5 Top Best Dirt Bike Gloves For Trail Riding 2023 

Every rider should protect themselves from injuries while riding on trails or tracks. The most vulnerable part is your hands and fingers. They can easily bend or get bruised. To protect your hands, you should wear a good pair of gloves.

A well-sized, quality glove will keep your hands and fingers safe, while a cheap one will leave your hands injured. After experimenting with many gloves, we created a list of the best ones on the market, specially designed for bike riders. Alpinestars, Fox Racing, Klim Dakar, O’Neal, Troy Lee, and White Five would be the best dirt bike gloves for trail riding. 

Gloves will prevent scrapes and infections. I always prefer thicker gloves with more pads that cover your hands and won’t tear with an easy hit. It doesn’t mean wearing tight gloves; buy a pair of comfortable, breathable ones suitable for all weather. 

Dirt Bike Gloves For Trail Riding

Here are the best gloves for dirt bike trail riding:

1. Alpinestars Megawatt Gloves 

Manufactured with long-wearing material: You might have noticed the first part that will tear out is your palm side; this happens because many companies make it with soft materials that quickly come out with regular friction between hands and handlebars.

It is the weak point on which Alpinestars worked; its palms and thumbs are made of synthetic suede.

The palm side is filled with padding that keeps your hands safe, and the material used is long-lasting. That’s why many people love it at first to use a single pair for a long time. 

You will have a choice: 

The reason behind choosing the gloves from Alpinestars, you will have options. It has two different color choices on the knuckles.

Either it will be completely black or it can be orange. And the padding on the knuckles is diamond-shaped, making it durable and unique with this unique feature. 

More comfortable and fitted one: 

As you have seen above, the synthetic makes the gloves more comfortable and fit better. It won’t slip while riding; in fact, it’s helpful for better grip.

These gloves are designed with perforated leather and stretched polyamide to provide a sound ventilation system that keeps your hands less sweaty and strengthens your grip. 

However, getting one is less expensive but not easy because of its high demand in the market. You can go through online shopping sites.

Its unique shape on the knuckles attracts many as it’s more protective and comfortable. Besides compatibility, the material used to design gloves is the highest competitor to beat the other branded dirt bike gloves. 

2. Leatt 2023 Moto 4.5 Lite Gloves

Leatt Moto 4.5 Lite gloves are for trail riders who want a low-profile but protective glove.

It is one of the first manufacturers to emphasise neck brace use while dirt biking. The brand is known for its advanced Motocross and MTB gear.

Trail riding gloves like the Moto 4.5 Lite have good tactile feedback and are beefier than motocross gloves.

The textile construction is elastic, and the TPR knuckle protector resists abrasion while remaining soft against the skin.

Key Features

Motorcycle gloves like Leatt Moto 4.5 Lite would likely feature:

  • Impact protection: Reinforced padding in high-impact areas like the knuckles and palms.
  • Abrasion resistance: The glove materials should be durable and capable of withstanding a high level of abrasion.
  • Comfortable fit: The gloves should fit well without being too tight or too loose, providing maximum control and comfort.
  • Breathability: Depending on the specific model, some gloves offer a breathable fabric for enhanced comfort during rides.

Material and Construction

High-quality motorcycle gloves are typically made of materials like:

  • Synthetic Leather: This is often used in gloves for its abrasion-resistant properties.
  • Stretch fabric: Often used in gloves to provide flexibility and a good fit.
  • Reinforcement materials: Certain areas of the gloves may be reinforced with additional layers or tougher materials.

The gloves would likely be constructed with sturdy stitching in critical areas for extra durability.

Protection Level

Protection level would depend on the specific model and its intended use. Off-road or motocross gloves, for instance, would generally offer more protection than city gloves. Features that contribute to the protection level include:

  • Hard shell protectors: Typically found on the knuckles.
  • Reinforced stitching: Critical areas would typically have reinforced or double stitching to prevent the gloves from coming apart during a crash.

Comfort and Fit

Fit is a crucial aspect of motorcycle gloves. A glove like the Leatt Moto 4.5 Lite should offer:

  • A snug, but not tight, fit: This ensures good control and feedback from the controls.
  • Pre-curved fingers: This reduces hand fatigue by matching the shape of the hand when gripping the controls.
  • Adjustable wrist closure: For a secure fit that prevents the glove from coming off in a crash.

3. ScorpionEXO Klaw II Gloves

Impact protection and flexibility

ScorpionEXO gloves, such as the Klaw II, typically come with robust protection features. For instance, they might have padded knuckles and reinforced palms to offer impact protection in case of a fall. Some gloves also incorporate hard shell protectors to increase the level of safety.

Flexibility is an essential aspect of a good motorcycle glove, allowing riders to easily grip and control their bike. The ScorpionEXO Klaw II gloves might have pre-curved fingers, stretch panels, or flexible materials to ensure the gloves don’t restrict movement.

Sensors to Access Electronic Devices

Many modern motorcycle gloves, including those from ScorpionEXO, come with touch screen compatible fingertips. This feature allows you to operate smartphones, tablets, and other touch-screen devices without removing your gloves, which can be particularly convenient during a ride. However, it’s essential to verify whether the ScorpionEXO Klaw II Gloves come with this feature.


Comfort is key when choosing a motorcycle glove. The ScorpionEXO Klaw II Gloves are likely designed with comfort in mind, offering a good fit and breathability. Features such as adjustable wrist closures, ventilation systems, and soft interior lining can significantly enhance comfort. The gloves should also fit well, not being too tight or too loose, as this can affect both comfort and safety.

To get the most accurate information about the ScorpionEXO Klaw II Gloves, you should check the product description on a trusted retailer’s website or read reviews from other users.

4. O’Neal Butch Carbon Gloves 

A choice for young riders: 

There should be options for different age groups. O’Neal Butch is for young riders to keep them safe.

TPR strips are attached to the top of the gloves, restricting branches from causing damage.

And the second thing is these gloves are made up of pre-curved material that is good for grip over handlebars. 

Various sizes and colors are available: 

You won’t get such varieties and colors in other gloves as it has. You can select deep red, pink, black, or any brighter color suitable for a young rider.

Whether you are slim or have big hands, you can buy gloves for yourself that fit your hands perfectly. 

Optimal airflow system: 

Young riders avoid wearing gloves due to sweating and discomfort. But it has perforated holes to make these gloves breathable and avoid more sweating.

All over, it’s an excellent example of optimal airflow and is great for kids or young riders. It will completely fit into your hands but won’t create discomfort ability. 

It’s an inexpensive glove specially designed for young dirt bike riders. Although many options are available in the market, riders prefer to wear gloves from O’Neal for essential safety.

The company made these gloves reasonably, which can be considered the best choice. 

5. Troy Lee Designs Air Gloves 

An excellent pair for motocross and enduro riding: 

Gloves from Troy Lee are designed for high-speed ridings, such as motocross and enduro.

It has adjustable wrist straps and is manufactured with highly ventilated materials, the most crucial silicon grips on both the fingertips and the palms. All over, it’s a good option for look and safety as well. 

Comfortable and breathable mesh material: 

With such a great collection of gloves, every pair has a different level of safety. These gloves are available in all sizes that will fit your hands thoroughly.

It will fulfill your marked level with comfort and style and has more protection over the wrist. Troy Lee always focused on riders’ choices and tried to provide them with all the facilities that would meet their expectations. 

Top quality riding gear production:

Troy Lee tested their gloves in extreme conditions and found them too firm and hard to tear.

The company made it super light and breathable, making it perfect for hot weather, and rubberized wrist closure to provide the riders more comfort and not affect blood circulation due to those heavy metal closures. 

Riders give it a 4.3 out of 5, valued at money. On the other hand, riders love its ventilation system and stylish look. It won’t charge you high, but it will provide you with all the facilities on a small budget. 


You can enjoy riding if it is safe and use the best quality gloves to make it safer. I guess you have selected your favorite one from the given list of dirt bike gloves for trail riding. Your protection is more important than fun. Don’t forget to wear gear to avoid accidents or injuries.

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