dirt bikes that are capable of speeds greater than 50 mph, up to 70 mph.

Ask yourself how fast an 80cc dirt bike would think about speed components. Normally, this would be a straightforward ride if you have experience with 80cc dirt bikes by chance. If you’re here, you’ll love this post I wrote: How fast is a 125cc dirt bike?

Maybe overdose on data. I have created this article for you. You’ll want to compare 80-cc dirt bike top speeds.

How Fast Can An 80cc 2-Stroke Dirt Bike Go?

To begin, it is important to note that the 2-phase motors will, in most cases, be faster than the 4-stroke motors that you come across.

There are a few specifics that go into why something like this is possible, but we shall look at that later.

From what the rider knows, the 2-stroke 80cc dirt bikes are doing much better and are much faster. The following is a selection of the 2-stroke models that I discovered:

1. Kawasaki K80

The maximum velocity for Kawasaki K80 is around 65 mph. The Kawasaki K80 is my most innovative option to get you locally available how quick does an 80cc dirt bike go?”

First of all, it is a dirt bike for youngsters with a less-amazing motor. But, be that as it may, the Kawasaki is as yet ready to pack a good measure of force and speed from the specs sheet.

That has to do with the motor Kawasaki needs to prepare their 80cc dirt bike. It is a two-phase motor running on a solitary chamber framework with an additional cylinder reed valve. That is beside the fluid cooling frameworks that work related to the motor.

Concerning the transmission, you will run over the KX80 as a six-speed system with a consistent cross-section to support it. Consolidating such motor parts has caused the 80cc dirt bike to accomplish paces above and beyond 60 mph.

So, this also means that the XK 80 can give you a lot of power to try out the speed. Consistent with this, I tracked down that this Kawasaki likewise packs a lot of force, but that doesn’t make it scary.

At 19 HP @ 11,500 rpm, I think of it as a good flexibility dirt bike in any event while firing up to the greatest.

2. Suzuki JR80

The Suzuki JR80 can go up to 45 mph. For new riders wishing to step up their dirt bike riding game, the Suzuki JR80 is a tough, rebuilt dirt bike. When they need to remodel and improve their dirt bike riding velocity and handling, young riders frequently choose this dirt bike as an option.

There is a good reason why this is becoming obvious as well. The Suzuki JR80 stands out as a two-stroke motor dirt bike first and foremost because it has adequate force and speed to please riders. A legal road cutoff in several jurisdictions is 45 mph, which is the paces’ inconspicuous speed.

Currently, the motor’s numerous components are the only things that make the speed possible.

You’ll notice that it has a single chamber and a 5-speed chain transmission. Not forgetting, the dislodging has a 79cc limit and is at the top of its class.

The motor’s capacity to overcome trails and difficult terrain also earns it an enduro or rough terrain rating.

The Suzuki motor’s specifications state that it can generate more force than is necessary to match its capabilities. The 8mm head bolts have a 19–21 ft/lbs of force. Any weaker 6mm bolts, like those on the lower chamber, only exert 6 ft/lbs of force.

When trying to figure out how fast an 80cc dirt bike goes, you can also look at the motor’s internal parts.

Due to the superior oil used in this Suzuki engine, which provides quality transmission inside the 1.08-gallon fuel system, there is no need to premix the fuel with this engine.

Suzuki also maintains to its traditional style by creating this 80 cc dirt bike with a simple launch mechanism.

Although it is a launch dirt bike, it allows riders a simple start with a short kick, and there is a pointless electronic ignition to help power the motor.

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3. Suzuki RM80

60 mph is the Suzuki RM80’s top speed. One other 80-cc model from the Suzuki Corporation that is advisable is the RM80 dirt bike. Suzuki tried to make the RM80 in many different ways to make up for the long time it took to make it.

The most modern model couples a tiny scrambler motor with an 80cc displacing volume. By volume, the chambers’ size is implied, which the cylinders make evident. Suzuki used a solo chamber instrument to activate the motor in this situation.

Suzuki also produces a superb two-stroke version of the RM80. The motorcycle has one of the most astonishing speeds for its class, traveling at just under 60 mph.

The motor components and details are mostly responsible for this. For instance, the motor’s drag and stroke still measure 1.9 by 1.8 inches.

That is, while the pressure ratio is 10.8 to 1. Even though these small details may not mean much, they show that the speed and force can support the complexity.

You might need to be aware that the motor force erodes the final drive chain while talking about power.

It means that power from the motor is transferred to the back tire via a chain drive.

In Suzuki’s opinion, the dirt bike’s six-speed transmission gearbox makes this torque possible.

The transmission makes use of its capabilities to ensure that the RM80 generates its standard force of 14.21 HP (10.6 KW) at 11000 RPM.

How Fast Does an 80cc 4-Stroke Dirt Bike Go?

The dirt bike motors that are quieter and more environmentally friendly are the four-stroke, 80cc motors. This shows that despite running at lower RPMs, 4-stroke motors are capable of delivering stronger forces.

Despite this, depending on the model you choose, the answer to a question like “How fast does an 80cc dirt bike go?” may vary greatly.

1. Honda CRF80F

55 mph is the Honda CRF80’s top speed. Honda CRF 80F is another another great combination for young riders looking for both control and speed. The flexible thumper is a result of Honda’s meticulous maintenance and skillful implementation.

The bike is ideal for speed and execution, so that is the first obvious component.

It has an 80cc motor with a back suspension, which makes it easy to handle and powerful enough. Honda puts both of these parts together in a strong steel undercarriage to make it tough and reliable.

Honda also gave the bike a standard grip that you can hold on to and a five-speed manual transmission to make it even faster.

It is the ideal size for novice riders to advance because it combines both of them. Even beginners and young people can participate because the motor’s remaining components are excellent despite its limited range of motion.

The motor has a draw ratio of 6.5kW (4 kW) at 8000 rpm with 79cc. The manual launch motor makes this possible. You will want to start the dirt bike’s two-stroke engine with such intensity.

Additionally, pace-related issues would always flow naturally into the force yield.

Honda’s CRF80F is capable of producing 6.5 Nm of force at 8000 revolutions per minute, per the calculations. As a result, it actually becomes possible to achieve the pace I previously mentioned.

2. Mega Moto Gas Mini Bike

This bike is smaller than anticipated and has a top speed of about 23 mph. By clicking here, you can view this bike on Amazon.

The Mega Moto Gas Mini Bike isn’t particularly about speed, despite being an 80cc model. It prioritizes health over a rapid driving experience in general.

To put it simply, it is a sort of minibike that may be used to get around by experienced searchers and motivated clients.

The plan and the elements set up are the reason I say this. The rider benefits from more negligible complexity inactivity thanks to its 80cc motor.

This Gas Mini Bike will also achieve less speed since it operates on a piece-part programmed.

It’s everything but a model that would respond to your inquiries about “How quickly does an 80cc dirt bike go, according to the survey of most dirt bikes.

It can only travel at a top speed of 23 mph. As a result, you shouldn’t anticipate the Mega Moto Gas Mini Bike to have much power.

The specific shows that the four-stroke motor can operate at 2.5 HP to ensure a beneficial riding experience.

3. Mega Moto MM-B80-BR Dirt bike

There is a 23 mph top speed on this bike. To differentiate it from the Gas Mini Bike, the Mega Moto MM-B80-BR dirt bike has a small difference.

Both utilize an 80cc motor model that features an amazing overhead-valve component and programmable grip. You may predict the smooth action using these motor components, in a similar manner.

The bike’s top speed is 23 mph, which is also astounding. That’s in line with the most impressive capability of the 79.5 CC OHV motor, which combines with the diffusive hold to have a smooth operation.

Additionally, the Monster Moto brand must make sure that health follows the standards set forth in its quality strategy.

By comparison with other four-stroke versions, the dirt bike is said to have a low speed rate.

The creator claims that 23 mph continues to be the most amazing speed. Whatever the case, the 190 kg advised weight is the only weight for which this speed is available.

The possibility of reaching a top speed of 26 mph is available for less weight than this. The drive-in test of the Mega Moto MM-B80-BR dirt bike doesn’t require much thought.

Along with the Gas Mini Bike, it also coordinates with its force output. That means the overall yield you should anticipate is 2.5 HP.


As far as I can tell, very few dirt bikes are selling their services at prices that are affordable. However, there are not a large number of them that remain.

The rest are dirt bikes that aren’t very good at getting through rough terrain and can’t go faster than 50 mph when conditions are right. Your question, “How quickly can an 80cc dirt bike go?” should be answered by the content of this article, if all goes according to plan.