Dirt Bike Safety Tips: 11 Things You Should Never Ignore

It’s true that riding a dirt bike is exciting, but only if you follow all safety precautions. Here, I will outline the eleven most crucial safety precautions you should take. It would be a mistake to skip these suggestions, so please read it carefully.

I can’t protect you on the track from everything, but I can advise you on how to stay safe on a dirt bike. If a kid is going for a dirt bike ride, then you must share the safety tips with him. For kids, I have written a separate whole article. You can read kids’ dirt bike safety tips by clicking here.

Dirt Bike Safety Tips

1. Dirt bike is not a toy so don’t take it lightly

This very cool machine which has a lot of power, so don’t make the mistake of taking it lightly. If you are not able to balance correctly while bouncing the dirt bike, you may also get hurt.

That is why first learn to drive this bike from an expert, then go out for a ride alone. If you can read the manual given by the manufacturer of dirt bikes, then read it on its website.

2. Things like helmets, goggles, neck brace are essential for safety

It does not matter how much you are an expert in riding a dirt bike or have just started driving.

You will always have to wear such things. You also need a helmet to ride a regular bike. Make sure you wear a helmet that fits in your head. It is better not to do any negligence in these things.

It is important to wear glasses; otherwise, it can be challenging if dust accidentally falls in your eyes. By the way, if there is a glass in the helmet, then it will also work.

If not, then wear glasses. If you are riding a dirt bike for the first time, you should wear many such precautions.

Such as a Chest Protector, Undergear Shorts, Knee Braces, Moto Socks, Boots, etc.

3. Avoid wearing loose-fitting clothes

Clothing is also essential while driving this bike. If you wear loose clothes, then you may have some problems with balancing the dirt bike.

That is why we wear only fitting clothes. Do not wear small clothes like half pant, which increases the chances of getting hurt. Keep these things in mind and wear safety-related things.

4. Keep your body in an attacking position

You keep your body in an attacking position. You may have trouble with this position, but this is the best way.

Keep your legs adequately fixed on the bike and allow the elbows of your hand to come out of the body a little bit.

Do not sit in a straight strut and not bend back. Otherwise, the body can get hurt. Just sitting on a bike that is sold on the part of your body, and you are going to hit on something.

To maintain the position of your body, you can persecute the knee on the gas tank.

Whenever you lift the dirt bike in the air, stand on the bike before coming down and sit comfortably when the bike comes on the ground.

If you still do not understand, then no matter what you have to do while riding the bike, you will understand yourself.

5. Choose the bike according to your height

It is imperative to choose the bike according to your height, so choose a bike whose you agree with the height.

Do not choose a bike that is too long nor one that is too short. If you do not select the right dirt bike, according to you, it becomes challenging to control it.

There is nothing to be disturbed in this matter, and you will find out by yourself.

6. Check your bike before every ride

Checking your dirt bike before every trip is the first duty of every rider. It becomes essential to check the brakes of your bike, or else the acquittal will be a problem.

The air-filled in the tire should also be checked. If there is less air in the tire, then more should be filled.

All the parts of the bike should be properly tested. If any important part is lost or broken, it should be repaired before the ride.

7. Do not avoid the power of the front brake

You know what many people think that using the front brake can cause an accident. Yes, it can happen if you brake on the slope.

But this does not mean that you stop using the front brake. The front brake has a lot of power if you learn to use it at the right time.

You can avoid a big accident. Use your two (index and king/middle) finger to apply the clutch, and this will speed up your response.

8. Ride according to your skill

Many early riders start riding at high speeds or perform at high risk to look good riders. People risk their lives to get thrilled.

If you anticipate your skill and you know yourself well, then only take such risks. And why have to take the risk. First, develop your skills.

9. Do not let yourself get dehydrate

When we ride a bike, the direct effect of sunlight on us causes us to sweat a lot. This is a big reason for the problem of dehydration rider.

This can cause weakness in the body, and the result can be terrible. So bike riders need to drink water from time to time.

10. Use your feet at the turning point

If you feel that you should use your foot to defend at this speed, then you should do it. You must be thinking about what can be said about this, and anyone can do this.

So you misbelieve many beginners do not do this. Instead, they know that they should do so.

It is possible only because of habit, if you continuously try, then it will become your habit. When you want to bend the bike at the turn, then push the bike downwards and take the turn. Stand on the bike, and it will make the bike easier to bend.

And yes, the most important thing is not to apply the front brake on the turn. Otherwise, it will be horrible.

11. Keep practicing

In the end, I would say that you kept practicing. Practice makes a man perfect this is an old saying and this will make you a master in it.

There are many tutorials on YouTube, in which fun moves of dirt bikes are taught. If you want, you can take the knowledge from them.


We have learned a lot today like helmet, glasses, and there are many things that protect us. Your dirt bike should be thoroughly checked before every ride. I must say we have provided all the necessary dirt bike safety tips.

The dirt bike must move in the attack position. We should not wear loose-fitting clothes. We even learned that the bike should be chosen or run according to its height. How to take a turn when it turns.

The most important thing is that the biker should keep drinking water from time to time.
The most important thing from all this is that not only the dirt bike drivers but the entire vehicle drivers should take care. That is – a person should never take drugs or alcohol and then drive.

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