Dirt Bike Protective gear for kids?

The foremost objective of Dirt Bike riding is to ride hard, have a great sport as well as riding safely by wearing dirt bike protective gears. After buying the right type of bike for your kid, the most essential second step is to invest in some best dirt bike protective gears for kids.

Like every sport, there are some essentials to wear for avoiding injury while riding. I have always a strict advice for kids to wear each protective gears such as helmet, boots, chest protector, goggles, pants, gloves etc.

Every child, who is going to ride a dirt bike should put on protective gears because each and every ride was once a beginners.

Falls and crashes are normal. They are an important part of learning every child expect various Falls and crashes your child should feel safe while riding. Kids dirt bike safety tips are very useful and need to be understood to be safe while riding. It is the duty of the parents to buy right type of protective gears so that it will fit right and your child enjoy while riding.

The right gear ensure that the child is safe and there will be no regret. There are various types of Dirt Bikes protective gear for kids. The names are given below:

  1. Gloves
  2. Uniform and pants
  3. Goggles
  4. Knee and elbow pads
  5. Helmets
  6. Boots
  7. Chest protector

The parents should not worry much for their kids because failures are the part of success. Your child will surely hit his/her bike time to time. By wearing Dirt Bike protective gears there will be no injury to your child and he will get right back to riding.

The parents should also be careful with the budget. My biggest suggestion for each and every parents is to buy protective gear online rather than purchasing it from a local store and market.

Buying at local shops will cost you double or somehow triple in comparison to buying them online. There are many products available online like for, leatt, thor, fly,etc. So in this article we are going to share how to buy Dirt Bike protective gear for kids.

Youth Dirt Bike Gear Packages

Let’s discuss on dirt bike protective gears for kids in detail:

1. Gloves

Gloves are the another important Dirt Bike protective gear. Gloves protect the hands of the kids from cuts or injury when they fall off.

Hands have the great tendency of injury when the kids fall down on a rough road or sharp object. I would recommend you to buy Fox racing youth Dirt paw Race gloves. They provide good protect as well as kids can grab things/ objects by their fingers while wearing them.

2. Uniform and Pants

According to my opinion all brands are quite same in the context of jersey and pants. There price and durability are almost same.

Usually, kids would love to wear a stylish and cool Jersey and pants. Cost of pants are generally higher than the cost of jersey because the legs require more attention in terms of safety.

The parents should go for a less costly pants because all brands provide same durability. The FOX JERSEY AND FOX PANTS would be great for your kid.

The pants and jersey should give a cool look so that the children love to wear them. Pants should be thick while the jersey should be full sleeve and lightweight.

3. Goggles

Goggles also comes under the category of Dirt Bike protective gears. Goggle protects the eyes of the child from dirt, harmful ultraviolet rays of the Sun, so that the child can see the view clearly.

When you are going to buy Goggles for your kid, you should also take care of the looks of the goggles. It should be cool so that the kid will like to wear it.

  1. Must have look at these:
  2. Fox racing 2020 youth main ll goggles
  3. FXR youth throttle goggles
  4. Youth accuri forecast goggles

Apart from the above protective gears, you can also purchase wrist guards and ankle supporters for extra safety.

4. Knee and Elbow Pads

I would like to suggest you to buy knee and elbow pads online you can buy it from Amazon. They have a good variety of knee and elbow pads from low to high range.

By them according to your size. These pads should stay on your body without constantly slip off. I personally like to recommend this knee and elbow pads— fox knee Guards for kids 90% parents give most of their attention to knee and elbow guards. While purchasing because knees or joints don’t Heal quickly in comparison to other body parts. Fox knee and elbow pads are great for kids. They are of superior quality and provide better protection.

5. Helmets

The first most important item under the protective gear category is ‘helmet’. The parents should take extensive care while buying helmets for their kids. Helmet should give a good fit to the rider. It is quite tough to find a good helmet for your child. It should not be heavy.

It should be such that the child can breath and communicate easily while wearing the helmet. Do not buy a cheap helmet just because to save money. A cheap helmet would not last long and it will not give proper ventilation too.

Some names of good quality helmets:- fox vi helmet, vega, O Neal, YEMA motocross, dirt Bike helmet, tcmt dot youth and kids helmet set.

I would like to suggest you that you should buy it offline from markets instead of buying them online because your child have to try the helmets before purchasing to check the size of the helmet.

6. Boots

Dirt Bike boots are the second most important item under protective gears category. Boots provide protection to feet, ankles and calves while riding dirt bike. Boots should fit right neither too loose nor too tight.

Boots should be of good leather quality. A good quality boot ranges between $100 to $200.

Some good brands are here:

  1. O’Neal racing Rider youth boots
  2. O’Neal racing Rider girls boots
  3. Thor Blitz XP mini boots
  4. Fox racing comp 3 youth boots
  5. Fly racing maverik youth boot

Helmets and boots are the must haves. All the above brands are well-known and durable. They have also proven themselves throughout several years. You can buy them online.

7. Chest Protector

it is the third layer of protection. chest protectors save the body or vital organs from damage by crash or fall during the ride.
A lot of variety of chest protectors are available in the market whether it is online or offline chest protectors are very important for kids.

The best chest protectors are:

  • Leatt 2.5 chest protector
  • Fox racing race frame impact guard
  • Alpinestars Bionic Dirt Bike chest protectors

A Chest protectors protects the chest, ribs, shoulders and back also. A good chest protector will allow good ventilation and high range of movement.

Special note for Parents

My final suggestion for the parents is that if you want your child to wear the protective gear happily then buy the gears according to the favourite colour, size of your child.

You can buy them one or two size larger, if your kid is small and is growing so you do not need to buy them frequently.
Provide your child a matching outfit.

It will make your child comfortable on the dirt bike. Your kid must feel ease as he get on and off the dirt bike.

Proper ventilation, size of the dirt bike, price of the dirt Bike protective gears, etc. Are the important aspects which should be considered by the parents.
Big Savings !


Riding is not only a fun but can be a nightmare if you injure your body part. Wearing all safety gears should be the first priority of every rider. Kids need to be more cautious about this but at that age they can be irresponsible due to immaturity.

Parents need to be more careful if they have allowed their kids to go to dirt bike riding school and enjoy at the trails. You have to be aware of each protective gear to be worn before riding. In this article we have explained each protective gear that is needed for a kid rider.

I hope that you have now got an idea about the best kids dirt bike protective gears and the best products available online.