7 Essential Dirt Bike Rider Protective Gears (Explained)

Whoever rides a dirt bike should wear protective covers. And young riders should use them properly, click and view the dirt bike protective gear for your safety. 

Whether you are a young rider or an adult, safety is for all. An adult rider can select gears for himself if he really care for his body? Every rider need a good quality helmet for their head, chest protector, goggles, gloves, wrist guards, knee guards & braces, elbow pads, boots and protective outfits.

Protective gears will help them to enhance their strength and also make them a good rider who follows all rules & regulations. 

Most riders deal with the dirt bike protective gear for themselves when their children want to ride their first bike.

And if you aren’t a rider, it will be more confusing to select the best safety guards. Every parent wants to keep their children safe, but not everyone knows the best equipment. From this article, you will get a list of those significant things that are important for them.  

1. Helmet 

Helmets should be much tougher, won’t break easily and keep your head safe. Not every helmet is good for them, and also don’t go with the high cost.

Focus on quality rather than how expensive it would be. Keep some valuable aspects in mind while going to buy helmets, I have mentioned some of the important points below. 

  • Remember, every rider’s head size is differentr and can’t fit a unsuitable size. There are several branded helmets available in the market but buy the lightest one. 
  • Check the size as well, the tight-fitting helmet may make them uneasy. Choose a perfect size helmet that can move around while riding the dirt bike
  • Also, check ventilation ports, the ventilation will be more helpful in concentrating on the ride and also improve their skills. If it will create more sweat, they will remove it frequently and won’t enjoy riding. 
  • An easily removable helmet should be preferred, we know riding a bike under full sunlight will cause sweating, and it may create a bad smell or can be a reason behind fungus development. To keep these issues away, a removable one is good for cleaning that can easily be washed. 
  • Never compromise with the low-quality helmet, some brands manufacture such helmets that can break with a small hit on the ground. It’s not safe for your baby, check reviews before investing. 

2. Goggles 

The second most essential part of our body is our eyes. To keep them safe from dust, or any accident, use dirt bike goggles.

While purchasing goggles specially made up for dirt bike riding, check how much foam it has and should be well fitted to the face.

Unfit goggles will hurt their face and less foam won’t absorb sweat. More foam will absorb sweat and prevent them from getting into the eyes. Consider more points before buying goggles. 

  • Whenever you buy a goggle for you, make sure it will better fit under the helmet. As he/she is going to ride a bike wearing a helmet as a first safety measure. 
  • Pick a perfect size, there is no meaning in wearing a loose one as it won’t protect their eyes against dust or whipping tree branches. 
  • Check whether it has anti-fog treated lenses, optimum airflow for cooling, etc. Then only you will love to wear it. 
  • You can also try those goggles that are attached to the helmet, although it’s costly but good for a new start. 

3. Chest Protector 

There are many cheap chest protectors available online, but they won’t work better if they fall on rock or rough terrain.

I would like to suggest buying the expensive and quality one which will provide better protection & also good as a neck guard. If you are participating in bike racing, it is a must. As another bike’s rear tire can hurt you badly.

You should also check on more special features as mentioned below. 

  • Buy a lightweight chest protector, not like the older one, the earlier protectors are heavy and limit movement. But updated chest guards are more protective with lightweight materials. 
  • Chest protectors are trauma absorbers, if you fall on a rock, it damages their rib bones badly, but wearing a protector will keep them safe.
  • If you love to wander in forests, and mountains, these chest guards will protect them from any injury. 
  • Also, check whether these protectors are water and fire-resistant or not. So that it will protect them from pressure water streams or unwanted fires. 

4. Gloves 

Moving to the next part is your hands and palms, a rider uses their fingers more while riding the bike.

A good pair of gloves will protect their hands from blisters and also prevent cuts or bruises when they fall off the bike. But, many gloves can easily tear and are not very protective. Let me tell you what you should check while purchasing gloves. 

  • When you buy a pair of gloves try them on, if it’s well fitted it means they can’t move their fingers inside the gloves. So that it won’t stretch out in a moment. 
  • Don’t get huge padded gloves, it’s really hard to make a grip on handlebars with more pads inside. 
  • Choose such gloves made up with comfortable light breathable mesh material to avoid sweating that can be an obstacle in their riding. 
  • Filled with sufficient silicon grip on lever fingers and have an adjustable wrist strap. 
  • And the last thing to notice is that it has dual-layer padding on the palm as palms are more sensitive than the other parts. 

5. Wrist Guards 

You have seen many times that a rider got injured in the lower part of their forearm. A wrist guard is designed to protect that accident-prone part in the event of any crash.

It will maintain stability and prevent hyperextension. Whenever we fall, we use our hands to stop ourselves.

As a result, our hands hit the ground first and break your wrist, it can happen with you as well. For wrist guards, notice a few features and don’t get confused between a guard and brace. 

  • You should try a wrist guard and ensure that it will limit the movement. When they fall, this brace will keep their wrist stable and thus there will be no risk of fracture. 
  • Also, check wrist guards shouldn’t be so tight that they cut off the blood circulation. 
  • Buy double splint wrist guards, one for the palm side and the other for the top hand side. It will prevent the wrist effectively from bending so far. 
  • If the shopkeeper will offer you gloves attached with guards, that’s not supportive. You need to buy a pair of guards to keep their hands safe. 

6. Elbow Pads 

Elbows are sensitive and there are more cases of elbow fractures while people are riding their bikes. And your elbow or all other bones are soft as compared to adults. To keep them away from serious injuries, use elbow pads. How do you know which one will be good for them? Check the following features. 

  • It should be made up of high-impact plastic that can protect their elbow from contact and abrasions to the ground. 
  •  It should be flexible so that you can enjoy riding instead of thinking it is a hurdle in their path. 
  • The fabric and pads should be breathable & soft, its open back will lead to less sweat and comfort. 
  • If it’s the first time, then go with comfortable and easy-to-use pads instead of high-quality pads with silicone strips. 

7. Knee Pads 

As elbow pads are good for elbow protection, knee pads do the same for the knee. It’s the first part that would hurt when banging into other riders or falling on rocks.

A good quality knee pad will protect their upper shin and patella from injuries. Consider some important aspects while investing in knee pads. 

  • It should have adjustable elastic quick-release straps that are helpful for optimum fit and easily removable. 
  • Multiple large vents in the plastic knee caps for maximum ventilation facilities must be attached. 
  • Made up with soft fabrics to avoid rashes, otherwise, a hard one will affect your skin and they won’t prefer to wear them. 

8. Boots 

You can avoid other safety gear, but never forget two important ones, helmets and boots. Even though you are not a rider, boots keep your foot safe and protect you from smaller to bigger injuries.

While kicking the bike starter or shifting gears, boots will absorb the opposite reaction. However, there are no such issues with a your bike, but always buy the best pair of boots. 

  • A tough boot may hurt their ankles or feet, or they feel uncomfortable while riding the bike. So buy a pair of soft boots from inside. 
  • Although this would be the most expensive, investing $100-$150 to get the best protective boots will last longer. 
  • It should have a heat-resistant protective panel on the inner side of the boots, that will keep their feet cool. 
  •  A buckle system, slim toe box, flexible movement at the ankle and lateral ankle protection should be preferred. 

9. Jersey & Pants 

Buying jerseys & pants are all on you, a new set will give them a complete look. If you prefer branded cloth, it will look standard and also last longer than other cheapest brands. 

  • It’s our suggestion to buy one or two sizes bigger for them, with this size they can wear their chest protector under the jersey. 
  • Bigger pants are also good for flexibility and also helpful in wearing knee guards. 
  • Pants should be thick so that won’t easily tear and protect your young rider from getting burned from the engine. 


There you have all the information regarding dirt bike protective gear for riders. I hope you can make a decision based on this article which he should wear and what is important as per your locality.

Being a parent, it’s your responsibility to teach them good riding with all safety measures. Let me know from the comment box whether you find this article helpful or not and do subscribe to our newsletter to get more posts.