What Dirt Bike Should I Buy?

Dirt bike riding will make you a fit and better person. Throughout the week all your worries and troubles and works you have to do either you’re in a school or at work, and you have family, your kids or maybe you are single.

Still, there are a lot of things it’s paused up throughout the week. Don’t think about anything to enjoy that feeling and when you come back home with a clear head you can be a better father for your son and best husband for your wife.

You should buy a Dirt Bike which will complete your purpose of riding. Go for Supercross bikes if you think of Olympic sprinter or you can go for a trail and Enduro bikes if you want to ride long distances like on the trails which are filled with tree roots.

You want to get a bike, and you want to get into bike riding, but you have the question, “what dirt bike should I buy?” “which bike is going to be best for me?” and “what’s going to fit my needs?

So in this guide, we’ll explain to you which bike you should buy and which bike will be perfect for you.

We are providing some tips Which will help you to buy a dirt bike:

For a weekend Rider

1. How often you’ll ride the bike

First, find out what type of rider you are?. If you’re a weekend rider, obviously you’re not going to spend that much money.

If you’re a moto guy, you want to go towards a moto centric dirt bike. If you’re kind of both GP and moto guy, maybe an fx like the Husky has an FX model that can be good for a GP style riding.

If you are at the beginning stage of dirt bike riding then how to ride a dirt bike for beginners’ guide can be a gem for you.

2. How frequent you want to ride the bike

If you’ll only ride once a month or twice a month, so chances are you don’t need a ten thousand dollar dirt bike.

There are plenty of dirt bikes out there they’ve been well taken care of by previous owners, you can find very very good used dirt bikes online and save your money and use that money to purchase new gear or even some parts that you want to put on your bike.

So figure out how often you’re gonna ride. If you’re a nine-to-five or blue-collar guy and you get home Friday night, and maybe you send it a little bit too hard sometimes.

Saturdays are not the best day to go riding. You’re a Sunday type of rider, look and see what type of bike you need to use bikes are better for those kinds of guys.

3. Know your skill level

If you ride a lot and you’re a beginner, the same thing goes for this. If you’re a good rider intermediate level, you want to look towards a dirt bike that has a good engine, good delivery and also good suspension.

Some bikes come with air Forks that might be too much work for you to do when you get to the races so maybe look for a bike to have a spring fork.

If you’re racing, it’s easier to get to the track hop on getting dressed, go to practice and go race.

So always figure out, if you’re racing or if you want to go race that goes hand-in-hand on what type of bike you want as well.

4. Find a good dirt bike dealer

Being a part-time rider to buy a perfect bike, you need to figure out who is the best dealer in your locality. It goes with what type of contingency you want and how many dealers help you get.

So go search around, if you have a local deal that’ll give you a good deal maybe that’s the best bike for you. If you go look at some of these Husqvarna has a contingency plan.

If you’re an off-road guy, they give money away. If you go racing and you do good, you can spend money on parts from some companies like Yamaha.

It has a credit card, you can go spend money on diapers, so maybe that’s what you

want to do. So always look at contingency plans and dealer help, and that will decide what you guys want to buy.

5. Choose between two-stroke and four-stroke

Tip number five, probably the most important out there is cost the old debate two-stroke or four-stroke.

Two strokes don’t cost as much you don’t have to rebuild them as much, and if you do

rebuild them, they don’t cost you as much. You can modify your two-stroke bike, but you should know how to make a two-stroke dirt bike faster?

If you’re a racer, you want more performance. Obviously, you’ll spend a little bit more money.

Four strokes are reliable just because you are getting a four-stroke doesn’t mean you’re going to have to rebuild them every 30 hours.

You can change your oil, change your filter and change your air filter. These bikes last a very long time, so it depends on how much money you want to spend, but the cost is very important.

So two-stroke you’re looking anywhere between six to eight thousand dollars. Four-stroke you’re looking anywhere between eight to ten thousand dollars.

So with the previous tips that we gave you that goes hand-in-hand with costs. If you’re racing a lot and you want performance maybe a four-stroke is right but if you want to go have fun go hit the hills with your buddies and race occasionally there’s nothing wrong with two strokes.

6. Size of the bike

Every person has a different body height and weight. Choose the dirt bike wisely according to your body fitness.

Why I am telling you this because I know we all should care about the safety measures.

If you have the perfect size of the bike, then you can enjoy it with full performance, and your body will be in comfort and familiarity with the bike.

Buying a dirt bike with all kinds of gear with full performance does not justify with the rider who is a beginner, and it is purchased without taking care of the rider.

For beginners to become a professional rider

Riding just for fun on weekends gives few simple ways to analyze what kind of Dirt Bike you should buy. But when it comes to professional riding, then scenario completely changes.

To get into the dirt bike professional riding, you need a dirt bike that can be powerful as well as controllable.

So we are here discussing a few things to think about choosing the right Dirt Bike for you.

Choose the bike according to your weight and height

Does size matter in dirt bike riding?

Yes of course because when you choose a Dirt Bike like Yamaha’s YZ85 or KTM 85 SX and try for the first jump, then your knees can be tucked under your chin, even you can face the worse situation.

This happens why because small bike suspension will not give you enough gap and your body will not be able to adjust. But if your height is short, then this bike is ideal for you.

For tall people, bikes like KTM 250 EXC-F and Honda CRF250X that give you full size with a very good forging power curve and it increase your experience level when you can modify according to your body fitment.

Skill and experience

Obviously, we are discussing the bikes for beginners, not for professionals who have more experience.

I would always suggest you not to go for a fully equipped and Powerful bike. But once when you are capable of riding from mud trails to tree-root filled you can choose your dream dirt bike for which you are always fond of.

During the learning, you can identify the skills that will automatically suggest to you for which bike you should go for. In that situation, nobody can be a better advisor then you.

Choosing a dirt bike between 2 strokes and four-stroke

If you are just starting maybe 250 two-strokes is too much for the beginning. It is very snappy. It can go really fast.

It has a department that hits so most likely we wouldn’t stand 250 two-strokes, but at the same time, we would skip those TT RS 12 5 225 DRS G 125 and CRN wants to see those small displacements for strokes.

If you are L let’s say 16 and older and you are like a hundred thirty and up to pounds then get 250 four-stroke, that bike offers everything you need and way more than.

You can use it as a beginner, but at the same time, it is user-friendly. It allows you to grow into the bike like you don’t go crazy on the throttle and you can manage the bike it’s very linear. The power band is very linear, and you can manage it well.

If you are just starting, we don’t think there is a necessity to go and buy a brand new dirt bike unless you’re really rich and you don’t really care about it. Go for youth. The youth dirt bikes will give you everything you need.

All you need to start riding a dirt bike first invest one thousand, then two thousand or maybe a little bit more.


Finally, I would like to say that before buying a dirt bike we have to inspect and create a checklist of the different aspects.

Just getting a powerful bike cannot be a safer purchase for you. It might give you loss of money when you come to know that you are not the right person for riding this bike.

The most important points I have already discussed that answers your question “what dirt bike should I buy”. I hope you will like this article and have a suitable dirt bike according to your choice.

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