Perfect Gift Ideas For Dirt Bike Riders 

Buying gifts for others is quite tough and frustrating, whether they would like it or not. But, if they are involved in dirt biking, it will give you many options. This post is about perfect gift ideas for dirt bike riders. Click here now. 

Most people get frightened when buying a gift for their close ones who are dirt bike lovers. You can offer them a pair of hand guards, bike boots, helmets, boot washstands, a visa card, dirt bike accessories, etc. Before buying a gift for them, don’t forget to consider your budget before buying a gift for them. And if you know them closely, they also know their likes and dislikes, so they purchase as per their choice. 

You are lucky to dig our article. This is especially for those who are seeking a gift. Keep scrolling down and see the exact match that you have imagined. This article consists of all the important parts and accessories that a dirt bike rider should have. Let’s jump into some ideas that your friend will like and thank us later. 

What are Perfect Gift Ideas For Dirt Bike Riders 

1. Bike Boots 

Who else doesn’t like boots, whether they’re modest ones or made up for dirt bike riders? Buy high-quality dirt bike boots that will hold up for a long time. If your friend is deeply into dirt bike riding, then choose the expensive one; if they are riding as a hobby, then go with the affordable one. 

But, buying a boot for them without knowing the exact size, brand, or preferences would be a deal of loss. Some riders prefer a particular brand and never compromise with their choice. So, pick this gift only if you know everything about their priorities, considering the boots. 

2. Boot Wash Stand 

A boot wash stand could be a reasonable and profitable gift. It’s really difficult to clean those dirty boots. A boot stand assists them to hold the bottoms of the boots up so that they can easily clean their sole using a pressure washer and also can use it to dry those wet boots. 

Apart from cleaning, if they don’t have room to put on their shoes after a long ride, this stand would be the best option. It will prevent the house messy or dirt with footprints after riding. This stand also lets them dry and doesn’t let the water or dirt get trapped inside. 

3. Magazine Subscription 

I know this sounds outdated, but many riders love reading such valuable books that contain a lot of information related to dirt bikes. If you won’t buy a costly gift, a 12-month magazine subscription would be a good idea. They will enjoy a magazine subscription till their next birthday. 

I can suggest to you a book “How to Ride Off-Road Motorcycles”,  this will be a perfect book that contains knowledge regarding key skills and tips on advanced level off-road and trail riding. This book will be helpful for those who are beginners to learn about riding facts from basic level to advanced level. 

4. Dirt Bike Accessories 

What about a combo pack like a geometry box consisting of all basic instruments. You can buy them license plate frames, MX Decal stickers, MX-themed hitch covers, dirt bike flags, etc. And can also make a box of different tools such as handlebars, guards, exhaust pipe, cleaning shampoo, fuel bottle, hour meter, etc. 

You might have seen such packs in your childhood decorated with beautiful papers and flowers. In the same way, present them all in one gift. Adding more things as they like, maybe a stylish chain or anything like that. 

5. Dirt Bike Goggles 

Getting dirt bike goggles will have two benefits, it looks expensive, gives them a cool look and is not expensive. Buy the latest branded goggles which will suit them and also save their eyes on hard trails or tracks. These goggles will help them in long riding and are also good for their eyes. 

There are some branded goggles available that are pretty good quality such as Fox Racing, Oakley O-frame, Jie Polly motocross, Ubelly Polarized, etc. Higher polarized goggles are better effective as compared to low-quality ones. Dirt bike goggles are such things which can be worn whenever they go outside. 

6. Hydration Backpack 

Every rider knows the advantages of having a hydration backpack. If your acquaintance has an old one or hasn’t bought it yet, you have a great opportunity to present them with these essential accessories. Riding a bike in the sun all day will make them hot and thirsty, a hydration backpack keeps them hydrated. 

Instead of searching for a bottle or finding a corner to place the bottle, bring them a solution to this problem with this backpack. They can ride their bike at the highest speed without thinking of a water bottle and there will be no requirement to stop their bike to drink water because a hydration backpack comes with all pipe connections. 

7. Truck Ramp 

If your dirt bike rider is a picnic lover too, a truck ramp will act as a helpful hand for them. It’s well known that riding a dirt bike on the road is illegal and to enjoy a ride during a picnic, they load their bike into a truck or a trailer. It would be easier to upload them if they have a truck ramp. 

If your rider has a truck or trail that he used for loading the bikes, give him this ramp. These ramps aren’t expensive and available in varieties. Keep the bike weight in mind while buying the ramp so that it can hold that much weight without breaking. 

8. Ticket to a Supercross Event 

Gifting them a movie ticket will be okay, but a ticket to a supercross event would be the best choice. A rider likes to show his talent on the track and these events give them platforms. If they are a beginner, this ticket will give them an amazing offer. 

These tickets charge you an average price, but for them, it’s the most expensive gift. If you have a chance to buy a ticket for MX events, then don’t forget.  Or can go for another option NitroCircus if available near to your place. 

9. Hand Guards  

Wearing hand guards while riding the bike will protect their hands from any injury. It will also prevent sunburns on long rides under the sun. These hand guards are also helpful for grips on a bike, a good grip plays an important role while doing tricks with the bike. 

Purchase more padding guards to keep their hands safe and will last long. And if they love to do stunts outside, this can reduce a little bit of risk. Don’t buy cheap guards that can easily tear and are not protective. 

10. Dirt Bike Helmet 

The first thing that comes to mind is a helmet, safe and gives a stylish look. It’s a good presence in all senses, for safety purposes, price and comfort. You will feel stressless if your loved one wears a helmet while riding outside, on a trail or participating in a race. 

Know the size, weight and brand that won’t break easily so that it will keep their head safe. And if the person is young, then pick a stylish one designed with anime or any attention-grabbing designs. Invest high to get a better helmet to fulfil all safety measurements. 

11. A Visa Gift Card 

If you are still confused about the selection of gift items for them or also don’t want to bring them together. A visa gift card is perfect, suppose a dirt bike rider wants something important and you don’t know, but this card will be beneficial for them. A visa gift card is like a credit card to use for shopping, they can buy anything as per their requirement. 

Second positive point is that if you aren’t aware of bike equipment such as size, weight, brand or height, a visa card would be a good option with which a dirt bike rider can even buy a standard tool as well. 

12. Gear Combo 

Gifting them a good gear combo will fill their eyes with tears. You will have thousands of options with colours and brands, sizes and designs. Finding a combo for your rider would be easy with a variety of options. This gear combo will complete their look with full attire. 

A gear combo includes pants and long sleeves, and some of them also include gloves. Although they own a gear combo already, giving them a new pair won’t upset them. These outfits get gross over time and then become old, that is why this will bring a smile to their face. 

13. Dirt Bike Graphic Tee 

School students have their uniforms, office employees have their dress code. But, how do you figure out a dirt bike lover who is so involved in riding? Let them help with their favourite stickers and designer graphic tees. As pet lovers, they wear a tee of their favourite animal, cat or lion, etc. 

Buy a customized tee based on dirt bikes, tracks, racing, buddies, etc. They will fall in love with this cute gift, this will show how much you like them as you know even about small things. Either order online or can buy from your nearby store. 

14. Prefabricated Garage 

Yes, you hear it right, a prefabricated garage is available in the market, buy it online or from the local sports bike store. If they don’t have a place to save their bike from theft, this could be helpful for them. They can use it to store their bike or can make it a workplace for repairing. 

Some of them use this prefabricated garage to restore only stuff which is related to dirt bikes. These garages are the most expensive gift for them and a big surprise as well. Prefer a metal garage for long-lasting and never choose fire-sensitive materials. 

15. Action Cameras 

Setting an action camera on their bike or buying a helmet cam will melt their heart. Every rider has a dream to capture their adventures while riding the bikes on rough or mountain tracks. An action camera can make their dream true, they will have evidence and memories of those beautiful moments. 

You might have heard them telling people about their trail riding, but only a few can feel the scenario. But, if they have videos, many of them can see how adventurous it was. There are different types of action cameras or helmet cams available but buy the popular one. 


Don’t be in a rush to invest in anything useless. Do research, ask other dirt bike riders and then buy the best thing for your close one. I have listed all accessories from lower to highest cost, but with the estimation of your expenses. I hope you have selected at least a single one among the gift ideas for dirt bike riders. We will meet again with a new topic, to keep yourself updated, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter.