Steps For How To Bump Start A Dirt Bike?

If you have a dirt bike and you love to ride for a long distance. Be aware of sudden deaths of batteries or consumed fuels. Or sometimes the electric start or kick start doesn’t work, then what will you do in that case. Would you like to sit there and seek help, but what if you are in a desolate place where you barely find someone.  

While it’s better to know how to bump start a dirt bike in the easiest way. 

In this article, you will see when you need to do bump start and which place is best to push start with a complete guide. 

What Does It Mean To Bump Start A Dirt Bike?

Bump start means to engage the gear and then release the clutch to start a dirt bike in the hilly area.

Usually bump start also known as push start or roll or clutch start. In simple words, bump start doesn’t need kickstarter or electric start, you can ride your bike by following a few steps without fuel or battery.

Every rider should know this technique for unwanted situations as your dirt bike will definitely need it at least once in its lifetime. 

Do You Really Need A Bump Start?

It’s not always necessary to bump start your dirt bike when it stops responding to start. There could be another reason that causing no start, and you are trying to give it a push start may damage it even more.

The first thing is to check the gas tank, there is 95% possibility of an empty tank. Second thing is to ask yourself, when you took the ride on your bike?

If it’s too long, the battery would definitely have no life left. If both are okay, move to the carburetor, there is something stuck there which is clogging it.

Keep cleaning it at a certain interval to remove dirt or mud, it will take nearly half an hour.

If you have checked all things, and that’s all okay except the battery, make sure it’s no older than three years. Don’t run behind the new battery instead give it a bump start. 

How To Bump Start A Dirt Bike?

When you know your bike needs a bump start, do it step by step. Any extra jump can push you down more, or even worsen the situation.

But, before going for the same, check valves, spark plugs, carburetor, battery, pistons, etc to ensure whether these are in good condition or causing no start to the dirt bike.

Let’s follow the instructions as written below to avoid any blunder while starting the bike. 

With More People: 

Bump start or push start can be done by.  two methods, either with the help of others or by yourself. With two people, see the steps.

  • Set the Position-

Put the kill and sit on the bike in starting position and also check the engine key is on. 

  • Change The Gear- 

Put your bike in second or third gear to avoid further jerking when it starts and reduce the chances of accidents. 

  • Ask For The Push- 

When you set the all compulsory steps, ask your friends to push the bike at the speed of 8KMH to get enough power and pull the clutch up. 

  • Set Free Clutch- 

When you feel enough speed, release the clutch and hit the starter. Once your engine starts responding, pull the clutch to pass the gases in the tank. 

  • Go For A Ride- 

Finally the dirt bike will start, take a ride at least 30 minutes to charge up the battery for the next ride and give it enough time to get alive. 

Solo Bump Start:

It’s not possible to have someone near you. What will you do in such cases, let’s have a look at a solo bump that starts in four steps. 

  • Find a Slope Hill- 

When you finally realise that your dirt bike needs a bump start, you should find a hill with a good slope and enough longer to get more space to run.

Why do you need such hills, because to get your bike’s life back, you must run longer with the high speed and enough momentum, to avoid discontinuity these kinds of slopes are required. 

  • Press the Clutch To Catch Sufficient Speed-

When you are running down for a bump start, hold the clutch as you do while starting your bike in common days.

As you do so and going downhill, the engine will respond back if it has the possibility to start a bike. And when you pull it up, it means your bike will get enough speed to shift up. 

  • Change The Gear- 

When you have enough to run downhill and reach the time to hit the bike, shift the gear into two or three.

If you think first gear is enough, you can’t start your bike using this method. Using second or third gear will give the motion to the engine to get alive back. 

  • Make Free The Clutch

When you reach to the coasting, release the clutch slowly. If you do it horribly, it will be dangerous to you.

When you free the clutch, the bike will start while you go down the hill. Kick the bike and accelerate it when you touch the end of the hill and here you go. 

If your dirt bike still remains in the same position, all your efforts will have no meaning. It means your bike is at its last time or there is some technical issue which will be fixed by the mechanics.

Also, keep in mind what if the bike won’t start, how you tackle it when riding down from the hill. And also, how will you manage to go back home with a dead bike. 

How Long You Need To Run For A Bump Start?

You will get the answer by yourself, how long you didn’t ride your dirt bike or what causes the bike doesn’t support electric or kick start.

Experts advise finding a larger hill to get adequate time for the battery to live. So, you need to run at least 500 meters to one kilometer or maybe slightly more.

But, the speed of running should lie between 5 Km/h to  8 Km/h, with this speed your dirt bike will reach the coasting soon.   

When You Should Bump Start?

If your dirt bike needed a bump start, as it’s not getting enough compression or power to start the engine.

If this is happening and the battery is about to die or you didn’t go for a ride for a long while.

Your dirt bike asks for a bump start and to do so, you definitely go outside, run for a longer distance or find a hilly area. But, point to be noted that if it’s raining outside, avoid doing the same. 

Second thing is don’t do it over, as might be your bike died or battery is no more. In this case, trying to bump start a dirt bike more than three times will damage most of the parts of the motorbike.

Next important fact you need to check battery connection or air fuel pipe or tank for assurance of vacant level.

If batteries are not in good condition it can lead to death of the bike, but with a bump start to start the engine could be possible.

If it still doesn’t work, this is a sign of a dead bike, it needs mechanique and new equipment. 

Is Bump Starting A Dirt Bike Bad Or Not?

If it’s an emergency to bump start your dirt bike, it can be tolerated. But, doing it again and again will damage the engine, piston and valve too.

0lt] is suggested to check the tank, air-fuel pipeline, exhaust system, piston, and later do bump start if these all are alive and not getting enough compression.

Here you are asking about bad consequences, do you know no bad symptoms will be shown by the bike when you bump start. It will be bad if you choose the wrong weather, location or didn’t check the internal issues at first. 

Can I Bump Start My Bike Without Battery?

Modern dirt bikes contain batteries to reduce manual work. There is no relation between the engine and the battery to ignite the bike, spark plugs do so.

When you kick start your dirt bike or run on a hilly area to bump start, it releases fire from the spark plug and that warms up the engine to start.

So, there is no meaning to having a battery to ride a bike, unless you need a horn, lights, etc. But, if your dirt bike only works on an electric start, you won’t be able to generate a fire. 

Note:- If you know about bump starting, that doesn’t mean that every time your bike stops, you start push starting.

First inspect why this is occuring, once you come to the reasons, solve it with essential requirements. 


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