Yamaha Dirt Bikes – History and Review

In this article, we will get detailed information about the dirt bike division from Yamaha Corporation, with the brief history of the big giant of Automobile History, here provided article elaborates the early career of such an astonishing brand.

In the dirt bike sports there also many names and those are also very popular among the dirt bike riders. You can not ignore Suzuki and TM dirt bikes but Yamaha dirt bikes are never behind from these.

History of Yamaha Dirt Bikes

The history of Yamaha dirt bikes begins in 1912 when the first Yamaha dirt bike was created. Today the brand is so popular that it can be found on an almost unlimited array of vehicles including racing bikes, country-style cruisers, and even scooters.

When the first Yamaha was created, it was not intended for street use. They were designed for two-wheel road rides that could be ridden to ease the hardships of long-distance travel.

By the mid-twentieth century, the Yamaha was enjoying a revival of sorts. With the growing population and the increasing use of automobiles, many people were finding that riding dirt bikes was easier and safer than the alternatives.

However, when it came to dirt bikes the manufacturers were not yet making the investment in advanced technologies as they did with their street bike counterparts. In fact, they were primarily concerned with producing lightweight machines to meet the demands of the growing number of riders who were coming from all walks of life and with all budgets.

Introduced advanced suspension systems

The development of the city bikes in particular and the introduction of the Supermodels that had the advanced suspension systems were the first major advancements in the history of Yamaha dirt bikes.

As these advanced bikes were introduced, the competition between the different manufacturers heated up.

Eventually, with the help of a new union known as the International dirt bike Manufacturers Association (IMMA), the manufacturers began to use the latest technology in both the design and engineering of their bikes to ensure that they continued to be at the forefront of the best in the business. This resulted in some of the most advanced designs ever put together.

Implementation of Latest Technology

There are more models and variations of Yamaha dirt bikes that can be found today than ever before. The company continues to introduce designs and technological advances that are sure to please the consumer.

You can find different types of dirt bikes from the early Yamaha to the current sportbike models. For a great selection of dirt bikes, you can always check out the websites of authorized dealers.

With more dirt bike enthusiasts coming to the realization that riding a dirt bike can be safer and more enjoyable than using a motorized vehicle, the demand for more dirt bikes is also growing. Some of the most popular designs include ATV Dirt bikes.

There are a wide variety of Yamaha dirt bikes to choose from, but you will notice that they all have a unique design. Some models offer a more conservative appearance, while others offer a bolder style that is sure to catch the attention of the biker.

If you are looking for something a little bit different, you may want to check out the unique range of Yamaha dirt bikes that are available in the United Kingdom. Since there is not as much competition as there is in other countries, you can find high-quality bikes at reasonable prices and they are available in a large variety of colors.

You will be able to find dirt bikes that have a wide variety of styles. Many of them feature all-weather tires, some of them have a custom design, and others have a custom seating.

Early Background

Yamaha’s dirt biking history began well before your old man was in his el’ man’s eye, just a twinkle. Torakusu Yamaha initially founded the Yamaha company.

Initially, they designed pianos, which over the years, then split into a wide range of products, including all electrical, music, electronics, home appliances, and even robotics.

By its emblem consisting of three interconnecting tuning forks, you can still recognize the deep musical origins of Yamaha today.

The YA-1 dirt bike (124 ccs, 2-stroke, one-cylinder, street bike) has been the first Yamaha motorized device. Produced and sold in Japan. Nicknamed “The Red Dragonfly.”

However, before the 1950s, Yamaha did not jump on the production car with his dirt bikes. Genichi Kawakami, then chairman, wanted to re-propose Japan’s manufacturing machines for wartime engine development to produce a small 125cc dirt bike collection.

These first motors, a double-speed 125cc YA-1 road bicycle type, were so popular that Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. formed in 1955. Nothing happened until 1968 that the first Yamaha dirt bikes arrived, but the wait was worthwhile.

Yamaha DT-1 was a 250 cc’s two-stroke enduro engine that could withstand all sorts of terrain and provided exceptional performance for Yamaha’s first-ever built dirt bike.

Is Yamaha First Dirt bike manufacturing company

Many people claim it is the world’s first company to produce dirt bike, and this global success is essentially a new trend, especially in the United States. These dirt bikes have shown up and changed the scene.

However, there has gained notoriety for imagination. At the point when the AMA rules changed to oblige 450 cc’s four-stroke 250’s in the mid-’90s, 

It propelled one of its most well-known models: the YZ400F. At an AMA Supercross in Las Vegas, Doug Henry rode YZ400F first, proving that four-stroke racing is a feasible option for the future, with Yamaha dirt bikes on the crest of the wave.

The Yamaha YA-1 was completed by August 1954. It was a 125 cc’s road bike with a two-stroke. Yamaha Motor Co L.t.d founded in July 1955. The Hamakita Factory of Nippon Gakki also had its dedicated facility.

But it’s first dirt dirt bike was not made until 1968. The DT-1 was a 250 cc’s enduro two-hour bike and was the first real off-road dirt bike in the world. It was a very productive and thrilling cycle. And the United States couldn’t get enough!

The AMA changed the rules in 1996 so that 450 cc’s of four strokes higher than the dominant 250 cc’s two were competing against each other. In 1997 Doug Henry won an AMA Supercross (for the first time) event in Las Vegas, which inspired Yamaha to develop the YZ400F.

It was the first corporation to build the new generation of four-stroke bikes as we know them today. It was an immense deal and a game-changer.

Yamaha YZ125

It’s the dirt bike motocross, which is championship-winning motocross. It was the first step towards a lot of dirt bike legends. The YZ125 was fresh and still regarded as the best double-dirt 125 cc’s bikes on the market.

Today’s Mark

2019 Yamaha Dirt Bikes Models

A full-size Yamaha YZ dirt bikes line-up comes in 125 cc’s, 250 cc’s two-course, 250 cc’s four-access, and 450 cc’s 4-access motor models. It has a cross-country and cross-country platform. Its dual-sport models are YAMAHA’s WR250R, XT250R, and TW200.

To succeed in the Super Ténéré series, Yamaha has electronically modified the suspension to compete with other Japanese adventure engine manufacturers. For new or used dirt bike sales, Dirt Rider provides all the details you will need.

Check technical specifications, retail prices, and long-term testing for all 2019 Yamaha bikes and reviews.

The motorbike manufacturer Yamaha is a Japanese corporation. It is the leading brand that builds the world’s best dirt bikes. The company is known over the decades and is still at number one with its creative and state-of-the-art technologies.

The central station of this Corporation has consistently been in Shizuoka Prefecture in Japan since the organization was established. The operations initially housed at the

Hamakita factory when the Yamaha Motor Company became set up. A new factory constructed in Iwata in 1966.

2020 Yamaha Dirt Bikes Models

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In the United States, Canada, Australia, and here in New Zealand, Yamaha has always been a Top 4 Dirt bike maker. But, their two MX strokes powered by a broader range and seemed to be weak and snap-free compared with the others.

The YZF four-stroke bikes continued to take over a lot of MX and SX titles in 1998. They did so in a few years.

Yamaha is the main Japanese organization out of the ‘Huge 4’ that has proceeded with their cherished 125 cc’s, and 250 cc’s two strokes, a lot to the joy of an enormous level of riders around the globe.

While since 2008 (and forks 2015), they have earned nothing more than an additional sticker change, they continue to wage an intense battle against the high-tech fours. If your son wants to ride a dirt bike then we have the list of the best Yamaha Dirt bikes for kids.

Yamaha old dirt bike list

Here we are providing some evergreen and popular Yamaha dirt bike models.

  • Yamaha YA-1 (1995)
  • Yamaha YZ250
  • Yamaha DT-1 (1968)
  • The Yamaha TT600R (1998 – 2002)
  • Yamaha IT465 (1982)
  •  Yamaha YZ450F
  • The Yamaha YZ125
  • Yamaha RT3 (1973)
  • Yamaha IT465 (1982)
  • Yamaha YZ250F
  • Yamaha DT250 (1978)

Yamaha Dirt Bike Facts

Learning about dirt bikes can be fun and exciting, but there are certain dirt bikes of this particular brand fact that you should know first. If you want to buy and own a new dirt bike, you need to learn all of the basics about them. There are many different things that you should consider before you buy one.

You may have heard that Yamaha is a very popular brand of bikes. But do you really know what makes them so popular?

  • Yamaha dirt bikes are a combination of the best features from a cruiser and a moto. The name itself is very descriptive of what a dirt bike is. When you hear the words cruiser and more, you instantly think of a sportbike.
  • Dirt bikes were built with a small engine to make it easier for riders to go fast. Because of this, they were not as good off-road as other sportbikes. Even though they are now off-road capable, they still maintain a smooth-riding and low maintenance vehicle.
  • Yamaha has been around for decades and has many years of experience producing quality bikes. This is something that makes these bikes stand out among the competition.
  • If you need to get dirt bikes for sale, then it is important that you take some time to find the best dealer that is available to you. You want to be sure that you get the best price for your new dirt bike.
  • You may want to think about buying a cheap used dirt bike. Sometimes dealerships will sell them on consignment and at a discount. This will help you get a dirt bike that you can get for a lower price.
  • This brand’s bikes are known for their reliability. They also have many years of experience building them. This means that you are getting a bike that will perform and last longer.
  • These bikes are known for their size, compatibility and look. You may even be able to find a dirt bike that you really like because of its style.
  • It also makes accessories for their dirt bike that can make them even more unique. There are accessories that can be added to make your Yamaha dirt bike even more fun to ride.
  • This corporation has the knowledge and experience in making an extremely safe dirt bike that will keep you safe on the road. Dirt bike safety tips for kids and adults can help you to be a more safe ride. It also has a reputation for being one of the most popular bikes in the world and for offering excellent quality products.


For years this brand has been one of Japan’s most essential and successful manufacturers of off-road dirt bikes.

While many other companies play a significant part in this Field, Yamaha engineers and technicians are renowned for their innovative technologies, engineering skills, and impressive performance.

If you want the best in between Yamaha, Honda and KTM dirt bikes, though-an economical dirt bike that will not break the bank but will be able to overcome every challenge before it – any Yamaha dirt bike model is here to see you.