How to Repair A Motorcycle Chain?

If you ride a bike, you’ve probably experienced a number of issues that are associated with the chain at some point. The issue of bike chains coming loose and occasionally rusting is one that rears its head frequently.

The sound of the bike’s string knocking against the pad can be heard when the chain becomes loose and the bike is being driven.

On the other hand, if it is not properly maintained, it will begin to rust and wear out much sooner than it should. 

I am going to share with you some useful advice and possible solutions that will allow you to not only repair the motorcycle chain but also make it last for a longer time as well.

In addition, the maintenance required for it is not difficult.

Follow The 5 Simple Tips To Keep The Chain In Good Condition

It’s fine that you’ve come to look for a way to fix the chain, but there’s no reason to come all this way if you can keep it in good condition by sticking to the advice that’s provided below.

If you follow the tips, you will be able to prolong the period of time that the bike chain lasts.

1. Use Lubricant

The most common reason a chain breaks is because it wasn’t oiled when it should have been.

The lack of lubricant causes the chain to lose its smoothness, and it also causes the  sprocket to wear more slowly.

If you don’t use the lubricant on it, rust will damage it after a long time. Because of this, it is essential that lubricant be applied to the chain on a regular basis.

2. Keep Enough Stretchiness in The Chain

If the chain’s stretchiness is not maintained correctly, it will become damaged in a short amount of time.

There is a high probability that the chain will become damaged regardless of whether it is too loose or too tight.

When riding the bike, you may hear a rattling sound if it has become excessively loose.

If it is not tight enough, the chain could even come off the sprocket while you are riding the motorcycle, which would result in a significant amount of damage to the bike.

That’s why there must be enough stretchiness in the chain. Take the bike to a trained mechanic to get the chain tightened.

Keep in mind that the chain should not be too tight; it can wear the sprocket.

The chain should remain loose enough to lose up to 0.5 to 1 inch. With this, the pickup of the bike will also be better.

3. Avoid Using Sticky Lubricants

Frequently, due to a lack of knowledge, people apply lubricant grease to the bike chain, resulting in an increased accumulation of dirt and wear.

The chain can always be lubricated with a thinner lubricant, such as engine oil.

In addition to this, a chain-specific lubricant may also be used.

If the lubricant becomes excessive, wipe it down with a dry cloth.

4. Regular Chain Cleaning

Additionally, routine cleaning is required in order to keep the chain in good condition.

It is necessary to clean the chain once every three to four months because excessive dust accumulation can lead to chain wear.

It is possible to use kerosene oil to clean it.

First, using a gentle brush, clean the chain thoroughly, and then apply some lubricant to it.

5. Do Not Keep The Chain Cover Open

 The chain cover protects the chain and sprockets. If you leave the link open, it will become worn out very quickly.

Because the chain cover is open, a greater amount of dust and dirt is deposited on it, and it is also more susceptible to the effects of the weather.

It is important to keep in mind that the chain cover should not be left open while riding the bike.

Open chain covers are common on modern sports bikes, which means the chain must be maintained with greater attention.

How To Fix Motorcycle Chains In Simple Steps?

If a link in a motorcycle chain breaks or becomes worn, it can be easily repaired.

On the other hand, the chain can be unhooked from the motorcycle sprocket by removing a C-clip that is located in the master link.

Before the worn or broken part of the circuit can be taken apart from the rest of the chain and a new link and C-clip can be put into the broken link, the worn or broken part of the circuit needs to be taken apart.

After that, the chain can be reattached to the sprockets in a manner that makes it simpler to reconnect the master links.

Step 1

You should begin by locating the master link in the chain of the motorcycle. Examine the links to see if they have any c-clips that can interlock the pin links.

Step 2

The tip of a flat screwdriver is then inserted into the C-jaws and clip, and the device is pressed downward and outward to dislodge the clip from the pin’s circumferential slot.

Be very careful as you work your way through the process of sliding the closed end of the C-clip through the groove of the adjacent pin until it is completely detached from the chain.

Step 3

During this stage of the process, you will tap and hold the pin link until it pops out of the roller link.

After that, remove the pin link from the roller link by pulling it outward with a pair of pliers. And then, disconnect the chain that is attached to the sprocket on the motorcycle.

Step 4

If you look in there, you’ll find the broken link in the chain that needs to be repaired.

When doing this, make sure you have on some safety glasses and a pair of gloves.

Also, make sure that you are holding the chain firmly with both hands to prevent the broken link from touching either of your hands.

After that, you keep grinding down the pin link plate lock until the link plate can be removed using pliers.

Once this entire procedure has been completed, separate the pin link from the roller link.

Step 5

Use a roller link as a guide to put in a new pin link until the pin can be pulled away from the side where the grinding was done.

Then make sure that you secure the new link by inserting a new C-clip into the appropriate slot on the new pin link.

Step 6

The final step is to reattach the chain to the motorcycle’s sprockets. Then, insert the pin link between the roller link and the outer roller link plate to try to reconnect the master chain link.

Then, reattach the C-clip to the pin link’s groove.

If prying is required to pry the jaws of the C-clip over the pins, use a screwdriver to complete the repair.

3 Easy Steps for Bike Chain Maintenance

If you enjoy biking, you know how essential it is to maintain the bike in prime condition for the best experience.

For a comfortable ride, you should clean your bike regularly and keep the chain in good shape.

Maintaining your bike in top shape is as simple as regularly washing it and making sure there is enough air in the wheels.

The bike chain, however, is the most critical part for maintaining the bike in better condition.

The major element of your bike is its chain. It is crafted of countless links, rollers, and plates.

The chain contains a few moving parts that, if kept in proper alignment, will allow your bike to move smoothly.

For this reason, it’s important to maintain the smooth operation and dependability of your bike chain on a regular basis.

Cleaning and lubricating your bike chain is the solution to this problem.

You can maintain your bike with the following easy steps:

1. Thoroughly Cleaning

A thorough cleaning is what you want.

Therefore, using a chain cleaning tool would be the best choice. It has a liquid degreaser inside, you need to insert the chain inside the cleaner to rotate or drive it.

It is made up of a number of different brushes that work together to thoroughly clean the chain while removing all the dirt and grime from its nooks.

Before starting the motorcycle once more, wipe the chain after it has been cleaned.

2. Lubricate the chain

The chain will last a long time and move smoothly if there is enough lubrication present.

Your ride won’t be smooth if the chain isn’t lubricated frequently.

Put the motorcycle in gear and lubricate the chain with a sufficient amount of lube.

The best lubricant for this is bike chain lube, a water-based lubricant that prevents the chain from rusting over time in addition to keeping the chain lubricated.

We all know that rust and wear reduce the lifespan of your bike chain, so it’s essential to invest in a high-quality lubricant to prevent rust.

3. Check for wear and tear

Your bike chain’s rollers and other components are constantly moving, which causes them to wear out and exposes them to corrosion and rust.

You should always check a motorcycle chain for signs of wear, and you can make it last longer by looking for a stretch.

Overly tight chains can harm the gears.

When a chain can no longer be repaired, replacing it with a new one is always preferable to replacing the gears because gear replacement is much more expensive.

You can do the right thing for your motorcycle at the appropriate time by examining the chain’s wear and stretch.


Maintaining your motorcycle properly is important if you want to extend its lifespan. The chain, the most critical element of the bike, requires routine maintenance.

The steps above will help you take care of your bike chain in a way that will keep it running smoothly and reliably for a very long time.

I hope you enjoyed reading it. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have about this in the comment section.