Motorcycles Vin Numbers: (Easy Checklist)

Every motorcycle has a different identity, manufacturer, chassis, features, country of origin, and many more. But are you able to distinguish them?

Not at all; there is a solution with which it would be easy to get complete information regarding your vehicle. Use the checklist I have attached below to make sure you don’t forget anything.

A VIN is a code consisting of all pieces of information, and it’s a unique number as every person has a unique eye retina. 

Do Motorcycles Have Vin Numbers?

Yes, of course! Just as humans have National Identification or Social Security numbers, motors of a wide variety are assigned unique, coded numbers known as Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN).

It’s a unique range that may be a mixture of alphanumeric characters and symbols, like U for bike, S for shogun (Japanese version call), and D for domestic (assembled within the United States). 

What Does a Bike Vin Range Inform You?

VINs inform us approximately the possession and restoration records of a motorcycle, manner coverage claims, and hold country registration records.

A vehicle’s identity range additionally tells us whether or not it’s been wrecked or stolen, whether or not it has had significant recalls, and whether or not hail or flooding has precipitated damage. 

Additionally, you may look at any motorcycle’s provider and registration history, see whether it remained inspected, see what number of preceding proprietors it had, and discover if a person formerly said odometer fraud.

To realize your VIN, begin by breaking it into three sections: the primary three digits, observed with the aid of using the following six digits, and the remaining eight digits.

The first segment of the VIN represents the World Manufacturer Identifier, which tells you the motorcycle’s u. s. a . of origin. 

Manufacturers primarily based within the United States use the #1 or the range of four within the first position; Canadian groups use 2. However, a few European groups use letters. For example, German motorcycle numbers start with W, and English fashion begins with S.

The 2nd digit represents the producer’s call, and the last 1/3 number signifies the sort of motorcycle. Most bike VINs have a one or an A in the 1/3 spot.

The six digits within the 2nd segment imply technical specs, including engine length and type, version, and brand.

You can read it using eight characters, which give extra information about the bike’s producer.

The tenth digit suggests the year wherein the motorcycle was manufactured in factories, and it is shown that depreciation sharply impacts the cost of bikes, especially at some point in the prior years after manufacture; that is a crucial little bit of fact.

The price within the eleventh spot is a manufacturing facility code – no longer necessary because of the manufacture date, but interesting. Characters 12 through 17 are a serial range.

Where is the VIN range placed on a bike?

A bike The VIN range is placed on the body or body rail on the rear of your bike.

The VIN range is a 17-individual serialized code that you may use to decide if a bike may also have been stolen.

Is the VIN not the same as the chassis range?

No, the VIN range isn’t always similar to the chassis range. The numbers are related; however, they have special meanings.

A motorcycle’s chassis range affords extra facts about the device’s engine and body, even as a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) offers additional info on each element inside the device to assist you from robbery and damage.

It is the 27-individual motorcycle identity range assigned by the producer to pick out the motorcycle and display its fundamental facts.

You can see VINs on all the main elements of a motorcycle’s chassis, engine blocks, frames, etc.

How do you take a look at a bike’s VIN to see if it’s been stolen?

Here are a few steps via which you may take a look at whether or not a bike has been stolen or is now no longer.

Step 1

Take the VINs to your neighborhood police station. Request to have the numbers run via the National Crime Information Center database. The NCIC database isn’t always publicly accessible.

It is simplest to have regulation-enforcement personnel.

Law enforcement makes use of this database, in part, to identify and confirm stolen goods. It is the correct way to verify whether a bike has been stolen.

Step 2

Enter the VINs withinside the VINCheck device furnished at the National Insurance Crime Bureau internet site. NICB is a nonprofit agency made up of numerous coverage and motorcycle-condo groups.

The agency additionally works very intently with regulation enforcement. The purpose of NICB is to combat coverage fraud.

The VINCheck device at the NICB internet site is made to be handed to the general public, free to help you figure out if a motorcycle is stolen.

You are allowed to behave as much as 5 VIN range tests inside a 24-hour cycle.

Step 3

Run the VINs via an internet industrial VIN-take a look at providers including,, or

Step 4

Use the VIN Search device at the internet site. According to the cause declaration posted at the site, “the Motorcycle Data eXchange was designed to assist the bike network to collaborate against bike thieves.”

The Motorcycle Data alternate runs a voluntary database in which stolen bike proprietors can submit a robbery report.

When you perform a VIN seek on this website, the VIN range you input is checked against the submitted robbery reports.

Is it safe to share my VIN?

Yes, sharing your VIN with the dealer is safe, but only if you genuinely trust that person. Otherwise, never share your VIN with any unknown person, as you never share your other OTP. 

Same as never sharing your VIN no also. 

However, it would be best if you shared your VIN with trusted and legal authorities; it is helpful in ways beyond the purchase of the vehicle.

For example, if a criminal wants to steal your motorcycle and sell it on Craigslist or eBay and includes your VIN, the police would be able to identify the stolen vehicle.

The Top Five Benefits of VIN That Many Do Not Know

Your motorcycle is a device, and it’s far a sound–recognized truth that is put on, and tears of the device are continuously taking place. In a few cases, it so happens that you want to update a part of your motorcycle.

You then want to move to the market to locate the equal. Now, the truth is, your vehicle isn’t always a toy that may be changed or whose spare elements may be changed with the assistance of any object to be had. In this case, while you cannot use some common spare parts on your motorcycle, the VIN comes into work.

For example, at, you could effortlessly locate any extra element using your VIN quantity.

Now, lots of you are probably thinking about VIN. To assist you in recognizing it, VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number.

It performs a similar function in the lifespan of a vehicle as fingerprints do in the existence of a man. In other words, it’s far from the DNA of a vehicle. Using it, you could do a lot. There are numerous blessings from VIN.

1. You can bypass the guessing of the features and specs elements

With this complicated structure, it isn’t always easy to pick out or seize all of the motorcycle’s capabilities and specifications with complete accuracy.

In this case, VIN will assist in picking out everything, similarly to the setup, and having elective equipment. Also, it facilitates fetching the opposite motorcycle information.

In any case, VIN additionally proves beneficial for listing the stock if you want to place forth the coverage policies, even as a present provider of the vehicles, in any other case, when you desire to reserve the best motorcycle elements.

2. Acts as proof of the Year’s Make Model

The majority of auto insurance companies demand the VIN before providing a quote or insuring them.

The quantity is a kind of assurance to the coverage issuer that they’re giving the coverage to the best motorcycle.

It isn’t always expert to rely upon the statistics the patron offers you.

3. VIN interpreting saves time

In this technological era, it no longer makes sense to do things manually if they are automatic.

Similarly, VIN facilitates replacing your motorcycle stock or comes to apply even as you plug in YMM to pick out the information about the motorcycle.

It will save you a lot of effort and time and facilitate the listing of your inventory. All this occurs simply through interpreting VIN.

4. A supply of the motorcycle records

As you realize, VIN is a unique quantity, so it can assist in understanding motorcycle records thoroughly.

You want these records while you address used vehicles. It also facilitates promoting the used stock or buying it yourself.

5. Gives an identification of open recalls

Using VIN, you could discover the year, make, and version of the bike, which may be of tremendous assistance for preferred protection, keeping in mind statistics.

However, the customer will no longer recognize that they have an open mind. It may be of tremendous assistance even when buying a used motorcycle.

Can two motorcycles have the exact same VIN?

Yes, this is possible. Two motorcycles can have the exact same VIN because each motorcycle has its own unique “serial number,” even if it is the same make and model.

The serial number is not the same for every bike because different motorcycles are manufactured.

Those with the exact VIN may be from various vehicle manufacturers or manufacturers that have made multiple versions of a specific motorcycle over time.


So our topic is almost finished. I tried to solve your queries. I hope you got your answers regarding the vehicle’s VIN number.

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