Dirt Bike Stolen: 6 Things You Can Do (Explained)

How would you feel if your closest possession—a dirt bike—went missing and then turned up. Since dirt bikes are already expensive, stealing them would be abhorrent. If you follow the instructions on what to do when your dirt bike is stolen and how to prevent it, you can get your bike back.

I know you’ll look for lost bike steps. It’s usual for our teens to forget the keys and park the motorcycles in no-parking locations, and I know many of you have lost your keys multiple times and paid fines to the police department for things like driving fast, riding without a license, utilizing dirt bikes, and parking in no-parking zones etc.

Now that we’ve reached the point where your bike has been stolen, I’m going to walk you through the steps you should take in the event that your dirt bike has been taken.

When you found out that someone had taken your bike, it’s possible that you felt really depressed and emotional.

First of all, in these kinds of predicaments, you shouldn’t freak out and should instead look for different ways to solve your issue. I will respond to you with the information that you need to know regarding the safety precautions.

How To Prevent Your Dirt Bike From Being Stolen?

Why wait to be robbed when you can prevent it from happening by using your inquisitive mind? The following are some precautions that you should take to prevent your bike from being stolen.

Proper locking system

Locking to immovable, strong pillars ought to be practiced on a consistent basis. An appropriate locking method, such as locks that are fastened to the floor or locks that are equipped with an alarm, should be used.

Online services provide access to a wide variety of the most up-to-date locking systems, which may be purchased.

Parking area

You should always store your bike in a location that is constantly monitored by closed-circuit television (CCTV), or you should always park your bike at a train station, regardless of how rushed you may be in your day-to-day life.

Don’t assume that it’s a waste of your money because even bus stops have separate shelters where you may put your bikes; in fact, if you do that, you run the risk of losing your bike.


You also have the choice of storing your bicycle at the residence of a person you already know, such as the home of a friend of a friend or a relative of a relative. This is an additional choice available to you.

Don’t forget to let them know that you parked your bike in their garage, so they can be on the lookout for it, and let them know how your bike is in such poor condition that it has a high probability of being stolen. If you are someone who is dear to them, this enables them to have a bull’s eye target on your bike.

Address security

It would be like having proper protection if you told the security guard of the area or building where your workplace is located to check out your bike before you went to work.

If you do not pay careful attention to the rules of the road and you leave your bike unattended in public places, then no one will be responsible for your bike if it is stolen.


If you buy a motorcycle, buying motorcycle insurance is the first and most important action you need to do to protect yourself and your financial investment in the vehicle. If you don’t have insurance, you could lose both.


If you could find a safe place to lock up your bicycle, that would be very helpful. Even if you are at home, you should lock it to a chain that is secured to the ground or use locks that cannot be broken because there is a greater risk of theft during the evening hours.

I am noting your bike details.

You should just make an effort to remember your bike’s registration number permanently, or you can write it down when you got your bike itself; by doing this, you will be able to easily discover your bike if the criminal who stole your bike rides it without altering the number plate.


Make an effort to use the most recent technological advances, such as mounting a GPS device on your bike. It will be a great help to you in the event that someone steals your bike because using the location services on your mobile device will allow you to pinpoint the precise location of your bicycle while you search for it.

Because of this, you won’t even have to call the police in order to find your bike.

Registration of bikes             

If you register your bicycle with BIKE INDEX, a service that is available in the United States for the purpose of locating stolen bikes, the company will immediately post information about your stolen bicycle on social media after you inform them of the theft.

They will make the theft and the stolen bike known to the public; as a result, a large number of people will likely view the post, which increases the likelihood that your bike will be recovered.

Bike Registration

In the United States, the majority of bicycles that are returned to lawful owners by the police are added to this register. If you’re lucky and your bike is one of them, the police will definitely be able to find it and give it back to you.

Personal precautions               

Check that you have your keys on you at all times and that they are hidden somewhere secure in your house. It is possible that thieves in your area are in desperate need of money. If this is the case, they may create an artificial key by imprinting your original keys. Once they have this key, it will be very easy for them to steal your bike, even if it is parked in well-secured areas.

You should try to avoid washing your bike in public places, such as on the roads in front of your house; doing so will be the same as allowing potential thieves to take a look at your bike.

Avoid honking your horn in the middle of traffic unnecessarily and refrain from displaying your bike in public; these are the kinds of inconsequential actions that you might ignore, but they can create the impression that you are inviting someone to steal your bicycle.

What To Do When Your Dirt Bike is Stolen? 

It’s possible that you’re not being responsible with your dirt bike, which makes it easier for thieves to steal it. You might be able to get your bike back if you take some quick actions.

1. Enquire in the surrounding area

First and foremost, you shouldn’t freak out and you shouldn’t let the fact that you can’t find your bike at the spot where you left it stress you out. The feeling of being anxious and worried is almost certainly something that everyone else is experiencing at that very moment; nevertheless, the fact that you can’t get your stolen bike back will actually destroy your presence of mind.

So it would be helpful if you saw at the surroundings as sometimes a few people when they notice your bike is in the middle of their way to depart they may shift your bike from that location. Therefore, it would be helpful if you saw at the surroundings. In the event that you parked your bike in an area that did not allow parking, you should inquire with the locals about whether or not the traffic police removed your bicycle.

2. Go for a police complaint.                       

It would be helpful if you went to the police station that is assigned to that particular area. Alternatively, you could call the police and file an FIR (First Information Report), in which you would state your name, age, phone number, and the location of the area where your dirt bike was stolen. The FIR would be given to the investigation officer, who is typically a head constable or an SI.

3. Follow up

After lodging a complaint with the authorities, you are required to visit the local police station in order to inquire with the officer who is handling your case about the current status of the complaint.

4. Go for a look in areas of your town

If you go looking for your bike in certain parts of town, those parts of town will undoubtedly become more popular targets for additional thieves. There is a possibility that you will get your bike back.

5. Inform the local repair shops

If the thieves who took your bike may have sold your bike or parts of your bike to the local garage shops, this is a good option to consider because it is common practice to inform local repair shops in advance. If this is the case, you may be able to save your bike.

6. Post your situation on social media:                

If you take a picture of your bike, post it online with the caption “I lost my bike” and a request for assistance, anyone who sees it has the potential to assist you in finding your bike.

If you are unable to recover your stolen bicycle by following the steps outlined above, your best bet is to give up hope of ever getting it back and instead focus on getting a new bicycle, despite the fact that this will be more difficult for you.

Are Dirt Bikes Easy To Steal?     

It is very easy to steal a dirt bike because the condition of the vast majority of dirt bikes is poor. If you do not exercise extreme caution with your dirt bike, you will likely have it stolen. Thieves might be able to make off with it using their tools due to the fact that its components are simple to remove.

If you start advertising your dirt bike with the intention of selling it, you should know that very few potential buyers will run off with it during the test ride.

Therefore, it would be beneficial for you to be so cautious about that situation, and you are required to keep the person’s belongings with you before letting them go for a test ride. It is not difficult at all to break the locks and sneak them quietly into a truck once you have them in your possession.

Even bike owners who have less of an interest in their dirt bikes than owners of newer bikes run the risk of having their bikes stolen. This increases the likelihood that the bikes were stolen in the first place.

What Do Thieves Do With Stolen Dirt Dikes?           

They could make money off of selling each component, such as the engine, bumper, headlight, silencer, tyres, and so on.

They might also change the bike’s number and announce on social media that it is now available for sale or use for their purposes.

They might use these dirt bikes in high-profile robbery cases, and then they might leave the bikes at the scenes of the crimes, making it more difficult for the police to catch them.

How Can I Secure My Dirt Bike Without A Lock?

Before turning in for the night, it is in your best interest to take apart all of the components of your bike; but, if you are unfamiliar with how to do so, this task will be impossible.

We ask that you please store it in your garage and install a sturdy, unbreakable lockset along with an alarm and a surveillance camera there.

The second scenario is one in which you must leave your bike unlocked while you are away from home conducting business.

Keep a steel chain and a lock key on you at all times, locate a sturdy pole close to the location you need to go, and then secure your bike by winding the chain around the pole and locking it from the end.

Note: With all the information that I have provided throughout my essay, I am confident that you will not lose your bike in whatsoever state it may be in if you follow the rules that I have provided.


We have, at long last, arrived at the conclusion of the article entitled “What to Do When Your Dirt Bike Is Stolen.” Even if you follow all of the tips that I said, and you still lose the bike, the possible reason may be your negligence, so please don’t neglect; you may lose your bike at the cost of it. I said:

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