How to Fix Kickstart on Dirt Bike?

Dirt biking is fun to do but when some technical faults come in the bike it may cost a big amount to repair or replace it. If you go to the service centre or to any mechanics you have to pay what he asks for his service charge. If you fix the things at home it may save you money and time. So in this article, we are going to show you how you can fix your kickstart.

Kickstarter is a very important part of dirt bikes. It is the way to start and run the bike. If it will not work properly then you’ll face problems.  During winter due to cold bikes are hard to start so anyone who wants to know the process how to kickstart a cold Dirt Bike then he can get a clear idea here reading that post

Dirt bike kick start issues can be frustrating and sometimes quite a bit more so than people might think. The majority of problems will only occur when the tires are inflated to the point where they are too hot for traction.

However, this isn’t always the case, and even though this may be a common problem it does not indicate that there is a major issue.

Dirt Bike Kick Start Issues

Poor Air Circulation in the Tires

The real cause of kick start issues with dirt bikes is usually related to poor air circulation in the tires. The air in tires is very important and should be well circulated as much as possible. There are two primary ways in which this can be accomplished.

One of the primary causes of kick start issues with dirt bikes is poor tire maintenance. It’s important to get your tires checked regularly and replace any that have worn down to the tread. This can be done using a flatbed tire inflation and inspection truck, or at the most, by doing it yourself.

Poor air circulation in tires is often a symptom of dirt bike kick start issues. Tire swings and torsion damage are both very common causes of this. If you are finding that you are having problems with your tires, the most common way to fix this is to use tire covers.

These are designed to make kick-start issues a lot less problematic. They prevent the wheels from spinning when inflated, causing the bike to stall out. Tire covers are made of either plastic or mesh to avoid cutting the tires.

Damage to the hubs

Another cause of kick start issues with dirt bikes is actually damaging to the hubs. The left side is much more prone to this, as its flange is exposed to more wear and tear. When this happens, the wheel is either forced to turn left or right instead of up and down, leading to a drag race scenario.

Dirt bike kick start issues will often indicate that the rear hub has too much play. When this happens, the tire will lock up and won’t move. The easiest way to repair this is to remove the tire and put a new one in its place.

Poor Aerodynamics

Poor aerodynamics can also cause kick-start issues with dirt bikes. This can happen when the forks and the shocks are not working properly. Air pockets can be caused by improper setup of the forks and shocks, making the bike move and rock in ways that don’t make sense.

Sometimes the shock absorbers are not in a proper position, causing them to rub together. This can lead to squeaking, whining, and grinding sounds. To correct this, adjust the height of the shock absorbers to the correct positions.

Friction between the wheels and the ground

The friction between the wheels and the ground can also cause kick-start issues with dirt bikes. When the wheels rub against the ground or the ground slides under the wheel, the friction changes the air pressure on the tires. This change in air pressure creates different tire pressures that are needed for different situations.

These causes are all very common and can often be easily avoided through proper tire maintenance. Check the pressure frequently, and replace worn-out tires when necessary. If your tires are getting a little hot, try increasing the air pressure slightly.

Dirt bike kick start issues are typically a product of poor air circulation and tires that are too hot. Tire covers can help to keep the tires cooler and prevent kicking when inflated. Tire covers can be used to prevent kick-start issues with dirt bikes, and other models.

How to Fix Kickstart on Dirt Bike?

There are several different methods for fixing kickstart on dirt bikes. Usually, this is a problem that can be fixed with basic maintenance. Here are some of the ways to fix kickstart.

There are many different causes of kickstart. If you take your bike in to be repaired, a mechanic will check the reason for the kickstart. This is the easiest and most common way to get rid of kickstart on dirt bikes.

Replacing the damaged seal of Kickstarter

To do this job you need a few basic hand tools like drill bits, socket, replacement seal, hammer, a fine point tipped punch, pliers, wood screw, screwdriver rags, rubber gloves, safety glasses, and contact cleaner.

Take a reference to start

Before performing any service on your bike always be sure to reference your service menu for proper procedures, safety information and torque specs.

Clean kick starter

Begin by cleaning the area of the kick starter, next remove the bolt from the kick starter. Now some of the bolts are going to be Allen bolt or a hex head bolt or they might even be a pinch bolt that holds the kick starter on the index.

Mark the position of Kickstarter

Mark the position of the kick starter on the kick starter shaft with a marker so that way you know the exact position of it when you go to put it back.

You can remove the kick starter and be mindful to keep track of any washers that may come off with it.

When the kick starter is removed, clean the area of the seal with contact cleaner and a rag. There are a few different ways to remove this seal now depending on your application.

Remove seal using screwing method

We’re going to use the screwing method to remove the seal. So you have to place a fine pointed punch on to the seal being mindful to Center it between the shaft and the case. Next, you have to take the wood screw and start threading it into the seal.

You need to be careful not to bottom out the screw so that it is touching either the bearing or the case behind the seal. If you do back the screw out, slightly with the screw set grab the head of it with some pliers and begin to pull the seal out.

You may need to add an additional screw in order to the seal with the sealed removed to clean the area of the Kickstarter shaft and where the seal sits with contact cleaner and a rag before installing.

Place new seal properly and take care of its orientation on which side faces the engine and the side that faces outwards from the engines case then you can lubricate the new seal with some grease and place it onto the shaft in the correct orientation.

Press seal lightly with fingers

Next, you have to lightly press the seal into the case with your fingers then you can place a socket over the shaft onto the seal. After this carefully drive the seal until it is flush with the engine case.

You can wipe down the area of the seal with a rag to remove any excess grease then you can reinstall the Kickstarter on to the shaft being mindful of the index mark that you made previously and it might not be a bad idea to use a medium strength thread Locker to ensure that the Kickstarter stays.

Put torque on this bolt for this bike is 18 points 4 foot-pounds.

When it comes to you and your bike be sure to reference your service manual for that spec and that’s it replacing the Kickstarter seal is quick easy and simple and knowing how to do so will help you to keep your bike in good condition and save you some money.

Fixing Kickstart kick which stays down doesn’t come up

One of the common problems with dirt bikes is that their kick start kick always stays down and doesn’t come up, so we’re going to show you how to fix it. You have to purchase new springs, you can order online or also buy from nearest dealers.

Make sure you take out the old spring, but just take the bolt out and pull your kickstart off.

Now if the spring you’re going to put, it may have a little notch down and there’s a little slit in the cover slide.

Now pull the arm on the spring forward, put your dust cover, it has a little space right there that goes up at the top of the spring, not at the bottom.

Now put your kick starter on and put it on the inside of the arm on that spring. Put your bolt back through probably try to hold your thumb right here because that spring might try to push the kickstart off. Tighten up your bolt.

Tight and fix the clutch properly

A very common cause of kickstart is the fact that the clutch line isn’t tight enough or isn’t fitting properly. You can tighten up this with compressed air. This should loosen up the clutch pedal assembly. This should also make the Kickstarter release easy to operate.

The clutch system and the Kickstarter are often the cause of kickstart. The clutch pedal assembly, clutch knob, and clutch cables can be tightened up with a regular wrench. The clutch cables should be checked periodically for wear and tear.

Tighten up the shift cables

Another cause of kickstart on dirt bikes is loose shifting. You can tighten up the shift cables with a wrench. If the bike has full metal shift plates, the plates can be lubricated with oil and rechecked for proper shifting.

Frequently cleaning the clutch assembly

Too much dirt bike trail riding abuse can be a cause of kickstart on dirt bikes. Over time, the dirt and oil from the bike can begin to settle at the clutch assembly, the Kickstarter, and the chain. You can clean the dirt and polish the surfaces to keep them in good condition.

Using a rubber cleaner on the Kickstarter can help prevent kickstart. They can be sprayed onto the part of the Kickstarter. The coolant tank of the bike can be sprayed with a lubricant. These methods can all help prevent kickstart.

Replace old parts of the old dirt bike

Kickstart can be caused by several other things as well. Older bikes often suffer from kickstart because they don’t move as easily as newer bikes. The parts of the bike that create friction may need to be replaced to keep kickstart from occurring.

The problem can also be caused by a poorly tuned bike. You can check the tires of the bike and adjust the bike according to the recommended tire pressures. By making minor adjustments to the bike, you can stop kickstart.

The Kickstarter and chain tension on a bike can come loose if there is too much stress put on the bike. To stop kickstart issue on dirt bikes, a loose chain and Kickstarter can be replaced.

You can replace the chain and Kickstarter with a new one that is not as worn out. When the bike is all rebuilt and reinstalled, you should notice the Kickstarter working properly again.

While these are just a few of the things that can cause kickstart on dirt bikes, it is important to note that there are other things that you can do to get rid of this issue. If none of these methods works, you should talk to a professional about other options for fixing kickstart.

How to properly kick start your dirt bike?

  1. Starting from the very beginning first, you have to switch the petcock to the on position. Next, you have to switch the choke to the proper position.
  2. When the engine is warm, you just leave it pushed. When it’s cold you pull it a little, so it is half-opened Or you pull it out totally, so the choke will be fully open.
  3. Now, of course, you have to turn on the ignition switch. And you have to remember that you have to check if the neutral gear is engaged.
  4. The next thing you have to remember about is the kill switch. The button of the kill switch has to be pushed out, not pushed in.
  5. So basically to start the engine, first, you have to set it in the proper position, just behind TDC. So TDC is when you try to push the kick starter lever, but you can’t, because you feel resistance and you can’t push it further without using more strength.
  6. You have to continue kicking until you feel resistance. Then you need to push it a little more using some force. It should jump, a little down. And then you are ready to kick.

Last words

I hope you have got many ideas about how to fix kick start on a dirt bike. I have talked here about different issues why dirt bike has kick start problems. I have also mentioned how to kick start a dirt bike properly and this could have helped you a bit. I hope you enjoyed this post. If you love this subscribe to this blog.

Happy riding!