Why Does My Dirt Bike Shut Off While Riding (Explained)

Sometimes your bike may turn off when you stop, and sometimes it may get stopped while accelerating itself. I will tell you why this happens, and I will also help you fix it.

I said it is dangerous for you because it may lead to accidents if you are facing this problem.

How come my dirt bike turns off when I stop?

Many reasons exist. Unclean bike parts are the main cause.

Engine heating, faulty carburetors, a useless fuel indicator, or an improper fuel mixture can also stop the bike. Another reason is not riding your bike often.

But don’t worry, you are doing a good job by searching for a solution to it.

It is a thing that you shouldn’t neglect and you should definitely be very careful if this is happening.

Symptoms that your bike is losing Power 

Your bike definitely shows some indications if it is losing power, like jerking, unnecessary sounds, etc.

There are some symptoms that your bike gives you if it is losing power, and they are described below.


Hissing ,back firing, popping sounds, and other unusual sounds are the symptoms of a bike losing its power.

Normally no noises are heard from a well established bike. It is indicative of engine failure. 


If you find any odors coming from the exhaust it is a classical sign of failure of power of your bike and it should be checked by a good experienced trainee.

Decrease in efficiency of fuel and gas:

When you see the reduced fuel efficiency it is indicative of loss of power of your bike.

When the engine runs on, the ignition is off.

When you find this it says your bike is losing its power and you need to check and go for a service of your bike.

What are the causes of dirt bike turning off?

There are many causes that lead to turning off your bike. I describe some important ones among them.

1. Lack of use of your bike:

If you do not use your bike for an extended period of time or use it infrequently, your bike begins to lose power and causes specific problems for you and your bike.

The problems arise which may be your life threatening ones even.

It affects the engine and oil and also makes parts like an old ones. Many important parts of your bike like air filters and carburetor gets clogged up very easily.

You must remember that you should ride your bike at least once a week to keep it in good condition.

You have another option of replacing oil and other damaged parts with new ones.

2. Inadequate cleaning:

In contrast to the two above, if you ride for a long time but you neglect cleaning your bike which leads to a similar condition described above it may cause severe problems like damaging the engine.

3. Heated engine:

When you are in traffic or when you are in a ride sometimes your engine gets heated up severely and your bike may die suddenly, in such situations you must immediately stop your bike and allow the heated engine to cool.

4. Damaged fuel indicator:

If your fuel indicator is damaged internally it may show full level of fuel even if your tank is completely devoid or partially filled with fuel, so you have to get it repaired.

It may lead to unnecessary problems.

5. Contamination of fuel:

It may also be another reason for sudden stopping of your bike.If fuel is mixed with water it gets condensed and starts to leak out.

You can check it by draining the fuel and  taking it into your hand and see whether it is vaporizing or not.

If it is vaporizing completely then it is pure fuel and there is some other hidden problem with your bike.

The only solution is to drain off all the fuel and get it replaced with new efficient fuel.

6. Lack of oil:

Oil is required for good performance of the bike; it acts as a lubricant. If your engine is lacking oil it may lead to deceleration and stopping off your bike.

The thing you need to do is to check for the oil, if it’s lacking you must just stop the bike immediately and go for another option if you are in an urgent matter.

Other indications for decreased oil is getting unusual noises from your bike and unnecessary heating up of engine.

7. Broken carburetor or clogged carburetor:

The main function of carburetor is to mix air and fuel to the engine through the tiny jets it has.

If it is broken or if it is clogged with all the dirt the air can’t be driven into engine and engine starts to lose power.

So you have to clean it by removing all the jets and clean separately or you can use a jet sprays for this purpose.Its quite easy to fix the carburetor.

If carburetor spring is damaged it doesn’t allow air to get in by not letting butterfly valve opening.

You can easily solve it by removing entire carburetor and replacing spring that is damaged.

There may arise accelerating problems also of the carburetor gets clogged or carburetor spring is lost.

There is another possibility for this carburetor spring is that if the spring is put backwards it causes  loss of power during acceleration.

8. Leaked vacuum:

Leakage of vacuum may create conditions of entry of a lot of air into the air and fuel mixture thus causing the bike not working.

Replace  the vacuum hose with a new one after proper examination of the carburetor.

9. Electrical problems:

If yours is an electric bike then there may arise electrical problems like fuse problems, battery problems, etc. 

10. Fuse problem:

If the fuse of your bike gets blown away your bike stops working.If you are hearing noises then check for battery problem and also battery fluid level and whether it can be charged or not.

If it’s not getting charged you may consider that it’s failed and you need to replace it.

What to do when the bike turns off suddenly?  

You need to know what to do when your bike turns off suddenly. Just follow the given instructions and that’s enough.

1. Stop immediately:

As you don’t know the underlying reason for the sudden stopping you need not take a risk by trying again and again.

Just consider it as a hazardous signal for you and get into another way free from traffic like more safe is the grass.

If you don’t do so you may suffer from major accidents from behind or opposite if the drivers are not careful about driving and foresight.

So don’t risk your life and get away from that place.

2. Check fuel :

As I mentioned above there may be damaged fuel indicator,so check for the fuel first. If it’s less go for a nearby petrol pump and get the fuel inlet.

You need to check the quality of the fuel also as contamination chances are present.

Follow the thing I said to you in the above mentioned subject i.e; take some fuel into your hand and check for its evaporation capacity. Check for any odour.

3. Check out oil:

The importance of oil is said to you before.You need to check for the oil whether it’s present or not.

If absent get for the oil filled to the engine and always keep extra fuel while going for long distance riding. 

4. Check the carburetor:

If you have knowledge about this carburetor then it will be useful to you, if you don’t have any idea about this then it’s better to approach any mechanic shops beside.

If you know then check for carburetor spring and tiny jets.

5. Check the battery:

If yours is an electric bike then you have to check the battery by charging it.If it’s charged then no problem,check for other things.

Maybe it’s time to replace the battery with a new one. 

6. Check the spark plugs:

You should not at all touch them with bare hands. You should check it for any dust accumulated or clogged just like you check for air filters. Or something broken or it has died, inspect carefully. 

7. Clean:

Clean the bike parts like air filters regularly and also engine, carburetor, spark plugs, etc.

Whenever you come back from a ride, after cooling the engine and exhaust system, clean the whole parts one by one at least once in a week. 

8. Use the bike:

Keep using the bike regularly at least once a week. Even if you ride it for a long time you should keep cleaning it.

Or if you don’t have any work or time to ride your bike, kick start it at least for 10 minutes in the morning to keep its parts active. 

Note:- It’s not an easy problem if your bike stops suddenly and you need to know about it and how to fix it.

Go for fixing things only if you have an idea about the bike and it’s parts or else take your bike to a mechanic shop nearby.

It will be best if you take it to a professional bike repair shop.


And yes we reached the end of today’s topic: why does my dirt bike turn off  when I stop  & how to fix it?

After reading the entire thing I think you might have got an idea regarding the causes why your bike stops and symptoms that your bike show when it begin to lose its power and what to do when your bike stops suddenly.

I thank you heartily  for your visit to our site and like it, feel free to ask any doubts regarding the topic and we will always be there to help you.