KTM vs Yamaha: Which One Is Better (12 Key Differences)

A comparison of Yamaha and KTM’s performance as well as other attributes is commonplace. These 12 significant distinctions between them will help you decide which one is the greatest suit for you if you intend to purchase one of them but are unsure which one to pick.

Even though a Yamaha is better than a KTM in every way, riding a Yamaha won’t give you the same level of fun that riding a KTM will. The Yamaha bike has the highest top speed, but the KTM has the most power.

When riding on trail systems or off-road, Yamaha is the best brand to use, although KTM is fantastic for use on motocross tracks.

KTM is a better choice for taller riders than Yamaha, which makes Yamaha an excellent option for riders who are shorter.

Let’s examine two models from these two brands that are roughly the same price and see how they stack up against one another. When you compare a KTM model that was released in 2019 to a Yamaha model that was released in 2022, you are being unfair to the workers.

We are comparing the KTM 450XC-F with the Yamaha YZ450FX at various locations.

Which one is easier to control, which performs best, and what are the variations in their speeds, durability, and many other aspects.

Let’s take a look at each of these items on its own to determine which of these reputable companies is the most suitable option.

Comparison Between KTM 450XC-F And Yamaha YZ450FX

The KTM 450XC-F and the Yamaha YZ450FX are both bikes that are continually ready for competition, whether it be on or off-road. Although the Yamaha bike lacks this safety feature, it does have a skid plate.

The KTM bike includes better handguards and a bigger fuel tank, which makes it easier to carry a large amount of fuel. You must first understand each one’s distinctive qualities in order to choose which is finest.

1. Dimension and Weight:

The dimensions and weight of these two bikes barely differ from one another. Which brand—KTM, Yamaha, or both—is heavier or larger in real life?

Although the Yamaha weighs roughly 20 pounds or 15 kilograms more than the KTM, it appears bigger due to the Yamaha’s higher power output.

The engine on the Yamaha motorcycle is more responsive, and the throttle for the back wheels is different. However, nobody can claim that any of these is absent.

2. Smoothness in riding:

Depending on how you manage the throttle, KTM performs more smoothly. Both of these bikes will ride more smoothly for you if you have more control over managing the throttle. A Yamaha can be a little bit erratic, but a GYTR power tuner can control it.

KTM would be easier to ride because it has higher gearing, more uneven torque, and can stop at zero speed. The Yamaha hides bigger wheels but prevents a serious collision. On KTM, you can’t design the maps or tunes the way you want, which is a drawback.

3. Suspension:

KTM requires more transmission when thinking about suspension, especially when riding in arid areas.

To reach 100 mph, you need gear, but you have no idea how challenging it will be. Approaching at top speed can damage the clutch because the first gear is taller and the fifth one is smaller.

Yamaha is faster than KTM at its top speed, even though its first gear has a smaller range. Compared to both, the Yamaha has better suspension.

4. Riding Experience:

Tall riders prefer KTM because of its spacious layout and cozy atmosphere.

The Yamaha will also be more comfortable for persons who are shorter than six feet.

Riders should carefully consider their height while making their selection of a dirt bike. I have dedicated a separate guide to the process of choosing a dirt bike, which includes information on which dirt bike is the best for you.

5. Controlling Power:

If you raise the front wheels and use the throttle well, you can easily steer a Yamaha, and it will help you move.

KTM, however, appreciates when the back wheels rise. You can do this by riding smoothly and gradually slipping back.

As stated, the Yamaha will be heavier when lifting the rear wheels with handlebars.

6. Stability:

The KTM bike is more stable than the Yamaha; you can lift it from the front or back or ride over bumps.

It’s amazing to be able to manage its pace and move large objects softly.

7. Suspension Tuning:

Yamaha suspension setup is easier and cheaper.

KTM modified the fork, so riders must acquire new techniques.

I have written an article specifically for you that you need to read in order to properly set up the suspension on a dirt bike. This will direct you and provide you with a clear understanding of the ways in which dirt bike suspension can be set up.

8. Maintenance:

Despite the fact that either bike is simple to ride, KTM motorcycles are notoriously difficult to keep in good working order. In spite of the fact that the KTM has a greater number of locations where gas tanks may be found, it consumes more fuel than the Yamaha.

9. Kickstart:

Both the Kickstart and the Yamaha have electric starters, however the KTM only has a kickstart option. This is a significant disadvantage of the KTM.

Until or till you go on a longer ride and the battery dies, this won’t be a significant issue unless and until it happens. You will eventually understand the significance of having a Kickstarter account.

Reading this article will help in case you kickstart fails. You can easily fix if you read how to fix kickstart on a dirt bike?

10. Riding on tracks and terrain:

You will also notice a dramatic change when you ride in a place with additional restrictions, such as when we are picking up Yamaha.

KTM’s track and off-road performance has gotten better because its engine is more powerful and its suspension is stronger.

KTM is the better choice for riders who are taller, while Yamaha is the better choice for riders who are shorter.

11. Reliability:

Both of the motorcycles are dependable and powerful.

The main distinction is that after fifteen hours of nonstop riding on a Yamaha, the chain buffer pad that is attached to the swing arms eventually wears out, whereas on a KTM, the handguards are removed first.

12. Clutch:

Because Yamaha has installed a cable on the YZX and because the hydraulic clutch on the KTM is so good, it is possible that the two machines may eventually be comparable to one another. It suggests that both of them are competing against one another in the same manner in this activity.

KTM 450XC-F 

Every year, KTM introduces a new model of bike, and the 450 XC-F is the most recent iteration. For optimum performance, this bike has connectivity and my KTM App features.

You may change the speed, and this app will suggest suspension, as well as show the weather and the best riding routes. KTM wheels can keep the front ends together since they are more durable and lightweight than other dirt bikes in the same price range.

Additionally, useful for positioning your body properly is this new brand. The clutch cover is stronger than the typical one and provides heat protection.

Chromoly steel covers the entire bike, which not only makes it lighter but also more protective. Prices range from $10,799 to $12,099 for KTM oranges.

A 4-stroke engine is inserted into the KTM motorcycle to produce strong output. As part of the exhaust system, the pipe is surrounded by an improved resonator that looks like a small chamber and is specific to the model.

This makes it possible to use the exhaust without removing the shock absorber.

The KTM’s airbox improves the flow of air, which gives the best power and throttle response. The riders find it pleasant thanks to the seat height and foam composition.


  • Engine- 449.9 cc single cylinder four stroke 
  • Power- 52 HP
  • Bore × Stroke- 95mm×63.4mm
  • EMS- Keihin
  • Starter- Electric 
  • Clutch- Wet, DDS Multi Disc, Brembo Hydraulic
  • Transmission- 5 Speed 
  • Chain- 0.63×0.25 mm
  • Front Suspension- WP XACT USD, 48mm 
  • Rear Suspension- WP XACT USD, Monoshock with Linkage
  • Front Brakes- Disc Brake (260mm)
  • Rear Brakes- Disc Brake (220mm)
  • Fuel Tank Capacity- 8.5 Liter 
  • Headlight Type- LED 
  • Tail Light Type- LED 
  • Ground Clearance Size- 370mm 
  • Seat Height- 950mm 
  • Net Weight- 101 Kg 

Yamaha YZ450FX

As the years go by, Yamaha produces more potent dirt bikes. Yamaha’s performance has increased during the last few years. The tiny cylinder head in this new model features different camshafts and is too light.

The ECU tune is unique and includes off-road or track-specific mapping. The updates Yamaha made to the throttle system, which increased power, are immediately apparent.

This much power is too much for a newbie to handle because it can be difficult to steer on slick roads. Another advantage is that it fires quickly even in neutral, which is related to starting capacity.

The bike can be controlled well and is more stable thanks to the suspension movement. If you look at its design, it follows the same format as the 2019 and 2020 models, but there are still alterations.

The front brakes have been upgraded with a new piston calliper that has a wider diameter, as well as brake pads that are almost twenty-five percent larger. The brake calliper and hanger system for the rear wheels have been redesigned to be lighter and more compact.

The gasoline capacity is wider and more expansive in the center of the vehicle. The current asking price for this brand-new model from Yamaha is $9,699.

This Yamaha is, without a shadow of a doubt, the ideal option for riding off-road. This is more powerful, more pleasurable, and more trustworthy, even if you inadvertently strike it somewhere that only costs you a few bucks.

It is best suited for riders with a height of 5 feet 10 inches or less, as a higher seat for larger men would require more foam padding. It is harder because of the new frame, suspension, engines, and better electronic parts that have been added.


  • Engine-449cc DOHC,liquid-cooled single-cylinder 
  • Power- 52 HP
  • Bore × Stroke- 97mm×60.9mm
  • EMS- Keihin
  • Starter- Electric
  • Transmission- 5 Speed 
  • Chain- 0.63×0.25 mm
  • Front Suspension- KYB ®Speed- Sensitive System Inverted Fork, 310mm travel 
  • Rear Suspension- KYB ®Single Shock, 317mm travel Front Brakes- Hydraulic Disc (270mm)
  • Rear Brakes- Hydraulic Disc (245mm) 
  • Fuel Tank Capacity- 8.2 Liter 
  • Headlight Type- LED 
  • Tail Light Type- LED 
  • Ground Clearance Size- 320mm 
  • Seat Height- 955mm 
  • Net Weight- 116 Kg

You can see that each brand has been described in that introduction in an appropriate manner, and you can also see that each of these items excels at specific parameters while scoring equally well against one another.

A conclusive analysis of how effectively they function, however, will demonstrate whether KTM or Yamaha, or both, is superior for enthusiasts of dirt bikes.

Please bear in mind that both Harley-Davidson and Honda produce excellent motorcycles, but in very different ways. But if you care more about overall performance, racing, or riding, you should go with Yamaha.

This suggests that KTM is still a step behind the competition, as they only have a modest share of the points.


With the help of the provided guidance, I hope you can now choose the finest brand for you. Share this article with your friends if you want to help them find a better bike.


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