Do Motorcycles Have Cruise Control?

Riders who regularly go for a long ride know the pain of hand fatigue and cramping during an all-day ride. It’s a bitter part of the long ride.

Yes, many bikes currently have factory-built cruise control, but the number is still not high.While in the old days, riders had to make a stop to give their hands a bit of rest to prevent hand pain, the blessing of cruise control makes the long ride more fun and comfortable.

Along with the comfort, the modern cruise control assures a more acceptable level of safety compared to earlier motorcycles.

In this short blog post, you will have an A-to-Z look at whether motorcycles have cruise control and everything related.

Motorcycles Cruise Control:

Unlike cars, most motorcycles did not introduce top models. But in recent years, the motorcycle industry has seen a high shift in technological innovation and safety measurement.

And luckily, significant motorcycle units are being produced by versatile manufacturers all around the globe with cruise control features.

In the following, let’s see different motorcycle brands that come with cruise control features.

  • Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX (2022)
  • Ducati Multistrada V4 (2022)
  • 2021+ KTM 1290 Super Adventure S
  • 2022 BMW R 1250 RT
  • 2022 BMW R 18
  • 2021 Harley-Davidson Sportster S
  • 2021 KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE S.
  • 2022 KTM 890 Adventure R
  • 2021 Aprilia RS660
  • BMW F 900 R ( 2020+)
  • BMW F 900 XR (2020+)
  • BMW S 1000 RR (2015 +)
  • Ducati XDiavel (2017+)
  • 2022 Yamaha Super Tenere ES
  • 2014 Moto Guzzi California 1400

When did motorcycles get cruise control?

The history of motorcycle cruise control is unique because any motorcycle manufacturer did not invent this feature. Two men called Tony & Frank Guymer introduced this feature in 1996 to the Honda VRF750 ( 1994 model).

Due to their fantastic invention of the cable interface units, it soon became a highly known and heavily used cruise control system in the motorcycle user market. They established the company, went into production, and kept selling this system.

Even they introduced the electronic cruise control feature in the motorbike world too.

This outstanding innovation is a plug & play system that does not give the user burden of cutting any wire and visibly no customization, but the riders get the benefit.

The name of the company is MCCruise which is not limited to only making motorbike cruise control systems but also other modes of transportation like ATVs & tractors. Every year, they take their product to a different level, ensuring safety, durability, quality, and premium services.

Which motorcycle first had the built-in cruise control from the manufacturer?

Harley Davidson motorcycle brand has its unique place among motorcycle lovers. This company introduced one of the first units, the 1999 Road King, which had a cruise control system before the millennium.

At that time, other motorcycle companies were using the market kit, but the Harley Davidson was rolling out on the road with its cruise control system.

What is regular cruise control?

Regular cruise control can continue running at the same speed set by the users. But it cannot increase or decrease speed as it does not come with any sensor.

The old one came in the form of a twisting kit that you can fix at different points to set at a certain speed, and the modern one came in the shape of a handlebar button.

How does regular cruise control work?

In most models, the regular cruise control works through a kit. In a few models, it works electronically through the button, where you can set a speed for comfortable running without touching the handlebar for a long time.

What is adaptive cruise control?

The adaptive cruise control system is one of the latest innovations in the motorcycle world that reduce the overall ride burden of the rider while increasing both comfort & safety.

This mind-boggling system ensures the speeding up and slowing down of your motorcycle by constantly tracking the vehicle on your front side. Like the conventional cruise control feature, the rider can choose & set the desired top speed.

But the unique point is that adaptive cruise control can monitor the traffic in front of you using the radar system, which a regular/conventional cruise control would have failed. It ensures that your bike always has a safe distance from the front vehicle on the road.

Due to their ultra comfort & safety, more & more high-end, high-power motorcycles are getting it because they do the perfect job for this touring bike.

How does adaptive cruise control work?

Using the yaw rate and the vehicle speed of the front side=the radar sensor quickly calculates the distance between the motorbike and the front vehicle. When this distance gets lower, the adaptive cruise control will slow down the motorbike to maintain the appropriate distance between the motorbike you are riding and the front one.

Modern cruiser bikes have a push button on the handlebar to quickly turn on/off the adaptive cruise control feature during long rides. In this system, the rider can also set the speed and total distance from the front vehicle.

Plus, motorbikes with built-in adaptive cruise control also come with a radar antenna on the front side of the bike. The main task is to take the constant measurement of the preceding vehicle. And this data immediately sends to the motorcycle computer system, which controls the speed after getting the instantly.

This system reduces the electronic throttle and presses the brake using the ABS as soon as you get close to the front car or bike. This fantastic system can also detect when the front motor vehicle changes its lane and automatically speeds up your motorcycle.

When adaptive cruise control is turned on, the Electronic control unit (ECU) will decrease or increase the speed as per the data transferred by the radar.

Can you add a cruise control feature to your older motorcycle?

Yes, you can install or add a cruise control system to the old model motorcycle. You can use a throttle lock as a cruise control kit. It will surely provide comfort during the touring time, and hand cramps will also reduce.

Installing motorcycle throttle locks is not a big deal. Buy a good quality kit that promises good durability.

How many types of cruise control kits are available in the market?

You will find different trouble locks that work as the standard cruise control kit in the current market. The most used one is mount-to-throttle sleeve locks. It is widely used because you can fix it on any motorcycle. You can easily activate and inactive them using the thumb.

You can also use the rubber grip throttle lock as a cruise control kit. Using both your forefinger and thumb, you can control it. As it is fixed directly on the throttle, it takes a bit of space from the grip space of your handlebar.

Plus, the mount-to-bar end type throttle lock is also good. It is another compact design cruise control kit that you can mount easily. Also, it takes a low amount of space on the handlebars.

Benefits of having cruise control in your motorcycle

Investing in reasonable quality cruise control will help you immensely. You will get the benefit right after installing the new kit. If your bike has a cruise control system, you mostly know the following benefits.

Constantly controlling the throttle is a gruelling task. With the help of cruise control, your hands and fingers will be relieved from this painful job, which adds safety to your riding.

It will also help you to have better mileage.

Usually, riders tend to twist because holding the throttle is hard to keep a constant speed. So it will also help the engine to wear less.


While the cruise system is getting unparalleled attention from all the bikers, some old-school riders might find it a bit odd.

However, seeing the benefits, few will deny it as an ultra-useful technology. In this article, you mentioned a list of cruisers and sports motorcycles that come with the cruise control system.

I expect now you have a clear view of whether motorcycles have a cruise system and how it works on the ground. Happy riding, mate!