Top 5 Best 50cc Dirt Bike For Kids in 2023

Although you can get or buy any bike for your kids, to be honest, every bike can’t fulfil your child’s dream of having a funnier ride. In my opinion and personal experience says that Yamaha, Suzuki, KTM, Husqvarna & Honda are those brands which are available in 50cc with best prices. You can’t distinguish among them unless or until you go through this article that is based on complete detail about what’s the best 50cc dirt bike for kids. 

To know what’s the best 50cc dirt bike for kids, you should get deep knowledge in depth. As you can’t guess what kind of taste a food has until you taste it by yourself. You can compare those best bikes using today’s article. 

Are you ready to invest in a dirt bike for your child, you should be aware of what major things you need to notice before purchasing, like strength, physical appearance & health and how heavy the bike can handle.

Also, how much experience they have or if it’s their first time. Looking forward to the article, what treasure of knowledge is hidden inside. 

Why To Choose A 50cc Dirt Bike?

Everyone wants to know why 50cc is best for the kids, you must have heard, safety should be the priority for your kids. A 50cc dirt bike provides them the best experience with a lot of fun & boosts their skills to ride a bike.

Generally, these minimum low cc bikes are easy to handle even if by mistake your child falls while riding the bike and can stand up on their own. 

As you are going to encourage him to be a part of sports, and if his first experience will be bad, there might be possibilities that he won’t ride again.

Nowadays kids are involved in playing online games or using mobile phones, to drag them from that laziness to the active field should be interesting.

That’s why such small bikes are good for them and they will love to share their days riding dirt bikes. Also, over time, children would be able to tackle heavier bikes too in future. 

What To Look For in A Kid’s Dirt Bike?

Your son or daughter don’t know which one will be best for them or what precautions should be taken before purchasing the dirt bike for them.

You as a good parent must know which kind of bike will be a better start for your kids, like size, weight, brakes, etc. 

Throttle Control

Though you are purchasing a 50cc dirt bike for your prince rider, this is best for them for the starting phase. Smaller power means a lower risk of accidents.

These bikes come with safety features that control the power and are comfortable for them. A good point is these bikes have a low centre of gravity, which means they can be balanced cheaply.  

Tire Size

One question will arise in your mind, what’s the relation between tire size and the kids. If you choose a bigger size, the bike’s seat height will be increased.

It is suggested that you choose tire size as per your kid’s height. In the beginning, if he or she gains some confidence when their feet are on the ground while sitting on the bike.

If its height is too high, legs will probably be off the ground that may change your little rider’s mind, like this is not their cup of tea or they would never ride a bike, etc. 

Weight & Reliability

It’s not like buying vegetables for one day, your today’s investment will prove what tomorrow brings.

Select the bike ethically based on your kid’s strength, how much weight they can bear or which brand is more reliable.

KTM, Honda, etc are good options for the best reliability, but these are costly too, so better to check these two factors before printing the permanent bill. 

These mentioned points will be helpful to you in getting a better bike for your baby who is willing to enjoy his/her first ride. 

Top 5 50cc Dirt Bike For Kids

I have selected those brands which are in the market with the latest technology to be liked by the kids. These bikes always rock the market and it has a huge craze among dirt bike lovers. Why wait more, when we can know it deeply let’s move into the section. 

1. KTM 50SX Mini

The most stylish look and superb colour combination of this KTM attracts kids to adults easily. Don’t think its small size can’t give you satisfactory power or speed. This would be the best decision of yours to have. It has proved the tagline, “ready to race” for those types of new rider who is ready to strut the aggressive fastest speed. 


KTM SX50 is a good option for the new learning rider, as it has no gear to divert the mind of your youngest one.

It comes in different sizes for various heights of kids. A lightweight bike makes it more comfortable to ride, but with a limited gas tank available, it can go up to 30 minutes with just a single tank fill up.

Seat height is good to help reach the ground & easier to handle with all its supportive factors. Let’s have a little view of its specifications. 

  • Type Of Engine- 2-Stroke 
  • Wheel Size- 12 inches front & 10 inches rear 
  • Weight- 42 kg
  • Power Capacity- 5.5 Hp
  • Highest Speed- 45 Mph 
  • Fuel Tank Capacity- 2.3 L 

2. Yamaha PW50

It is made with fully automatic transmissiom system. That means there is no requirement of shifting. It is a bike of 18.7 inches high which makes Yamaha PW50 best suited for short height riders group.

An adjustable throttle allows a rider to increase the speed gradually which slowly improves the riding skill.


Yamaha PW50 has dual rear shocks which deliver the amazing riding quality.

Maintenance free mag wheels make you relax because there is no need to tighten or replace spokes.

Its rear and front drum brakes provide powerful and smooth stopping power to the bike.

  • L x W x H49.0 in x 24.0 in x 27.8 in
  • Seat Height18.7 in
  • Fuel Capacity – 0.5 gal
  • Wheelbase – 33.7 in
  • Wet Weight – 90 lb
  • Trail – 2.0 in
  • Maximum Ground Clearance – 3.7 in
  • Rake (Caster Angle) – 25.5°

3. Honda CRF50

This brand is famous for the first racer bike, this is a Japanese company that launches the first-ever bike for racing. Honda is more reliable, provides more facilities compared to the others.

It is a 4-stroke dirt bike and a little bit heavier than the other 50cc bikes. As junior riders want more confidence, this lower seat bike is good for them. 


An air-cooled bike with a 3-speed transmission, and it also provides a throttle control limiter. With this control system, speed can be adjusted simply using the screw.

Where other 50cc bikes have an extra kit for speed limiter, Honda has included an insert.

Standard key ignition needs rider approval, without this bike won’t start. You can see its more specifications in short below. 

  • Type Of Engine- 4-Stroke 
  • Wheel Size- 10 inches both
  • Weight- 50.3 Kg
  • Power Capacity- 3.1 Hp
  • Highest Speed- 40 Mph
  • Fuel Tank Capacity-  2.7 L

4. Suzuki DRZ-50

The oldest dirt bike or motor car brand is Suzuki. Perhaps this 50cc is more preferable for kids but can be used for adults as well. DRZ includes a security key ignition facility, which can’t be run until an adult switches it on.

Knobby tires & an upside down fork that better shocks the jerks that save your kid from inner injury.

One more additional feature about this bike is that the front brake lever can be adjusted manually. 


DRZ-50 is designed by keeping the requirement of a kid’s dirt bike. This single-cylinder 4-stroke dirt bike is attached with a 3-speed transmission. Seat size is enough for a kid to enjoy their first ride.

Both starters are available: Kickstarter & electric starter. Automatic clutch with a race-style look will increase the spunk of the fresh rider. Few more details are mentioned just below.  

  • Type Of Engine – 4-Stroke 
  • Wheel Size- 10 inches both
  • Weight- 54 Kg
  • Power Capacity- 3 Hp 
  • Highest Speed- 30 Mph 
  • Fuel Tank Capacity- 3 L

5. Yamaha TT-R50E

A well-known brand that hit the market with solid dirt bikes.

This TT-R50E is pocket friendly and specially made up for small height riders. It is quite similar to the Honda, but with a great number of differences too.

A 4-stroke dirt bike and heavy too will be helpful to gain excellent grip. 


TT-R50E comes in 4-stroke with a 3-speed automatic transmission package. An additional feature is it changes the key ignition to an electronic push- button.

Yamaha launches this new brand of bike for those who started riding for the first time.

The vibrant blue colour gives it a more dashing look and kids love to have things of blue around them. In short, more specifications have been given below. 

  • Type Of Engine- 4-Stroke 
  • Wheel Size- 10 inches both 
  • Weight- 58.1 Kg
  • Power Capacity- 9.5 Hp
  • Highest Speed- 32 Mph 
  • Fuel Tank Capacity- 3 L

6. Husqvarna TC 50

A well-known company built up TC 50 after establishing its name in the bicycle market. In early 1950, it launched the first off-road dirt bike.

This bike is for those children, who have a few years of experience. It has a kickstart that not everyone likes. Compared to all other 50cc dirt bikes, it crosses the limit with the maximum speed. 


An ideal bike for growing kids who love to ride dirt bikes. It comes with a 2 stroke engine & single-speed transmission and It has similar throttle control kits to reduce the power according to the kid’s strength.

It has brakes, handlebars and pressure-controlled exhaust valve, these all are different from KTM & Honda to promote performance.

Tire sizes are equal, which is good for a younger rider to have a perfect balance. 

  • Type Of Engine- 2-Stroke 
  • Wheel Size- 10 inches both 
  • Weight- 41.5 Kg 
  • Power Capacity- 5.5 Hp 
  • Highest Speed- 45 Mph 
  • Fuel Tank Capacity- 2.3 L 

How To Maintain A 50cc Dirt Bike?

Unlike more powerful bikes, this 50cc dirt bike requires less maintenance. When you follow a few key points to take care of such a dirt bike, it lasts longer than even your calculations. 

  • Keep changing oil regularly, burning oil or gas would never be a reason behind slow riding or engine issues. 
  • Clean air filters will extend the life of the bike and restrict any firing. If air filters are dirty or full of mud can be dangerous. 
  • Check tires frequently, maybe something stuck within it that will cause any cut or decrease the smoothness or grip on the road. 
  • Before going for a ride, inspect brakes and fuel. If you keep riding without filling the tank it will damage the engine. 

These small steps will save you a great amount if you know how costly an engine is, so it’s good to take care of it. 

Note:- A minor but important point is if it’s the first bike for your kid, better to buy a used dirt bike. Once your child learns to ride the bike, perhaps ask for the more powerful dirt bike and this new bike won’t be useful. 


We are not forcing you to buy the bike now, even if you cross-check, I bet you won’t get a different answer.

So, it’s better to choose among the given brands than asking for others just to waste your time.

How much you find today’s post, ” what’s the best 50cc dirt bike for kids in 2022″ useful and you can leave your question in the comment box so that we will be able to come up with more solutions for your bike’s problem.

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