What is a dirt bike spark arrestor?

A spark arrestor is a metal componrent or a mechanical device that traps (arrests) carbon emissions from the engine. When internal combustion takes place it emits hot particles which is destroyed by a spark arrestor.

There are different types of spark arrestors. Understandably, they are said to be any device that prevents the emission of any flammable substances from any sources like dirt bikes, stoves, fire engines.

Due to pollution, large amounts of small particulate matter accumulate within the bikes’ engines, so because of these, whenever you travel sometimes, you may have seen the sparks of fire from the bike.

It’s because of the lack of spark arrestor in the bike. This spark arrestor arrests sparks from the bike.

If you are looking for more knowledge about dirt bike spark arrestors, you should read this article.

Or even if you don’t know how important it is, today’s post is a complete guide about all your frequently asked questions. You will see from its definition to top brands spark arrestors and how to maintain them.    

So today, in this article, I will discuss the spark arrestor, its function, how to clean it, how to check for it, types, and other questions you will be having in your mind.

There are specific countries like the USA where you should not ride your bike without a spark arrestor.

It has become so crucial that there is strict legislation if you drive without a Spark arrestor, and you might also face many problems.

There are also certain countries where riding bikes without Spark arrestor only in specific areas are allowed, and India is one of those countries.

Come on, let’s go into the details.

Work of a spark arrestor:

As said above, spark arrestors work to remove carbon particles and particulate matter from the engines. There are internal and external spark arrestors.

They should be fixed and travel around the forest areas or hilly areas because if sparks are emitted from a bike, there is a hundred percent chance of a disaster.

Many men made disasters that harm the environment, and among them, this is also counted. 

So to prevent this and save the environment from forest or wood fires, most countries laid standards of quality control of spark arrestors, and its presence is mandatory to ride in those containment areas.

So mostly, dirt bikes have the greatest hits of creating such types of sparks from the exhaust system due to less function or lousy condition.

It traps carbon particles of more than 0.023 inches. A wire mesh in the spark arrestor absorbs all the sparks and does not let them out of the exhaust pipe.

How do you know if your dirt bike has a spark arrestor:

Suppose you have no idea about spark arrestors and when you want to travel around forest areas and sometimes when your friends talk about these bike things you need to know about them to have a rapport with them.

So you have to check for spark arrestors in these conditions, and now I will tell you about the method.

You can easily see the printed letters on the back of the exhaust pipe as few dirt bikes are pre-installed with spark arrestors. 

If you didn’t find any printed letters on the back of the exhaust pipe, then put your finger inside the exhaust pipe and feel the steel mesh or disc.

If you can feel the mesh, it indicates that your dirt bike is equipped with a spark arrestor.

Sometimes there may be a tube type of spark arrestor, which you may be able to find if you use a screwdriver.

Sometimes instead of spark arrestors, mufflers are present at the end of the exhaust pipe, which can be easily found in the same way. 

Can I ride my dirt bike without a spark arrestor:

As all of you know, the condition of a dirt bike may create a lot of trouble if you travel by the same motorbike.

Not all dirt bikes are fitted with spark arrestors. As most dirt bikes can create sparks from the bike’s exhaust pipe, you must compulsorily fit a spark arrestor to your exhaust pipe to avoid disasters.

The Spark arrestors decrease the amount of airflow. Thus they impact the performance of your bike.

But It is found out that if you remove the spark arrestor, you cannot find the improvement all of a sudden, And there may be a slight decline in horsepower.

However, installing and removing the spark arrestor may or may not affect your bike as it primarily depends upon your bike’s condition.

For example, the sound of your dirt bike may come down after the installation of the spark arrestor.

Also, the backpressure of your dirt bike will be reduced after removing a spark arrestor; this reduced back pressure can even damage the other parts of your bike, So I suggest you use a spark arrestor and ride a bike with a spark arrestor.

How to maintain spark arrestor:                                       

Although maintenance of a spark arrestor is necessary as it gets clogged easily within a few days, it can also reduce the bike’s performance due to the reduced airflow in the back. 

  • Removal:         

The first thing is to remove the spark arrestor from the exhaust pipe.

  • Clean :              

There are various methods of cleaning the spark arrestor, and I would like to tell you about them. Depending upon the type of spark arrestor cleaning method varies.

There are two types of spark arrestors: disc type and screen type.

For the disc type of a spark arrestor, you have to remove everything and then remove the spark arrestor and then clean each part of the disc filled with clogged particulate matter.

You may need a copper brush or a blow torch, which can burn all the carbon accumulated. The copper brush removes the dirt, or you can use a scrub with fuel to remove it.

  •  Dry:                 

After completing the cleaning process, you have to make sure that you need to dry it for sure. You can use a dry cloth for this purpose or leave the cleansed one for a while.

  • Refit:

You can easily refit the spark arrestor into the exhaust pipe.

Above all, you have to first take care of yourself by wearing safety glasses and careful use of a blow torch as mishandling can cause fire accidents.

What are the best spark arrestors:

I guess you get all practical information regarding spark arrestors; You can quickly get them affordable and readily available. 

HMF universal and quiet core spark arrestor:                        

It is designed for sound-sensitive areas, and it decreases the sound levels by almost 3 decibels.


  •  It can be installed very quickly, within seconds.
  • It doesn’t work for other exhaust manufacturers or other series.
  • Its insert is made up of TIG-welded steel.
  • It is available on Amazon if you want to buy it.

Fisch moto spark arrestor: 

It has a universal muffler fitment in it. It’s easy to maintain and best for dirt bikes.       


  • Very easy to use and easy to remove, and easy to clean.
  • It is very durable.
  • Installation time is less than 15 minutes.
  • It is made up of 304 stainless steel.
  • All the necessary hardware required for the installation of the spark arrestor is provided.
  • It is also USFS approved.
  • They provide separate spark arrestors for different diameters of the exhaust pipe.

Pro circuit spark arrestor screen:

It’s our nature’s gifted silent arrestor; it’s so light and especially for two-stroke dirt bikes. 


  • It is a United States Forest Service(USFS) approved spark arrestor.
  • It has a lightweight feel.
  • It has a clog-free design which is a new benefit.
  • It is a nature-friendly type of spark arrestor.
  • It comes with different varieties of bike models.

Yoshimura spark arrestor kit- tec- SB- B

Valuable for money and designed to fit on standard dirt bike parts. 


  • It is also a USFS approved one.
  • It is designed to reduce the sound levels.
  • This one was made and is compatible only with the vehicles of the USA.
  • The performance of the spark arrestor varies with the different market places it is produced.
  • The government gives that it is carcinogenic.
  • The necessary hardware required for the installation of the spark arrestor is not provided.

Sierra 18-7232 flame arrestor:

This arrestor fits four and six-cylinder engines with two-barrel carburetors. It works well in preventing fires from the exhaust. 


  • It can be interchanged with a few of the other spark arrestors, which are only specific.
  • Sierra offers a wide range of products to restore appearance and function.
  • It is available to fit 2 or 4 barrel carburetors with or without vent tubes.

The above information is enough to buy the best spark arrestors; if you are still confused, you can ask for help from your mechanics. 


As per all the above knowledge regarding today’s topic, I suggest using a bike fixed with any spark arrestor.

All of us should be concerned with the environment surrounding us, and we should be the ones who should protect it.

We should not destroy it; instead, it’s better to leave it like that without causing harm to it.


So we reached the end of the article “What are dirt bike spark arrestors and What do they do?” In the end, you might have concluded that fixing a spark arrestor on your bike is the best thought.

So read each and everything I mentioned in the article and select the appropriate one for your bike.

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